Tapping into the world of wheels with The Wheel Specialist Franchise

While the financial margins in the majority of automotive related businesses may never have been tighter, the need for a professional wheel refurbishment service has never been stronger, and the financial benefits never greater. You might therefore be surprised at the number of reputable garages, body shops & tyre bays that don’t offer alloy wheel refurbishment as part of their service. To illustrate this, you only need to look at the evolution of The Wheel Specialist, the UK’s number one alloy wheel refurbishment company. 

As the demand for alloy wheel refurbishment has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate in recent years, the company took the opportunity to expand the company’s network coverage, capitalise on the market potential of almost 30 million vehicles in the UK, and develop an even stronger brand in the quickest and most financially viable way possible. Thirty years after it refurbished its first alloy wheel, The Wheel Specialist now has 25 franchises across the UK with more due to open soon.

There are several reasons for its success. As well as working with an established national brand, any existing motor business looking to expand into professional alloy refurbishment will receive a business model honed over 30 years and exclusive access to the trade, retail and fleet markets in its allocated area. It will also benefit from continuous support from the TWS franchise management team, assisting with administration, training, marketing, advertising and finance. 

Through a bespoke online management system, TWS provides each franchise with high-quality leads on a daily basis. If drivers have invested in a set of alloy wheels the chances are that they want to keep them in excellent condition in order to help maintain the look and residual value of the vehicle. And when scuffs & scrapes happen or customisation is required, they’re going to want the comfort of knowing that their wheels are in experienced hands. 

The Wheel Specialist

“We’ve made franchising easy”, says managing director, Ginny Murphy. “We already know that the business model is highly successful because we’ve used it ourselves for over 30 years. This is our own unique brand of alloy wheel refurbishment – one which has for a long time set the standard to which others aspire but is also continuing to show the way forward”. 

“Our reputation has been built on its network of skilled, motivated and committed technicians, and the quality of materials it uses. That our product and service is the best available is a given but we continue to build upon our reputation, innovating to find new ways to improve in any way we can. That’s why customers, both public and trade, return to TWS franchises time and again.” 

One established TWS franchisee said, “It was a godsend. The tyre business is now a saturated market that has completely changed. By adding a TWS franchise to our business, we’ve not only attracted an entirely new customer base but have been able to offer our existing customers a complete motor service which has seen a dramatic increase in revenue across the business. It was the best business decision I’ve ever made.”

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