Chop Wok Express

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£100,001 - £250,000
Food & Drink Franchises

Chop Wok Express is a wok-based restaurant and takeaway business that serves Pan-Asian fusion food from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and India in a modern setting. The company was founded in 2009 and has a number of stores around the UK including Suffolk St, Birmingham Hagley Rd, West Quinton Highfield Rd, Hall Green York Rd, Erdington Chapel Ash and Wolverhampton.

Chop Wok Express is looking to continue to expand in the UK with the option of multiple franchises for those who want to scale quickly and be the first to market in their area.

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Chop Wok Express

We know how challenging it can be to open and run a traditional Chinese takeaway, from the reliance on aggregator platforms and expensive skilled chefs, to rising utilities prices, bottle-neck management, delivery driver management and local authority planning concerns. With these obstacles in mind, we have developed a new way of bringing soul-satisfying Chinese food, without compromising on quality while eradicating these obstacles.

We’ve honed-in on the best selling items from the menu used in our existing stores and streamlined the way they’re made and the amount of ingredients we use to come up with a one-page menu that’s easy on the eye and easy for new franchisees to adopt. Express is the result of extensive consumer research across a variety of different Chop and Wok stores in the Midlands which has resulted in our own unique blend of sauces manufactured for us to use exclusively.

From business plans and cash flow forecasts, to staff contracts and food hygiene platforms. From marketing plans and tools to video-assisted menu manuals and complaint handling. You’ve got all the tools to fit into an already successful business and proven concept.

We offer the best industry fees with a £15k franchise fee and fixed weekly support fees of £300 and no marketing fees. Our average cost of sales is 21% after packaging and waste, which leaves a gross profit of 79%!

We want you to be successful, which means spending as little as possible in order to get your return as fast as possible.

Chop Wok Franchise

We offer two types of trainings: Practical and Virtual.

The aim of the training is to ensure that you can manage the trained-at branch competently and independently. Practical training will occur at one of the existing branches and will consist of all physical operations you will be expected to undertake at your own branch. Virtual training will occur online at our mutual convenience, and will also consist of independent learning via video tutorials from our Franchise Help.

  • £10,000 franchise fee (limited time only)
  • £300 fixed weekly support fees
  • No marketing fees
  • No planning permission necessary
  • No extract permission necessary
  • All-electric operation. No gas required
  • Ready-made sauce delivered straight to your store
  • No delivery drivers (indoor stores)
  • No skilled chefs necessary with our automated woks
  • Serve to customers immediately avoiding costly bottlenecks
  • Earn royalties back from our free-to-use Virtual Brands
Chop Wok products
Chop Wok Products

While the majority of costs are predictable, the cost of materials and labour can vary depending on location, however the below table gives you an indication of what two scenarios would look like; a larger 1000 sqft store, and a smaller 600sqft store.

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