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Arvi Salariya

Arvi Salariya
Company: Red Miracle Group

Having gained a diploma in Computer Science and Software Engineering, I started my career as a developer working with companies such as Tektronix, Dell Computers, Oracle and Corning.

After 15 years of corporate life, I got married, took a year off and had a think about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I always liked working with people and found hospitality the area that really pulled me in. Having explored restaurants and hotel opportunities, I thought about franchising.

I started my first franchise with Domino’s Pizza in 2001 and quickly expanded to three stores, then later added six more.

Whilst continuing to look for expansion opportunities within Domino’s, I came across CeX, who I had used as a customer whilst working at Dell. It was around 2007 and they had just started franchising. I opened my first store for them in Cheltenham in 2008 and am currently working on finding premises for my fifth store.

In 2011, I entered into talks with Nando’s, initially exploring franchise opportunities in the UK. Instead, with a couple of partners, I took up the sub-master franchise for Nando’s to cover the North Capital Region (NCR) in Delhi, India. We opened our first restaurant in 2012 and have subsequently opened four more.

In December 2015, I, along with a partner and fellow franchisee, purchased a group of 10 Costa Coffee stores. We have added two more since and are in the process of opening a third, taking our Costa store count to 13 by Q3 2018.

We continue to look for opportunities and expand both vertically and horizontally. We are currently signing a master franchise for the UK with an East Coast based American burger chain and are also exploring the opportunity for a UK MFA with a well known American chicken wing chain.

Arvi Salariya will be speaking at the Multi-unit Franchise Conference on Friday 4 October.

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