Walfinch home care digital marketing boosts franchisees’ visibility

Walfinch home care franchisees are being offered extra digital services to boost their visibility and maximise leads.

“The high-quality care delivered by our Walfinch home care franchisees deserves to be as widely known as possible, so Walfinch has invested in recruiting specialist SEO and digital marketing experts to support and manage franchisees’ social media campaigns,” says Walfinch Marketing Manager James Boyes.
“Franchisees know that social media can boost their business but may be unsure what makes a good post, how to run an effective campaign, or how to deliver it, so we set up our own digital marketing arm. Having this expertise in-house means we can create social media campaigns that are always focussed on our franchisees and their clients – something no external organisation could provide.”

The team is offering them a package that raises their profiles, online and offline, to maximise business.

Walfinch’s network of 30 (and growing) franchisees are being offered: 

  • Three tailor-made posts a week on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google
  • A day of videography and photography on site, because video in particular is now a strong element in marketing
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Business Profile management
  • Automatic customer review collection and response creation, so franchisees know that all reviews will receive replies.

Tailored services
This is no one-size-fits-all package.

“The social media posts are created specifically for individual franchise locations. We mix personalised videos and images of carers and clients (where available) with generic posts about services and educational content,” says James.
“The content is centrally-created, but with a localised focus, so franchisees get the best of both worlds. It reduces the time they need to spend on SM marketing to raise their local profile and bring in more business and recruit carers.”
Shilpi Verma, the Walfinch home care franchisee in Harrow and Brent, says: “The Walfinch digital marketing team has been a big benefit to us. Within two months I have seen a massive increase in the number of relevant calls coming through, and it is backed by press releases and marketing.”

Walfinch also combines digital marketing support with ensuring that any offline marketing materials are redesigned and updated every quarter.

James adds: “We also offer automated lead handling as part of our customer relationship management (CRM) software, so people who contact us receive a series of texts and emails. This ensures that every contact from a potential client is followed up, so lead conversions are maximised.”

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