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Jane Campbell is an extremely successful business woman. Having worked in banking for 15 years and owning a business, Jane knew that she would be well suited to building and running her own Auditel franchise.

She knew that with the right people, tools, knowledge and processes, she could build a successful business for the future.


Having run a business before, I understand that some of the disciplines required are very different to being employed. I grew my client base from scratch and I’m extremely pleased with the way my business has developed.

Franchising is a great way to get into business because there’s a network and infrastructure in place for you to utilise.

Franchising offers you a tried and tested process so there’s a much stronger chance of survival than if you decided to go it alone.

Not only that, the knowledge of individuals becomes a whole network that we all have access to for advice and support. I haven’t had one question that hasn’t been answered.” Auditel is the UK’s pioneer of strategic cost management. They assist and educate clients to make smarter buying and management decisions, leading to business longevity and growth.

Franchisees become invaluable, outsourced board level members of the companies they serve. One of the benefits of becoming an Auditel franchisee is the ability to call on the expertise and knowledge of over 200 consultants in the Auditel network. Not only is Jane actively involved in offering her own advice to the network, she’s also heavily involved in joint venturing which allows franchisees to utilise each other’s expertise to improve their own services and offering.

“I involve other franchisees in my business when I need to offer a particular specialism, by utilising their expertise, I can provide a more comprehensive service. My own specialism is in fleet and transport cost areas and I have helped develop and grow this within Auditel. As an accredited category expert in fuel, I work on projects in this area and regularly joint venture with other members of the network to help them offer fuel as a cost area in their businesses.”

Auditel constantly strive to protect the future of the franchise network. By innovating and developing their training and support programme as well as their franchise systems and processes, they ensure that franchisees remain up-to-date and ahead of the competition. All new franchisees are enrolled on a 5-year mentoring programme with a vast and experienced support team offering over 78 days of training per year, all accessible within the franchise fee.

In addition, the Auditel network of 200+ consultants is a powerhouse of knowledge, experience and support which can be called upon should you need it.

“The Auditel training is structured so that you receive an induction pack before you even start. You receive extensive training around understanding the business concept and how to sell it to your potential clients. After the initial stage you start working within your business and progress towards signing a few clients before returning with live projects to review. In addition, you receive ongoing category training as your client base grows so you can specify particular categories to learn more about.”

“In terms of support, we have monthly and annual reviews and there is always support over the phone if you need it. Every time I’ve asked for help I’ve always been supported.” “In terms of how my business in running at the moment, we’re in the process of recruiting a full time analyst. This will assist with the next phase of business which is growth as it will free more of my time which I can then use to find more business. We’ve already achieved so much with the business including winning Auditel’s ‘Rising Star Award’ and ‘Team Builder of the Year Award’ at Auditel’s 2013 and 2014 National Conference and, more recently, ‘Consultants Consultant’ in 2015 and there’s so much more we’d like to achieve!”

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