Two Coffee-Bike Franchisees and Their Stories

There are various options available to become a Coffee-Bike franchisee. Here are the stories of two franchisees implementing the Coffee-Bike concept in different ways.

Markus Buscher

Markus Buscher is operating two Coffee-Bikes in the heart of Western-Germany and is proud of employing six employees.

This is how he describes a typical day…

My day in the office starts off with a lovely cup of cappuccino. Then I sit at my desk, answer incoming emails, and check any new requests, for example, from the Coffee-Bike head office’s events portal.

I put myself forward for the requests relevant to my region and with a bit of luck I get the job. Then, I take care of staff deployment planning, since I now have six employees working at two bikes.

My team and I discuss the events – who is doing what, where and when – preferably personally on the telephone. When there are major events we often conduct our team meetings directly on site.

Frequently I get the urge to do something myself as I still just love standing behind the Coffee-Bike. Hence I get the bike ready for the outdoors and visit my locations during the week.

I decided in favour of Coffee-Bike because from the very first moment I noticed that it is a very innovative, dynamic and unrivalled franchise concept. And not just from a business point of view; it is very transparent in terms of costs, and contact with the Coffee-Bike head office was really very good right from the outset.

What I really like about Coffee-Bike is that it is constantly being developed. This means that the head office has a strong link to us, the franchisees and users of bikes, and listens to suggestions for potential improvement.

The latest improvement, for example, is the GPS tracker which really helps me here in my city with two bikes. Coffee-Bike fans and regular customers can monitor in real-time where I am situated.

This is what Coffee-Bike is all about, whether it’s collaboration with the head office – you get incredibly quick feedback on your questions and suggestions – or with each other.

We exchange information and this is also what sets Coffee-Bike apart from other companies: we work with each other. I would definitely say it’s like one big family.

Klaus Ewert

Another franchisee at Coffee-Bike is Klaus Ewert. He is operating one bike by himself on a part-time basis, mainly at events and caterings.

In the following Klaus explains why he is so keen on the Coffee-Bike concept.

I came across Coffee-Bike when I was browsing the internet. I always wanted to be self-employed with a little coffee shop but I wanted it to be something special, and then I found Coffee-Bike on the internet and I realized this is it – the ideal solution for me.

By the means of this concept, I could become self-employed on a part-time basis without any big capital investment.

Of course, my family and I discussed this very intensely and in the end everyone agreed with me. What we particularly liked about the Coffee-Bike franchise system was the fact that we would only pay fees on goods that have actually been sold.

This means I have no fixed fee and in addition the fees are only payable on coffee specialities. For example, we do not pay any fees for tea specialities or snacks.

I run the business on a part-time basis as a second job and it soon became clear that I would be working almost entirely at events and special occasions.

The Coffee-Bike is very quick to build up, it is self-sustainable and can be deployed anywhere because there is no need for a fixed water or electricity supply.

During the months I have been operating my Coffee-Bike, I have met many nice people. They come to the bike and see Black Forest Cherry Latte or Chocolate Mint Latte on the menu and don’t really know what kind of drinks they are facing.

But after they have drunk and tested them, they are very impressed. And this is fun – it is real fun to be able to offer people something that they can’t find elsewhere.

At the end of each Coffee-Bike day, I sit myself down and have a cup of coffee, my own speciality, take a look back over the day and look forward to the same thing the next day.

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