Christmas has come early for lucky Oscar

Christmas has come early for Oscar, the Jack Russell terrier who survived the traumatic ordeal of being stuck down a rabbit hole for a month – in extreme cold weather.

Receiving a bumper Christmas hamper from his namesake OSCAR Pet Foods, presented by Steve Tubbs – local nutritional advisor – means Oscar can benefit from a food specifically chosen to help rebuild him, healthy supplements and treats – not forgetting the cuddly toys!

All hope was lost for his owner, Sylvia Dean, from Swindon. They were out enjoying a walk in familiar territory when Oscar, known for his adventures, was last seen chasing a rabbit. It took only a minute of distraction for him to disappear, until he emerged four weeks later dodging cars on a busy road in Fairford, Gloucestershire.

Rescued by Emily, a young passer-by, he was lame and in a distressed state when she took him to Vets4Pets in Cirencester. Vet Martina Eyre-Brook and her team pulled out all the stops. Martina said, “It was very emotional for us to help this hypothermic, bedraggled little dog. He could hardly stand up and every bone in his body was on display!”

Oscar’s first stroke of luck was losing at least a third of his body weight, which helped him to wriggle out of the hole. His second blessing was his microchip, which helped to locate his owner once he’d reached the vet.

It’s a happy ending to what could have been a sad story, and while Oscar, a survivor, is still undergoing care this mischievous eleven-year-old has, within a couple of weeks, made good progress. But from here on, ‘walkies’ will be on the lead and games restricted to fluffy, squeaky toys!

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