Businessmen seeking growth opt for 9Round

A fitness session helped Shakeel Jivraj decide to invest in the 9Round Fitness Franchise Opportunity.

Shakeel, his father Shafiq and brother Zahed are experienced, successful franchisees, having grown their family-owned pizza delivery franchise to 23 outlets in 13 years. Shakeel says: “We wanted to diversify our family business into the fitness sector because we are passionate about it – Zahed is a qualified personal trainer and I like working out.”

Figures from 2019 showed that the number of UK gyms was growing – and the trend is for smaller studios specialising in high intensity interval training (HIIT) and boxing-based fitness. Shakeel says: “As 9Round offers kick-box-based 30-minute full-body HIIT workouts, we considered it a good potential investment.”

The family did a trial workout at a 9Round club before investing. “We were impressed by the on-site trainer and manager. Head office supplies new workout routines to trainers daily, so we could see the attraction for gym users,” says Shakeel.

The family also liked the fact that it’s possible to open three sites for the price of opening one traditional gym (around £250,000). Breakeven is typically within three to four months and you can see a full ROI within two years. Finding sites is easier because at 1,000 to 1,500 sq ft, 9Round gyms are smaller than traditional gyms.

“We also found the 9Round UK leadership team very knowledgeable about the fitness industry and keen to help us get started,” Shakeel says.

The family have invested in three 9Round gyms in the London area. The first site opened in February 2020.

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Business analyst spots a good investment with 9Round

As a business analyst Pratik Patel knows how to spot a good investment, so when he and his wife wanted to set up their own business, they chose the 9Round Fitness Franchise Opportunity.

Pratik initially looked at joining a 9Round as a member. ”We soon realised that 9Round would make a great investment,” he says. Alongside two other business partners they decided to opt for the multi-club approach and now have five clubs within the London region.

“9Round clubs are smaller than traditional gyms, so it’s easier to find sites, and the investment required is lower, starting around £115,000 a club,” says Pratik. “It’s our first venture into business together and it’s great experience. We have reduced the risk by investing in several sites, and the 9Round franchise head office team is exceptionally supportive. I come from a family that has always run its own businesses, but I knew little about the fitness sector or franchising, and 9Round has supported us all the way.”

Pratik says: “It was great to get in at the beginning of 9Round’s UK expansion. It’s been exciting to break new ground and you get direct interaction with the UK Office, who are always keen to help you make a success of your business. It was this approach that convinced it was the right to expand from three to five clubs.”

“I have a good job in financial services so I could have just banked my savings, but I wanted the rewards of running my own business and could not let the 9Round opportunity pass by.”

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