When a Kare Plus franchise is the only option – even with over 10 years business experience

Kare Plus

The UK’s most established multi-service healthcare franchise, Kare Plus has almost 80 offices across the UK providing nursing, care and support to local communities. With an ageing population, nurse shortage and increasing need for post-hospital care services, franchise opportunities are selling out fast as investors see the potential for growth in the multi-billion pound sector.

Two of those investors that saw the potential of a Kare Plus franchise are husband and wife team, Joanne and Andy Boardman. Both are qualified Biochemical Scientists, Chartered Accountants and, until recently, ran an extremely successful international business for over 10 years. With such extensive business acumen, you may have expected them to start-up their own healthcare business, but they did not hesitate to invest in a Kare Plus franchise over going it alone.

“We were involved in the oil and gas sector prior to joining Kare Plus and grew our own large international business”, explained Andy.

“When the oil price crashed in 2014 we began researching new sectors and we both really liked the healthcare industry. As it’s domestic and not subject to international pressures too much, and with an ageing population, it is steadily growing and presenting many good opportunities.

“We have a lot of experience in creating and growing businesses, but what we don’t have is healthcare sector experience. Because of this, we recognised straight away we needed to be under the umbrella of a franchise, particularly with the responsibility we have caring for others and the legislation and regulation requirements.”

In conducting their research, Jo and Andy considered many franchisors in the sector. Offering a multi-service opportunity though, they favoured Kare Plus thanks to the multiple income streams that can be developed and additional services that can be bolted on.

“We did a lot of searching around and we really liked the multi-service idea with both home care and nursing establishment; we felt that this really differentiated Kare Plus from other franchises”, Jo highlighted.

“We came and met with the team at the centrally-located Head Office, as well as other franchisees around the country who all gave very positive feedback. Once we had done this, it wasn’t a decision that took us a long time.”

Once Andy and Jo had decided Kare Plus was the franchise for them, they soon began to develop their business plan with the addition of another territory – all before they had even attended training: “The original idea was that I would get involved in something else, but with Kare Plus and the industry being so scalable, we both wanted to get involved full time with a territory each”, Andy explained.

“The more we looked into it, the more we realised the potential for growth was much more than we originally thought and, as a result, we decided that we would both dedicate our full time to it.

“When you start, Kare Plus hand you an ambitions statement, and in there we laid out plans to actually own four territories. Our original business plan focusses on Blackpool and Southport to break even in six months, but in reality, we are going to do it in month three, so the plan now is to buy our next two territories within the first year, between months 9-12!”

The main benefits of investing in a franchise include a national, recognised brand and the support provided by the franchisor to help you develop and maintain a successful business. Kare Plus has won awards in both these areas, with support beginning during a week-long intensive training programme for all new franchise owners, right through to marketing, recruitment and compliance assistance from a fully trained support team. Whilst the marketing team provides full social media and digital marketing support, along with regular nationwide campaigns and marketing collateral.

“The training and support we have received so far have been excellent”, Jo commented. “The support we have got in terms of homecare, set-up and provision has really helped. The first quarter has been all about recruitment, compliance and marketing campaigns – all with a focus to on-board nurses and HCAs, as well as drive brand awareness. We have also had a lot of support from our Business Development Manager in terms of procedures and processes to go through.

“Additionally, the branding helps massively”, Andy added. “The first thing people do is look on the internet and people associate the Kare Plus brand with 1989 and one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. It knocks over a lot of the barriers you may have if you are starting up on your own.”

“A lot of new nurses and HCAs have said they have heard of us before from Preston and surrounding franchises, particularly seeing it online and Facebook. Our Recruitment Consultants have said they have spoken to many people who have great things to say about Kare Plus”, Jo continued.

Jo and Andy’s drive and commitment to the business model has helped them achieve a fantastic first quarter with Kare Plus, leaving both offices close to securing their homecare registrations well ahead of schedule. Despite numerous successes in previous careers and business ventures, they are still finding the healthcare sector an exciting challenge: “It is never dull. Before you know it, it is the end of the day. It is really exciting”, Jo proclaimed.

“The development of a business that makes a difference is really important, but the recruitment of good staff and achieving hours is the most exciting bit. Going from training in March, to fully functioning offices in April and then sales in our first month was an amazing achievement too”, Andy added.

“I would definitely tell anyone considering a Kare Plus franchise to speak to other franchisees that have been through the journey. There is a clear business model, very good brand and if you follow the model, take advice, put a great deal of effort in and be supported you will achieve what others have done.”

“It is a really well led, caring and responsive company. I really think that it is great to be a part of the organisation that wants franchisees to do well. But over and above, there is some exceptional members of staff and it is great to be part of the team.”

If you would like to be part of the Kare Plus success story, don’t delay getting in touch; limited franchise opportunities are available.. With demand at an all-time high, our franchises are selling out fast.

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