Impenza – an Auditel Cost Management Team with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and industry experience

Impenza is a centre of excellence for strategic cost management.

These industry-leading Auditel consultants have become highly trusted professional advisors to a wide range of prestigious businesses and organisations.

The consultancy consists of:

  • David Kendall: Partner
  • Polly Coleman: Senior Consultant
  • Andrew White: Business Administrator
  • Peter Lawrence: Associate Partner
  • Stephen Sowerby: Associate Partner

David Kendall (pictured)

David qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Then he held several corporate level positions within the Saint-Gobain Group, one of the world’s largest distribution and manufacturing businesses. He joined Auditel in August 2011.

David is an industry specialist and has a wealth of finance, risk management, and cost management experience. His role focuses on leading the team and controlling the quality of their assignments and outputs. In 2014, Auditel presented David with their prestigious Rising Star Award “in recognition for his success and contributions to the consultancy network”.

Polly Coleman 

Polly joined the team in October 2012. As a professional and experienced buyer, her principal role is to lead the procurement and supplier management side of the team, especially in areas of indirect and overhead expense. She is an ACE (Accredited Category Expert) in the areas of couriers, freight and packaging.

Andrew White

Andrew’s primary role is to provide wide-ranging support to the team, as well as controlling contractual end dates for all time-sensitive reviews of cost areas. He is an analytical expert and monitors all the cost savings and key performance outputs that the team generates for their clients.

In March 2015, Andrew was presented with the Regional Apprentice Of The Year Award during National Apprenticeship Week. This recognised those Apprentices who had made a significant contribution to their workplaces. He is now also in the running for National Apprentice of the Year 2015.

Peter Lawrence 

Following a successful career in the IT industry, Peter has over 14 years’ experience as an Auditel Consultant. His portfolio of clients includes many large and complex organisations, with both private and venture equity backing, to increase wealth through cost efficiency.

Stephen Sowerby 

After gaining a First Class Honours degree in Management Studies, Stephen qualified as a Chartered Accountant. With over 4 years’ experience in a ‘big four’ accountancy firm, and a further 4 years with Auditel, he has gained the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to identify cost saving opportunities in a vast range of technical areas. Stephen has won valued awards for his high client service and his commitment to the Auditel system.

Impenza’s achievements

David Kendall says:

“We have the ability to conduct business-wide reviews of all areas of indirect and overhead expenditure and our clients range from multi-national Plc’s to local SME entities. Our client base consists of prominent retail, manufacturing and distribution companies and during the past year we have carved out a niche in working with leading sports organisations.

“Over the years we are also proud to have established partnerships with many of the foremost professional and consultancy firms throughout the UK, including a number of top 50 accountancy firms.

“Many of these firms began as our clients and we have saved thousands of pounds for them over the years. We have progressed to form strategic partnerships which allow them to offer the Auditel service to their clients as part of their own service range.

“Working with professional firms has been a highly successful joint venture, bringing significant benefits to our partner organisations and their clients. The overall fee impact for the services offered to their customers has been vastly reduced.

“They are able to provide a cost management service that has zero costs as we do not charge any fees to our partners for underwriting this service. The client service that we then offer is risk free and cash-flow positive, with our fees typically coming from a share of the savings that we implement within their business.”

Here are some extracts of client reviews:

Harrison Beale & Owen – HB&O are part of the international accountancy group MGI 

“We rely on them so much and we can now deliver this service to our key clients, as a value-added offering. We suggest that other accountancy firms consider the proposal of a similar partnership very seriously. The thing that really makes Auditel stand out is the level of trust!”

Persimmon PLC – one of the leading UK house builders 

“Auditel have conducted a number of phased projects where the savings have been considerable.”

Ian Hardy, Chief Buyer

“The one word that I would use to describe the Auditel service would be Honest!” 

Smeg-Service – service engineers for white goods. 

Auditel reviewed their courier and packaging expenditure and identified opportunities for service and cost improvements.

“The results should be a testament to other organisations looking for a no-risk, professional and quick way to increase profitability. The process was swift, effective and most importantly didn’t take up our time. We provided the information and they turned it into profit efficiently.”

Geotechnical Instruments – manufacturers and suppliers of landfill gas and biogas analysers 

Projects range from stationery and progressed into categories including courier costs, printing, gas procurement and packaging.

“We have no hesitation in recommending Auditel. We would be more than happy to speak to anyone who wishes to learn more about our experiences in using their service.”

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