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Explore our advice archive for expert guidance on everything from choosing the right franchise brand and raising the necessary finance, right through to becoming a multi-unit or multi-brand franchisee.

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Introduction to Franchising

Get to grips with the basics of franchising. Learn how the model works, what to look for as you conduct your research, and the support available. You’ll also find a useful glossary of commonly used terms!

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Investing in a Franchise

Make your franchise dreams a reality! Learn more about the practicalities of investing in a franchise, the questions you should ask franchisors, and what to expect from a franchise discovery day.

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Franchising Your Business

If you are a business owner looking for growth opportunities, franchising might be the answer. Get practical guidance on where to start, the key things you need to consider, and how to safeguard your brand.

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Finance Advice

Money talks! In this section of the site you’ll learn more about the financial support available to franchisees, what to include in a winning business plan, and how to manage your cashflow once you are up and running.

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International Franchise Advice

Many of the world’s most famous brands are franchises, demonstrating one of the core strengths of the model. In this section learn more about investing in an international franchise or taking your brand overseas.

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Legal Advice

Franchise agreements are complex legal documents, so it is essential you seek one-to-one professional advice before you invest. Here we give you a basic overview of what to expect and key questions to ask.

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Recruiting Franchisees

Your network of franchisees is vital to the success of your business. Get expert advice on strategic recruitment, learn how to attract and retain top-performing franchisees and boost your profitability.

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The Franchise Exhibitions

Immerse yourself in the world of franchising at The Franchise Exhibitions, exclusively supported by the British Franchise Association. Whether you’re considering investing in a franchise or franchising an existing business, you’ll find all the advice & guidance you need to make an informed decision.

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Kickstart your franchise journey at the UK’s flagship Franchise Exhibitions. Discover a wide variety of franchise opportunities and meet the people behind the brands.

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