Fun Fest Holiday Club

Investment level
£20,001 - £50,000
Children Franchises

Fun Fest Holiday Club offers a range of different childcare and children’s activity services across the UK; holiday clubs, before and after school clubs and children’s parties

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Fun Fest Franchisees

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A childcare franchise which promotes flexibility, freedom & fun as part of the Fun Fest family

What is Fun Fest?

Fun Fest is an innovative and exciting child-led solution for parents’ childcare worries, offering a range of fun and educational activities for children

Children are empowered to choose from a menu of exciting activities every morning and afternoon to design their own individual holiday programme. From nerf challenge, mission ompossible, slime making, great outdoors and I’m a kid get me out of here to beauty school, pottery, cupcake heaven and escape room, there is something to appeal to every child.

The ethos of embracing each child’s specialties and giving them choices in their play, sets Fun Fest apart from traditional childcare services and enables the brand to extend into other services such as wraparound care and children’s parties.


Since its launch in 2017, Fun Fest has built a network of 40 popular clubs across the country.

What makes Fun Fest successful is its focus on providing exceptional childcare services and building a network of satisfied franchisees.

Members of the BFA and EWIF and listed in the EF100 for 5 years running, the company has a team of like-minded, highly skilled, and passionate individuals with over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the childcare sector. This ensures the services delivered are of high quality and meet the needs of both parents and children.

All services meet the highest OFSTED standards for early years childcare and Fun Fest was voted the Best Newcomer to Franchising 2018 by WorkingMums.

Meeting the needs of today’s parents

The demand for childcare is high due to the challenges faced by parents in this generation. More parents are working full-time with a reduced childcare support network resulting in limited childcare options. Fun Fest is filling this gap by offering reliable, quality childcare provision for all primary age children from as young as 3 years old.

Meeting the needs of its franchisees

Every franchisee has different priorities, aims and objectives and Fun Fest works collaboratively with its franchisees to support them to build the business that suits them. The main reasons cited by its franchisees on why Fun Fest works for them is a combination of:

  • The flexibility to control my own working life
  • Fulfilling my ambition to start my own business
  • The opportunity to work for myself
  • To build a large business and earn a high return
  • The fun, active and creative nature of the business
  • The emotional rewards from making a positive contribution to my community 
  • Using my childcare qualifications and experience in a different way


The earning potential for Fun Fest is significant, given the substantial number of children in the UK between 0-9 years old (currently over 8 million). As a result, the network is experiencing an impressive revenue growth year on year.

An established club has turnover of over £100k per annum with an impressive profit margin.  Whilst some Fun Fest franchisees are content to run a single successful club, others have expanded to running multiple clubs and services, proving that Fun Fest also delivers a management style franchise opportunity.

This strong network growth makes it an exciting opportunity for business and childcare professionals seeking independence in their careers and job satisfaction with added rewards and benefits.

Franchise Model

As a franchise model, Fun Fest offers sole ownership of a territorial region in the UK, along with full operational support, training, marketing, and website support to its franchisees. This allows franchisees to have control over their business while benefiting from a network of support from like-minded franchisees across the country.

“The flexibility that my franchise offers is second to none. Originally I put a few months’ hard work into setting up but was then able to run it alongside a full-time job while my Fun Fest grew. For relatively low start-up costs, the financial returns are now great enough to allow me to step away from full time work and focus on maximising the potential of my Fun Fest territory. I don’t have childcare qualifications myself but with the support on offer from the Fun Fest team and by employing strong staff members, this has never been a problem. Fun Fest is a great opportunity for anyone looking for greater personal and financial independence” Ryan, Fun Fest Sutton

A Fun Fest for Children franchise gives you a brand and a business which is:

  • Child-centred: Making sure that children’s choices are central to their Fun Fest experiences
  • High quality: Having built an excellent reputation with Ofsted, schools, parents and children
  • In demand: Providing childcare solutions to working parents for which there is a growing demand coupled with a lack of adequate provision across the UK
  • Profitable: Earning a fantastic return for seasonal, part-time or full-time operating hours
  • Flexible: Fitting around your life, commitments and aspirations in a way which suits you
  • Supported: Providing the tools, training, advice and support you need to succeed
  • Rewarding: Giving children exciting experiences they will never forget
  • Scalable: Enabling franchisees to build a large, managed business

Fun Fest for Children is a well-established and successful franchise opportunity, providing excellent childcare services to children. It’s a rewarding business prospect for passionate individuals in the childcare sector.

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