Tutor Doctor is engineering the future of education in West Drayton

In a career-swap steeped in community spirit, West Drayton-based father of three, Jagdeep Dhillon, has just launched his brand-new education venture, Tutor Doctor. A former gas engineer, the self-made businessman is passionate about making a difference in the local community. Designed to help children to grow in confidence and ability, Jagdeep’s in-home and online tutoring franchise covers Windsor, Slough, West Drayton and Uxbridge.

Prior to the launch of Tutor Doctor Windsor Slough, science graduate Jagdeep ran a successful gas engineering firm. He went on to teach engineers at Access Training Academies throughout the UK, igniting his passion for education.

A longstanding pillar of the community, Jagdeep also held the position of Postmaster with the Post Office for five years. Describing himself as a serial entrepreneur, his latest venture is rooted in family values and social responsibility.

“Working in the community means the world to me,” says Jagdeep. “I’m excited to be combining my passion for education with a service that is genuinely going to impact local families. It gives me a huge sense of pride and satisfaction. Being a parent myself, I know how hard it can be to support your child’s education on top of the commitments of everyday life. That’s where we come in. We match students with our tutors based on personality, learning style and goals to achieve the best possible outcomes. This personalised approach can be a real turning point for many children.

“There are lots of schools in the region and many are under immense pressure post-pandemic, still battling learning loss caused by two years of lockdowns and restrictions,” adds Jagdeep. “I’m hopeful that we can forge some strong relationships with our schools – we’re here to support them too! If we can bring even just small change to education in the area, that’d be a huge achievement.”

Jagdeep plans to turn Tutor Doctor Windsor Slough into a true family business. Wife, Baljit, along with son, Karran are both set to join the business as the team embark on their new journey. The couple’s daughter and daughter-in-law are also primed to step in as the business grows.

“As a family, we’ve always had a passion for understanding people’s needs and wanting to help out. We’re very involved in local charity events and play an active part in our community, so I feel well placed to be bringing this new opportunity to students. It’s not all about money, the satisfaction of transforming a student’s educational journey is priceless.”

And in true Dhillon-family style, the business looks forward to opening employment opportunities in the area to those who share Tutor Doctors’ values of delivering quality, personalised learning experiences.

“I’m already getting enquiries from people who are passionate about joining the team, from graduates and teachers to business owners and existing tutors! During the summer holidays, we’ll be preparing for the new academic year in September and making sure we’re ready to meet the needs of anyone who comes our way. I’m incredibly proud to be bringing our services to students entering the next chapter in their education.”

Tutor Doctor covers Slough, Windsor, West Drayton and Uxbridge, and surrounding areas.

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