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New to franchising?

Ready to start your franchise journey? You’re in the right place! Read on for a brief introduction to franchising, then explore our advice and news articles to help you master the model and discover what the world of franchising has to offer!

What is franchising?

At its core, franchising is very simple. It is a business model where a company (the franchisor) grants an individual or entity (the franchisee) the right to operate a business using its brand, products, and operational methods. In exchange for these rights and support, the franchisee makes an initial investment and pays ongoing fees. This arrangement allows the franchisor to expand its brand presence and revenue, while the franchisee benefits from operating under a recognised brand with a proven business model, marketing support, and training.

Considering investing in a franchise?

If you’ve always wanted to be your own boss then franchising could be the answer! Becoming a franchisee can be a rewarding path to business ownership, with a proven business model, support systems and brand recognition. Sometimes described as a ‘business-in-a-box’, investing in a franchise can help you avoid some of the challenges that come with starting a business from scratch. Read our advice articles on becoming a first-time franchise owner.

Looking to franchise your business?

Franchising offers a powerful way to grow your brand rapidly, increase market reach and boost your revenue with lower capital investment. By allowing a franchisee to operate under your established brand and business model, you can rapidly scale while maintaining control over your brand’s quality and standards.

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A-Z guide to common franchise terms

Decode some of the jargon! This alphabetical list of commonly used franchise terms and phrases will become your go-to guide as you research your options.

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Introduction to Franchising
Each year, The Franchise Exhibitions provide visitors a valuable insight into available franchise businesses and current trends within the industry. Although exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity for prospective franchise owners,…
Introduction to Franchising
What is franchising? Franchising is the legal agreement between an individual or group (the franchise owner) and a business (the franchisor), which allows the franchise owner to replicate the franchisor’s…
Introduction to Franchising
Franchising is often a great way to expand a business, however before deciding whether or not to franchise your business there are some initial questions you should ask yourself.  It…
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