‘This Opportunity Allows Me To Run My Own Business But With Auditel’s Support’

Before joining the Auditel Cost Management Franchise in September 2014, Dean Cooper’s role was Commercial Director for Amey, in the Gas and Power Divisions.

Auditel case study dean cooper

He oversaw a £500m turnover and was responsible for the development and driving forward of their revenue and their financial excellence. Dean (pictured) supervised eleven Commercial Managers throughout the UK and Ireland in four product areas: Water, Gas, Power and Energy Services. 

Here are some of his thoughts from a recent interview:

Why did you join Auditel?

“I wanted to be more in control of my destiny. I like the fact that Auditel have a twenty-year proven record. I think I’ve got complementary skills that I could add. This opportunity allows me to run my own business but with Auditel’s support.”

How did you find the training?

“Very good and thought-provoking and I’m leaving enthused. You have to be prepared to give 110% to get the maximum out of the training. There is a lot to take on board but I am definitely better prepared for my client meetings. I am entering a wider world now. Already, I have two appointments on Monday!”

Dean notes: “Within all industries there is a competitive and changing environment. As a result, few companies have the time or in-house resources to devote to the management of business overheads. Therefore, opportunities to save money and accelerate performance are missed.

“I have spent 24 years as a Quantity Surveyor, Commercial Manager and Commercial Director. Now I can use those same Cost Management skills to deliver client satisfaction and increase profitability. They can enjoy peace of mind because their overhead costs are being correctly managed by a trusted outsourced member of their management team.”

Matt Sidwell, Auditel’s UK and Ireland Network Development Director, says: “Like Dean, some management professionals have joined us recently to fulfil a dream of being their own boss, without the inherent risks of starting from scratch. Many of them visited our free Discovery Seminars to learn more about franchising and the Auditel opportunity. We shall be delighted to meet you to answer questions and to introduce the team!”

To learn more about the Auditel franchise, please visit our FranchiseInfo page here.

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