Walfinch Establishes Franchisee Advisory Council

10 July 2023: Homecare provider Walfinch has established a Franchisee Advisory Council, where franchisees can discuss feedback, raise issues with the aim of boosting franchisee support to an even higher level.

Amrit Dhaliwal, CEO, Walfinch confirms:  “Recently Walfinch has moved from being an ‘emerging’ to an ‘expanding’ franchisor as confirmed by the British Franchise Association.  

Our commitment to our franchisees and company expansion have contributed to this new classification and the establishment of a new Franchisee Advisory Council will help to take us to the next level as we grow.”

“Our experienced senior team is highly focused on providing as much support for our franchisees as possible as they develop their own home care businesses.  However, we can only continue to make improvements and address their needs if we fully understand their priorities.  The Franchisee Advisory Council will now enable us to formalise this process and take action where needed even more quickly, so it’s great news for our expanding franchisees.”

Walfinch franchisees Tiffany Meachim, Greg Renk, Tracy Lezar, Tanya Santos  and Monique Gadd will collaborate and make up the new Walfinch Advisory Council.

Tanya Santos franchisee, Chiswick, Hammersmith & Kensington comments: “I’m excited to be part of this new advisory group.  As branches, we work closely with our neighbours so to have a platform where we can come forward and discuss issues, what’s working and what can be improved, as a formal channel is a great initiative.  The group is also small so we can really prioritise topics and this will ensure traction to benefit the network as a whole.”

Amrit continues: “Most franchisors wait until they are much larger before setting up a Franchisee Advisory Council.  However, at Walfinch we like to be ahead of the curve and am delighted to see this proactive group come together to instigate positive change on behalf of our franchisees.”

For further information about Walfinch franchise opportunities please see: https://walfinchfranchising.com/ or email our team at: franchising@walfinch.com

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