Auditel franchisee celebrates 23 years in his business

Having joined Auditel in 1995, David Lowe is the longest-established member of our franchise network, and now runs his successful Auditel business to suit his lifestyle.

Although he is firmly in his 70s, David Lowe shows no sign of hanging up the keys to his Auditel business. Having built-up a client base with some well-established brands, David discovered not giving-up led to him gaining a six-figure remuneration. “The business ethics of Auditel aligned completely with my own,” he says. “This was the main reason why I signed up with them.”

The previous MD of a precision engineering company, David was made redundant. Aged 49, he was frustrated with not being invited to interview for the jobs he knew he had the experience and skills for. Rather than feeling despondent about the situation, he took control, and created an opportunity for himself. “I looked into franchising, before settling on Auditel. I wanted my own opportunity, but with the support Auditel offered. I had seen the need for strategic cost-management, particularly in relation to sourcing better arrangements with utility companies, so I knew I would be able to guide others in a similar position through this.”

David, who has run his business over a longer time-frame than the average UK franchisee, has learned trust is an earned privilege. Particularly between his clients and himself. “I have my clients’ interest at heart; and they have come to trust this to be true. Auditel is about finding ways of using our specialist knowledge to reduce clients’ costs. Over the years, the accumulated savings for my clients runs into several million pounds, often before they even realised there was a saving to be made. This is why they have remained with me for so long.”

Even now, as he works well into his 70s, David continues to find those hidden reductions for those clients he has chosen to retain in semi-retirement. “My philosophy, which I have applied throughout my business’ lifespan, is not to give my clients work to do. I do it for them, and they reap the benefits of my achievements. My Auditel has rewarded me with a successful business with a consistent six-figure annual income, allowing me to shape my retirement.”

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