Live Upskilling Sessions for Eazi-Sites Partners

Eazi-Sites’ Technical Support Team has been developing new ways to deliver exemplary support to its network of over 300 partners worldwide. In order to give entrepreneurs the best chance of success, building a team of experts as a centralised back-office has been at the core its work. Welcoming new partners from a diverse range of professional backgrounds every month launching their own website businesses, the Technical Support Team are a crucial and valuable resource.

Recent developments to the support structure offered to partners include:

–        Unlimited phone and email support

–        Live chat

–        Detailed helpdesk

–        Extensive tutorial videos

–        Updates via email and push notifications

Live Upskilling Sessions

Taking the commitment to nurture partner success to the next level, the team have been running weekly webinars which are exclusive to network members. The format of these live sessions is structured around a presentation by the company’s Network Director or Head of Technical Support. Following this, partners are invited to contribute to the discussion, turning their microphones on and asking questions, sharing experiences and giving advice to other attendees.

Richard Osei Williams, Head of Technical Support, said, “The partner sessions we run every Friday have been of huge benefit to our network all over the world. It’s great to be able to continually train our entrepreneurs for success whilst creating a community spirit between them. The feedback has been amazing. The team and I look forward to developing our support mechanisms further.”

Eazi-Sites offers an award-winning business opportunity, comprising everything required to go to market building cutting-edge websites for businesses with no previous experience. To find out more visit the profile page>>

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