Auditel strengthens key areas with team of experts

Already known for their extensive training and support, Auditel have recently announced the newly formed Business Cost Area Team. The team will concentrate on 3 key business cost areas;

Utilities and Environmental,

Business Supplies and Services

Communications and IT.

“We have carefully selected 3 experts and with their contacts and experience they provide knowledge and insight that are second to none. They monitor market trends and regulatory developments, enabling Auditel consultants to assist and educate their clients to make smarter buying and management decisions, leading to business longevity and growth” explains Chris Allison Managing Director and business owner.

Introducing Auditel’s Business Cost Area Leaders

Chris Barrett – Business Cost Area Leader for Utilities & Environmental

  • 19 years’ experience with EDF in a range of senior marketing and sales roles.

“I have an in depth knowledge of the industry with particularly strong expertise in electricity supply, having developed and sold products in this area since the market deregulated. I will share my knowledge with the network enabling them to help their clients to make informed decisions”

Max Kent – Business Cost Area Leader for Business Supplies & Services

  • A wealth of experience within this industry with 15 years’ spent in various sales roles, with a strong background in both public sector and corporate business.

“I’m loving the opportunity to support the Auditel network in delivering savings to their clients of 30+% on categories which are often overlooked because of they are relatively inexpensive, such as Print, Janitorial Supplies, Stationery/Office Supplies”

Miles Hosking – Business Cost Area Leader for Communications & IT

  • An Auditel Cost Management consultant for over 3 years and over 20 years’ experience of managing large operations and technology teams.

“With my strong commercial skills and the experience I’ve gained throughout my career I look forward to sharing my extensive insight and knowledge with the Auditel network”

Auditel is the UK’s pioneer of strategic cost management. They assist and educate their clients to make smarter buying and management decisions, leading to business longevity and growth. Franchisees become invaluable, outsourced board level members of the companies they serve.

Auditel constantly strives to protect the future of the franchise network. By innovating and developing their training and support as well as their franchise systems and processes. This development ensures that franchisees remain up-to-date and ahead of their competition. All new franchisees are enrolled on a 5-year mentoring programme with a vast and experienced support team offering over 78 days of training per year, all accessible within the franchise fee. In addition, the Auditel network of 200+ consultants is a powerhouse of knowledge, experience and support which can be called upon should you need it.

For more information about Auditel, please visit their profile page.

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