Carefest III does more than clap for carers

On Monday 31st July, local in-home care provider, Visiting Angels, hosted the third annual Carefest, celebrating the collective achievements and unwavering commitment of carers, nurses, doctors, emergency services and other healthcare workers. Following the success of the two previous events, Carefest III was the highly anticipated event that these keyworkers have needed. 300 people enjoyed a day of relaxation, great food and drinks, complete with music, magic, family activities, cold brews, hog roast and more.

First created by Dan Archer, Managing Director of Visiting Angels, Carefest III is his way of celebrating his carers, thanking them for another incredible year providing a vital service to the community.

“After the success of Carefest I and II, I just had to do it again,” said Dan. “Carefest has become a real opportunity for care staff and other key workers to blow off some steam and enjoy a stress-free day in the sun. It really feels like the least I can do!”

“It’s more important than ever for us to give something back now we aren’t clapping for carers. We need to show that we continue to value these amazing people long after the pandemic lockdowns. It feels like a long time since we were on our doorsteps banging pots and pans to show how much we cared for our front-line workers – we should still be thanking and rewarding them every single day so they know how truly important they are.”

“The sacrifice these incredible workers make on a daily basis is something that can’t be ignored. We risk losing these selfless people from the care industry altogether if they don’t feel valued, rewarded, or respected. They deserve to know their work doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Carefest Visiting Angels
Carefest Visiting Angels

Enjoying the sunshine were representatives from South Yorkshire Fire Services as the free event is always open to any key worker in the area, not just the care staff at Visiting Angels. This year even more acts entertained the crowds including Dawn Susan Jones, Joseph O’Brien, Matt O’Neill, Razzmatazz, Keith the magician and Rapture, with lots of local companies offering their support for the area’s key workers. All funds are going directly to this year’s charity partner, Paces Sheffield – a specialist centre, charity and school for children and adults with Cerebral Palsy – which was chosen by Visiting Angels’ carers.

Discussing the event, Dan said “it’s the perfect time of year to celebrate our carers and key workers while giving something back to those in need, as Carefest III has also signified two years since we reopened our communities as Covid restrictions came to an end. We wouldn’t be here today without what these incredible people have done to contribute to those efforts.”

If you think a profession in care could be for you, why not find out more about Visiting Angels by visiting their profile.

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