Guardian Angel Carers on the top 5 reasons why now is a good time to buy a home care franchise

Is now a good time to own a home care franchise?

Care, and the role of those who care has been in the headlines this last year. The ageing and vulnerable population have needed our support more now than ever. Home Care providers have found themselves in demand. So, is now a good time to buy a Home Care franchise?  

At Guardian Angel Carers, we are experiencing increased demand and are seeing our branches grow. It’s one of the reasons we are building our family of UK Home Care franchises. Take a look at our Top Five reasons why now is a good time to own a Home Care franchise. 

Care is a top five area of growth in the UK

It’s the first time in the UK’s history that those over 60 outnumber those under 18. The Office for National Statistics (ONS 2017b) predicts that one in five people in the UK will be over 65 by 2030. And, according to Lancet Public Health, the elderly in need of 24-hour care will double in number by 2035. As we all live longer, and medication advances, many will also require ongoing specialist care for conditions such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  

The UK Government has to respond to find ways to meet these growing demands, particularly those that put pressure on the NHS. Home Care is well positioned to complement and supplement this demand, and will be expected to scale. 

Vikki Craig-Vickers, Head of Business Development at Guardian Angel Carers, says: “The landscape is very open. Demand for Home Care is daily increasing. We see it at both our HQ branch and in our growing franchise numbers. We’d love more purposeful people, with care management or business leadership skills, to join us to help the care industry stay ahead and deliver our proven, outstanding home care services – of which we are so proud – across the UK.”

For those considering a Home Care franchise, the projected outlook for growth in care and health in the next decade offers a compelling reason to make a start. 

So many rewarding reasons to own a home care franchise 

Owning a home care franchise is one of the most personally rewarding businesses. Christina Handasyde-Dick (pictured top), our Olympian CEO, was inspired into care by the many care encounters, good and bad, that she witnessed her two grannies experience. She observed that Home Care gave people the chance to be at home where they were happiest, surrounded by what mattered. It also allowed families to keep the connection of home. They could help that person live where they wanted, the way they wanted, with the right skill and compassionate support. Christina noted that this created a rewarding happiness cycle for all involved in providing and experiencing that Home Care.

Talented people without care backgrounds can equally thrive in Home Care. A recent bfa news story saw Andrew Brattesani, Head of Franchise for HSBC UK, note that COVID-19 is attracting people to look at franchise businesses. The combination of furlough giving people more time to consider career aspirations, plus the economic uncertainty putting jobs at risk, is giving rise to in interest in people wanting to take control of their own careers. 

Tim Corry and Alex Duncan, our newest franchisees (pictured right), have just bought exclusive rights to territories in Farnham and Basingstoke. Both are ex-RAF and commercial pilots. In lockdown, they found themselves questioning their roles. Tim comments, “Our jobs didn’t give us a sense of fulfilment. In the military, we’d worked as teams, knew we were helping, and wanted to experience that again. Home Care feels like a great match for us, and we’re excited to own a business and put our energies into something so rewarding.” 

Home Care is becoming the first choice when it comes to care

Trends indicate that Home Care is set to be the future preferred care choice. A recent Sunday Times article reports a boom in demand for live-in care with the impact of COVID-19. Families, and those in need of care, have sought solutions that offer them skilled support to remain at home, safe and happy.  

But, it’s not just COVID-19 or pressure on NHS beds affecting this change. The way care is viewed is evolving and the all too often ‘crisis’ entry point into care is shifting. In its place, people are taking a more pro-active and pre-emptive approach – a positive development for Home Care services. The result is an increase in enquiries and franchise expansion continues to grow to keep up with demand. 

“Since I founded Guardian Angel Carers in 2012, from a houseboat with a team of three in Chichester, we are today operating a 200-strong team, with several branches across the South Coast. I noticed that many clients, and their families, first came to us for that ‘little extra help’, and we could then be there to help them as care needs grew”, comments Christina. 

Clients are also looking for services that provide them earlier, non-invasive entry points into care. A report by Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation notes this trend. Since COVID-19, the industry has increased and adapted its use of digital and data tools.  

Advances in light-touch care enabling technology offer early home care external support, whilst allowing people to feel connected to others. It means more people can exercise choice about how, and when they want to access care. The Home Care sector can react, respond, and deliver high-quality services that can revolve around the individual and their life at home.  

As the trends move towards Home Care becoming the active, preferred choice, and technological innovation open up early entry points to care, owning a care franchise and to following that momentum, appears to be an increasingly appealing business decision.

Finance and funding for Home Care franchises is favourable

Proven Home Care businesses that offer quality, reliable and proven models are attracting franchise financing interest.  

Franchising is seen to offer people a de-risked option because the business and financial models get tried and tested. The 2018 bfa NatWest Franchise Survey notes that the failure rate within five years of franchise businesses was just 6% compared to nearly 50% for new independent business start-ups. 

Head of Business Development, Vikki Craig Vickers comments: “At Guardian Angel Carers, we’ve done our homework.We know what works, and how to meet both client and industry expectations. And, our reporting and financial models are proven”. 

High street banks are proving to be receptive to Home Care franchises funding. Feedback  indicates that one of the most popular new business franchise areas during 2020 was Home Care. It’s considered a strong sector, with home care franchises typically exceeding sales expectations and targets. 

Lending can be up to 70% of the total start-up costs. Loans from Government schemes such as Start Up Business loans are also available. But 30% of the investment is generally expected from prospective franchisees as their personal input. 

At Guardian Angel Carers, a franchisee’s initial investment is £37,500 (plus VAT) as Christina confirms: “We foresee an established franchise achieving operating profits of 15-20% before business owner drawings and finance repayments, by the third year.”

An industry that can weather the economic storms

Care never stops. Profits from companies that provide healthcare services have grown in the last decade. It is estimated that the global healthcare market will be worth £7.7trillion by 2022. Home Care businesses demonstrated sustained growth in 2020 and looks set to continue. 

The global economy is undergoing the most challenging time in recent history. It’s no wonder that many in the UK are re-assessing what opportunities will offer them a sustained and brighter future. Many with the talent, skills and motivation to make a difference can make a positive step into the world of Home Care. 

Says Christina: “I’ve run Guardian Angel Carers in downturns and upturns, through significant economic events. We’ve always managed to weather those storms, and grow. Home Care is a wonderful business for that. We’re showing that sustained success right now in this pandemic as we launch our franchise opportunities to meet rising demand.” 

The growth expected in care and health demand, the increasing ageing demographic, and a distinct shift to Home Care, presents a positive economic outlook, and another good reason to own a Home Care franchise.

About Guardian Angels Carers 

Guardian Angel Carers Home Care is with you every step of the way:

•       Own a proven home care franchise and business model.

•       Come on board early and get the widest choice of UK territories. 

•       Expect to turn a profit within three years of your investment.

•       Have the continual support of our HQ, CQC Outstanding team to meet the highest care standards.

•       Be an award-winning employer through our Care training and wellbeing programmes. (we have been shortlisted for the Great British Care Awards Employer of the Year 2020.) 

To make a start on your Guardian Angel Carer Home Care Franchise business, and help us to bring our CQC ‘outstanding’ home care to more people in the UK today! Find out more here>> 

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