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Many of our franchisees have seen substantial growth and success, transitioning from various industries into thriving property management entrepreneurs with our model.

“After 22 years as a car sales executive for Audi, I was ready for a change and found my calling with Pass the Keys. My previous role, while employed, had the essence of self-employment as it required generating my own leads, which unknowingly prepared me for entrepreneurship. Discovering Pass the Keys was a revelation. I had a property I was considering for short-letting but lacked the time to manage it. The gap in the market for such a service in Shropshire seemed like the perfect opportunity for me, combining my interests in property, people, and holidays.

Launching my franchise in July 2021, I started with a small apartment, which proved to be an invaluable learning experience. The growth I’ve seen this year has been phenomenal, prompting me to hire additional help due to the demanding nature of the job. The support from the Pass the Keys community has been indispensable, especially in the early stages, offering advice and solutions whenever needed.

My daily routine involves desk work in the mornings followed by visits to hosts or potential hosts in the afternoons. Managing tasks efficiently, from updating guest manuals to scheduling cleaners and addressing maintenance, is key. It’s crucial for new franchise partners to understand that this is not a typical 9-5 job. It requires dedication, a willingness to work hard, and a people-oriented approach to addressing and solving the needs of guests and hosts alike. Despite the challenges, the rewards and satisfaction of solving problems and making people happy are immense.”

Vicky, Shropshire Franchisee

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