Successful email marketing campaign

Recent studies show that permission-based email marketing has a higher return on investment (ROI) than unsolicited email, direct mail, or traditional advertising.

It is the right choice for business who are looking to attract loyal customer base. It can be used to generate leads, boost website traffic, increase conversions, build your brand, engage .. the list can go on.

But how can you run an effective permission-based email marketing campaign? As its popularity grows so does the amount of emails landed in your target market’s inbox. So how do you stand out from all the rest?

First you need to start with a quality list. Building and managing this list requires constant effort. You need to include a newsletter signup on a prominent part of your website and collect sign-ups wherever you can be it online or at events. As a general rule, it is more efficient if you offer something in exchange for the data, a newsletter sign-up or an e-book, a tutorial video…

Some people might choose to unsubscribe even after giving you permission to send them mailings so make sure to include an opt-out, otherwise it could be damaging to your brand. You also need to make sure to spend time on managing your email database. React fast to sign-ups and unsubscribes, monitor bounce backs and get new addresses to maintain the balance.

Get the right content. Take time to evaluate what your audience is interested in. Great quality content is key in today’s online marketing and the emails are no different. Keep it short but engaging. The style should be personal but casual. Use a ‘call to action’ in the subject line to increase opening rates but describe what is exactly in the email. Catchy titles that are false might work once but are damaging on the long run.

Track your opening rates and where people click to be able to create a better content for your audience.

Although opening rates are a good indicator of the success of your email campaign, you should also pay attention of conversions. What is it that you want to achieve with your campaign? A visit to the website, an RSVP to an event or a sign up for a membership? Whatever it you need to be clear that your email is tuned towards that goal and you are tracking the results.

Consult Evolvin for further ideas for a better email campaign.

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