An Isle of Wight Adventure With OSCAR Franchise

Simon and Helen Thomas – Isle of Wight

“We sold a dry cleaning business, our home, and moved to the Isle of Wight. The plan was to become employed and leave decision-making and the pressures that we found in running a public service business to someone else.

“Luckily Simon found work but when redundancy loomed, in truth we had already realised that going back to being self employed offered us the best rewards. We considered all our options and took extra time to look at franchising via the internet, and OSCAR jumped out, because we love animals!

“It was clear that franchising solved all our previous concerns about running a business – we would have the support of a national company with a large network of franchisees and, even more importantly, a team of experts to back up all the finer responsibilities of working for ourselves.

OSCAR is there to keep our customers happy while we enjoy a well-earned break”

“From the beginning OSCAR helped us every step of the way, making the start up process easy to follow. The extensive training programme provided us with confidence in the quality of products and level of service whilst ticking all the boxes on how to run a pet food home delivery business from the comfort of our own home. 

“Getting started could not have been better as the OSCAR telesales team achieved great results in locating new customers. This amazing service eased the pressure of making the initial new contacts, allowing us more time to take the early learning steps towards growing the business.

“We were totally impressed with their expertise, which has since guided us to our public via meetings, shows and events – all of which bring recommendations in return. 

“Our enthusiasm and belief in the product is paying dividends, so much so that our own three dogs, Rufus, Alfie and Bonnie, our puppy who has already won best in show, are shining examples of healthy eating.

“Our active lifestyle and the opportunity to meet so many people has gathered the support of our local publican. By producing an OSCAR pet food menu that recommends all the culinary delights of meals for youngsters through to OAPs they are giving our customers a good reason to take their dogs for a walk via the pub!

OSCAR isle of wight

“After one year of trading we are gaining momentum successfully and naturally with a reliable customer base. By involving our community in projects of brand awareness we are able to share the pleasure of our service in a fun environment. Again helped by extra marketing support from OSCAR, we have gained connections with a pet groomer and PAT Dogs.

Between us we share the workload of customer visits, deliveries, telephone communications and office work. For our efforts we have time for ourselves where we can continue our charity work, go cycling and even take a holiday – because OSCAR is there to keep our customers happy while we enjoy a well-earned break.”

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