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TRUEDAN, the consumer-approved and most beloved brand of brown sugar pearl milk tea, has embarked on a remarkable journey of global expansion since 2018.

Originating from Taiwan in 2010, TRUEDAN has successfully established its presence in over 10 countries and 13 major cities.

With exciting new destinations on the horizon, TRUEDAN continues to grow and thrive. Embrace the opportunity to be part of the TRUEDAN family in the UK.

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Discovering One-of-a-kind Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

TRUEDAN has pushed beyond the realm, transcending pearls and boba in the market, and transformed them into the extraordinary elixirs – like no other.  

After a year of relentless experimentation and refinement, we have meticulously developed and custom-tailored the most sought-after 0.85cm bite-size elixirs, boasting an unparalleled texture that captivates the senses.

At the same time, these elixirs are luxuriously bathed in our one-of-a-kind hand-cooked brown sugar blend, created using our secret recipe, and expertly paired with milk sourced from carefully selected independent dairy farms.

Truedan storefront

Through these meticulous processes, we have introduced a Taiwanese delicacy to the world – Fresh Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Elixirs. Our commitment to hand-cooked brown sugar and traditional elixir preparation techniques remains the cornerstone of our delectable beverages.

Bubble tea collage

TRUEDAN’s Global Reach and Current Status

Global reach of Truedan

TRUEDAN’s international presence has expanded to over 30 stores, with active kiosks in more than 100 shopping centres worldwide across 12+ regions. Despite the challenging global circumstances, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services has remained steadfast since the onset of the pandemic.
In Taiwan, though the country was under lockdown until May 2022, we have been receiving numerous franchise inquiries and successfully opening 2-3 stores every month since the beginning of 2023.
In Canada, our dedicated efforts as Master Franchisees have led to significant growth. Starting from Vancouver, we are expanding to prominent cities such as Toronto and Quebec. We are just about to announce plans to open five new stores by the end of this summer, further expanding our reach.
Similarly, in London, our Brunswick Centre store opened its doors on February 3, 2022. Since then, we have been serving an average of over 10,000 customers per month, and this number continues to grow.
We believe that now is the perfect time for you to join us, become your own boss, and turn your dreams into reality.

TRUEDAN’s Achievements and Awards

In addition to our unique recipes and popular flavours that are loved by consumers, food safety is an area where TRUEDAN never compromises. Below is a list of awards and recognition that TRUEDAN has received since 2018:

  • Best reviewed online – 2018
  • Best reviewed online – 2020
  • A.A Taste Awards
  • Golden Peak Awards
  • Top 100 MVP Managers of Taiwan

These accolades and affirmations highlight TRUEDAN’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of food safety and quality in our products.

Awards and achievements

That’s why TRUEDAN stands out

TRUEDAN firmly believes that consumers should receive products or services that truly match the value they pay. This has been the key to TRUEDAN’s continued success in the market, creating a win-win situation for both the brand and its customers.

Just as it was founded, TRUEDAN remains committed to using natural and additive-free ingredients. Moreover, we take great care in sourcing the majority of our raw materials from Taiwan, ensuring their quality through comprehensive production records and inspection reports.

Premium products:

Our drinks set the industry standard by sourcing only the finest ingredients, primarily from Taiwan. We brew all our teas fresh every few hours, using 100% premium tea paired with our finest Black Sugar Pearl, which boasts a shelf life of 4 hours.

Simplified operations & flexibility:

Compared to other QSR concepts, our streamlined techniques and flexible footprints make running your business a breeze. We offer open-minded collaboration support, allowing you to increase revenue through the introduction of additional add-on products.

Comprehensive training:

Experience 3 weeks of complete and elite support and training, provided by our headquarters or local master franchisee in London. This includes business management training, SOP implementation, on-site and continuous remote practical training, store operation training, as well as a soft opening and grand opening support.

Customisable menu and marketing support:

Take advantage of our adaptable menu, featuring seasonal product lines that allow you to capitalize on the latest innovations. From milk foam to brown sugar, we ensure you can cater to the trending preferences of your guests.

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