Is there money to be made in property this year? Sourced Network says there is…

Just like any industry in this turbulent environment, the property market has seen some changes over the past 12 months. While the stamp duty holiday accelerated sales, many investment strategies such as holiday lets or serviced accommodation have been affected due to travel restrictions.

So, is there money to be made in property this year? At Sourced Franchise we certainly believe so! Here’s our top 3 property strategies for this year below:

1. Assisted Sales

This is a perfect choice for anyone who’s looking to start making money from property without having much capital to invest.

Find a property that is struggling to sell, strike a deal with the vendor that you will refurbish the property with your own (or your investor partner’s) money and earn a healthy margin from the value uplift.

2. Commercial Conversions

This strategy involves turning a commercial property into a residential dwelling. For example, it can be an old factory transformed into apartments or a corner shop turned back into a terraced home.

We recommend you apply for a planning permission before the planning use classes change on 31 July 2021

3. Title Splits

Title splits can involve either splitting the title on multiple properties owned by one vendor and selling them separately, or converting a large property into smaller dwellings and then splitting the title onto the new properties.

By doing so, you are likely to earn a better profit margin by selling the units separately, rather than as a portfolio. Our Property department have created a ‘Guide to Title Splitting’, download your copy below.

Sourced are here for you

When you join our Network franchise, you will get access to exclusive property training, unlimited mentorship and you’ll be able to use their in-house funding facility to fund your projects.

Find out how Sourced can help you to build a profitable property business>>

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