Send Me A Pro to offer multiple home services under one franchise

Send Me A Trainer announces the launch of Send Me A Pro, an online exclusive and managed marketplace that makes it easy to connect with local service providers that come to you. Everything from fitness & sports trainers, pet care providers, tutors, music instructors, child care providers and much more.

“As traction grew with Send Me A Trainer, our clients started to request that we connect them with other local in-home service providers such as tutors for their kids, and dog trainers and Send Me A Pro was born,” says Bary El-Yacoubi Co-Founder of Send Me A Pro. “At the core of our business model is connectivity. We connect clients with local vetted service providers. We started with personal trainers and are now expanding the marketplace to include other local services”.

“In the past decade we have seen the emergence of online marketplaces for products such as Amazon, and this next decade will be about the digitization of the services economy with more services being booked online,” says Muhssin El-Yacoubi, Co-Founder of Send Me A Pro. “Send Me A Pro distinguishes itself from other marketplaces by providing a higher level of convenience and quality through curating an exclusive network of providers, done-for-you booking, fixed pricing, and better customer service provided by our local franchise owner.”

The franchisees are very excited about offering more services which allows them to increase their earning potential and grow their total addressable market (TAM). Franchisees can also continue to add more service categories and prioritize services that are in high demand in their market. Franchisees are identifying popular services that are already being offered by other businesses in their markets and this is their validation to add these services to their Send Me A Pro platform.

“The ability to offer multiple service businesses under one franchise is groundbreaking and is disrupting the franchise industry,” adds Muhssin El-Yacoubi. “Historically speaking, every category is a standalone franchise. No one has ever aggregated multiple services with an Uber like experience under one franchise, until now. Send Me A Pro is changing the way people think of franchising as they don’t have to limit themselves to just one category anymore”.

“Since introducing Send Me A Pro, the number of inquiries from prospective franchise candidates has over tripled,” says Bary El-Yacoubi, Co-Founder of Send Me A Pro. “Franchise consultants and brokers that help prospective franchise owners select a franchise are telling us that they have never seen such an exciting reaction from their clients as when introduced to Send Me A Pro. People that were once looking for a tutoring, dog walking, or maid service franchise are now considering Send Me A Pro. It’s an obvious choice for them as they can now simply offer all of these services and more through Send Me A Pro”.

Send Me A Pro continues to bring technology and Silicon Valley to the franchising world. Franchisees are attracted to the scalable, technology-enabled, home based business model with low overhead, no physical location and passive ownership options.

Since launching its franchise model in 2020, Send Me A Pro has established over 100 territories across the USA, Canada, UK and Dubai.

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