Kare Plus Hertfordshire breaks even in record breaking 3 months

When their family business was sold in early 2015, cousins Vimal and Nitesh Amin were itching to get back to the drawing board and reassess where their drive for success could take them.

With much of their extended family and friends already operating various healthcare franchises, they saw potential in the growing sector and spared no time in researching their options and realising their dream.

They discovered Kare Plus and how beneficial the franchise’s unique multi-service offering could be – and by November 2015, Kare Plus Hertfordshire was on the road to success. Now, less than three months later, they’ve become the fastest Kare Plus franchise owners to ever start making profit.


Q: What made you enter the care sector?
N: “I had just left university, and during my time there I had spent a lot of time working part-time in pharmacies and care homes. Our family and friends work in the sector too, so after speaking to them, contacting some of the care home managers where I used to work and researching the potential the sector holds, we both knew with a bit of drive we could make a very successful healthcare business.”

Q: Why did you invest in a franchise?
V: “After conducting our research, it was very apparent we couldn’t enter the healthcare industry on our own. There’s a lot of paperwork, lots of legalities, you’re dealing with people’s health and caring for those who’re coming towards the end of their lives – so it’s important to get everything correct.”

Q: What appealed to you about Kare Plus?
V: “When we came across Kare Plus and its unique multi-service offering, we thought why limit ourselves? We arranged a meeting with them and the passion of Directors, Steve and Tom seemed very natural. They both started out as franchisees, so their understanding of our needs and wants was excellent.”

Q: What kind of person do you think would suit a Kare Plus franchise?
V: “I think people from all walks of life could suit a Kare Plus franchise. If you have the drive to run your own business, follow the model and pick the right location, nothing can stop you if you.”

Q: What do you think of Kare Plus training and support?
V: “We attended a very in-depth training week back in October that taught us all about industry compliance, recruitment, marketing, finances and much more. Following this, we were put in touch with Support Admin, Jas and our BDM, Paul Stafford who helped who set-up our office and get Kare Plus Hertfordshire off the ground and break even so fast. To be honest, all the support has been so good; we’re fairly self-sufficient in terms of operational challenges now. But it is all still available if we ever do need it to fall back on.”

Q: What are your plans for the future of your business?
V: “We want to have multiple territories. We have always had a figure of £100,000 net profit, but once we have achieved this goal we will continually set new objectives. Currently, we are both working in very hands-on roles. Eventually we want this to change so that we can work on the business rather than in it. The good thing is though, we are learning all the roles of the business first hand – so when we do move into new positions, we will understand what our staff will be doing and how we can help them.”

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