Ryan Harris spent 25 years of his career working in the construction industry. He rose from training as an electrician, to overseeing a number of construction businesses, “I was head-hunted to work for a business which at the time turned over around £2 million,” he says. “By the time I left, we had established a number of limited companies focused on different aspects of construction: plumbing, electrical engineering, facilities management etc., and had built it up to a £25m turnover business.”

No stranger to success, Ryan was impressed by Auditel. He contacted one of their local franchisees, Dean Cooper, to help with the cost management challenges one of his businesses was encountering, “Dean was excellent in how he worked with me,” Ryan says. “He is still on a retainer for the company, even though I have walked away! I was impressed by how he worked, and thought I wanted to do the same thing, so I looked into what Auditel offer. When I realised it was something I could do, I dived in head-first.”

Taking the leap from managing other people’s businesses to running your own company can be a challenge. So based on his experience as a new Auditel start-up, Ryan offers these tips for hitting the ground running.

Use what you know

Having been involved in construction for so long, it was a good industry to gain a wealth of experience, “There is none more ruthless, none more aggressive than the construction industry.” Ryan laughs. “I reached a point where I had enough of the industry. But as a construction industry specialist, I target new business within the industry, because they’re what I know. Using the very best systems, processes and support structures Auditel has established over the last two and a half decades, I am able to help my clients become more streamlined, and more efficient as a business.”

Sourcing your client base

Engaging with businesses you have already worked with, especially if you have a positive working relationship with them, can be a good starting point for sourcing your client-base, alongside all the other routes to market. “I knew the types of businesses I could support, and how.” Ryan says. “I told a few of my previous customers what I was planning to move into, priming them with the crucial question: ‘When I am ready, are you happy for me to give you a call?’

Don’t be shy about your skills

Combining the strength of Auditel’s business model with the expertise and experience you have already gained, brings a confidence in speaking to potential clients about what you offer. “I am passionate about what I do. I’ve been able to use my experiences, both in the construction industry, and in business management, and make it work for my Auditel business.” says Ryan.

“Prior to this, I hated sales! I would get agitated if I had to do anything remotely related to sales. But it has panned out, with the training and support offered by Auditel, I am actually pretty good at sales! The key is knowing what you are offering and demonstrating the confidence in your services, to ensure a client will see a return on their investment.”

Building a credible business with the support of the Auditel franchise

The security of building a business with the support of franchising, has given Ryan a strong start to his Auditel franchise. “I enjoy working with the team at Auditel, they are always very engaging with me whenever I pick up the phone, no matter how stupid my questions seem.

“But what I really like, is the professionalism of Auditel. They give a lot of credibility, which gives me much more clout compared to when I was my own consultant. They have established buying power, and excellent tools I can use to help my clients save money, based on the supplier relationships they have established over the years. This really has made a difference, not just to me, but to the clients who are already on board.”

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