Why Husse Franchise is the Perfect Investment

Why Husse Franchise is the Perfect Investment

Amidst over a thousand franchises to choose from in the UK, deciding which one is right for you can be a challenging task. Nonetheless, a thorough research before investing into a franchise is one of the most important steps in the process.

Husse (pronounced “hoo-say”) franchise is the global leader in pet food home delivery.  Being as the pet industry is very resilient in these times of a financial crisis, continuously making profit. Listing the many reasons why joining this particular franchise would be a good business decision for you would take too much space, which is why we’ve decided to break it down to segments.

      1.     Pet Franchise

Why the pet industry? According to the PFMA one in two house hold owns a cat or dog and it is projected the pet (dog & cat) population will continue to grow in the next decade.  Having this in mind, pet products and services are continuously increasing in value. Did you know that the cost of taking care of a dog during its lifetime is now estimated to the astounding £16,000? This number comes from veterinary visits, various toys, pet’s comfort and mainly pet food.  

The dog and cat food industry in the UK is currently valued at £2.12bn, which means this industry is highly lucrative and, therefore, worth investing in. Considering the increase of pet owners in the country, it is clear that there’s enough room for expansion, meaning Husse franchise can be the platform to join in on the profit.

      2.     Unique Business Model

What is different about Husse business model? One of the reason our business model is different lies in the fact that we offer our customers free samples before they decide to purchase our products. By meeting with our pet nutritionist, they can ask whatever they want and get advice on their pets’ diets absolutely for free!

Husse franchise is one of the most appealing business opportunities out there for many entrepreneurs, as they offer flexibility and high profit. This is one of the reasons we have over 750 franchisees globally; the atmosphere among us is familial. Job satisfaction is also an important reason why so many Husse franchisees are successful – they are now enjoying things which previously was not possible. They work within their community, thus avoiding the need to travel too far to do business. Husse franchisees work towards the goal of obtaining 400 customers in two years, which can produce a gross profit of £55,000 per year. This level of profit can be achieved due to high margin enjoyed by our franchisees, up to 100% margin on the dry food range. Husse complete dry food range is the main seller.

Our business model requires no previous sales experience. If you’re willing to learn and persevere, are committed and enjoy meeting peopleHusse is the perfect franchise for you.

      3.     Quality Products

What kind of products do we offer? The ingredients in Husse pet food are fully traceable, suitable for human consumption, ethically produced in an EU regulated factory which is also certified to ISO 900 standard. Husse complete pet food are also of the highest quality, and we are proud of the fact that our products are GMO free, recommended by vets in forty countries, enriched with up to 50 Nutrients and Nutraceutical components. Research conducted in United States shows by adding Nutraceutical component in pet food, pet’s life on average increases by two years.  Husse product range also includes chemical free and additive free. And, of course, we offer taste guarantee – if  our customers are not satisfied HQ will offer customer full refund.

Husse offers a range of 350 products, all of which are made exclusively to offer balance diet for pets. Essential content such asamino & fatty acids and also vitamins are added in all of the food we offer. Our goal is to offer pet lead a healthy and long life!

      4.      Business Approach

How we do business: Husse uses a modern business model that is focused on offering an alternate stream of income and giving each segment a USP (Unique Selling Point). There are three segments involved in this business model: Business to Customers (B2C) – the main norm of our approach. As we’ve already mentioned, we give our clients the opportunity to try out our products before deciding to purchase them. Having our own nutritionist who give them advice on their pets’ nutritional needs is something they appreciate. We can proudly say 300,000 satisfied customers globally are using Husse products. Majority of our competitors does not conduct their business in this ethical manner which means we are unique in that area. As a result, we retain 95% of our customers.

The Business to Business (B2B) segment is supported by the Husse “Pro Range” complete pet food. The Pro range is not retailed in the UK and is exclusively only available for Breeders, Kennels and Charities. Similar to Husse retail products, the Pro range offers different solutions, depending on the pet’s needs. This enables Husse franchisees to attract bulk buyers within the local community. The B2B strategy also allows Husse franchisees to grow their own network by recruiting distributors (agents) on commission basis. 

Our franchising circle is exclusive, which means all products sold within that area are sold by our franchisees. Husse CRM system allows us to track orders that have been made online, in order to forward it to our franchisee in the area. What this system accomplishes is a more productive approach to business from the side of our highly satisfied franchisees and it allows them to follow their business closely.

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