Automotive Expert Books a Drive-In to Auditel

Nottinghamshire-based Jeff Lee (pictured inset) joined the Auditel Cost Management Franchise this February.

Until recently, he had been Executive Advisor with Toyoda Gosei, part of the Toyota Group. Toyoda enjoys a £4bn turnover and employs 23,000 people globally. They supply body sealing and interior trim systems to major car manufacturers, including Toyota, Honda, BMW and Aston Martin. In his role, Jeffrey was responsible for the provision of operational strategic overview and guidance across their core European operations. 

Jeff recalls: “I had been looking at management consultancy. However, I felt that my automotive manufacturing background would limit my options in gaining access to a broad spectrum of businesses. I decided to join Auditel, because they have the tools, systems and a network in place, which will enable me to work with a much wider client base. I also sensed that their culture was a good fit!”

He said that overall the training has been very good, especially the practice sessions, which were great fun. “There are certain times when it becomes uncomfortable, because you are being pushed out of your comfort zone, but actually I enjoyed that. It gives you the confidence to go forward and get those clients signed!

Jeff says: “Having led a series of business recovery operations in an extremely challenging environment, I have developed extensive experience of cost management and waste reduction. Now as a member of the Auditel network, I am able to utilise this substantial skill set to drive down clients’ costs whilst improving performance and profits.

Auditel Jeff Lee

From the varied backgrounds of our two-hundred Affiliates, each have developed an amazing wealth of talent and experience. It demonstrates that existing skills can be transferred and the Auditel package taken on board to great advantage.” Matt Sidwell, Auditel’s UK’s Business Development Director

“With Jeff covering ‘A’ for Automotive, I believe that we just need a Zoologist to complete the alphabet! If you’d like to hear more about the A-Z of our Auditel opportunity, do book a seat at one of our free Discovery Seminars. We shall be delighted to meet you! “

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