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T4 Bubble Tea

T4 was founded in Taiwan in 2004 with the philosophy of connecting people through a cup of tea. Each day we work towards our mission of quality and sharing by offering a fresh taste of the beauty of Taiwanese teas in the UK and worldwide.

Investment Amount:
£100,001 - £250,000
Industry Sector(s):
Food & Drink Franchises

T4, tea taken seriously

T4 Bubble Tea

T4 is a globally-recognised bubble tea brand founded on the philosophy of connecting people through a cup of tea. Founded in Taiwan in 2004, our mission is simple: to share the joy of tea. Since the opening of our first UK bubble tea store, the T4 brand has seen year-on-year grown both nationally and globally - and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

With a comprehensive franchise model, we pride ourselves on both the support and stability we offer our franchisees to ensure their stores are successful.

What exactly do you do?

We are proud to serve the best bubble tea using authentic ingredients. By growing our own tea leaves in the mountains of Taiwan, we can ensure the freshest taste, every time. Our menu of classic Taiwanese ingredients combined with popular western flavours allows us to cater for all palettes and appeal to an extremely broad customer base.

The true meaning of authentic bubble tea is often lost in some of the westernised brands we see on the British high street. The name “bubble tea” does not come from the flavoured pearls we add to the drink, but from the traditional method of shaking the tea before serving!

T4 What we do

What does the franchise package provide?

T4 Franchise

Our proven Franchise Model has been designed with you in mind, ensuring that there is support and guidance for each of our franchisees every step of the way. From sourcing strategic retail locations, to store opening events, the T4 team will guide you to the right track for success.

Using our very own fully-integrated system, the T4 portal enables you to access everything you need for running your T4 store anywhere, any time. Our Franchise Package now also includes our brand new T4 formula tablet, an innovative system that reduces staff training time from 4 weeks to just a few hours! Other systems available in the package include the self-serving kiosk, the T4 mobile app, T4 online order system and order ready calling screen system. 

All of these systems have been built under one roof, meaning they are all interlinked with one another for seamless operation.

As T4 UK has grown over the years we have devised a comprehensive in house training course for new franchisees. The course covers not only how to make our drinks but also the business operations side. Many of our franchise partners do not have any prior experience in running a business so we spend as much time as needed to help make sure each and every franchise partner is ready to run their store successfully. T4 make sure that from the moment you open your store, you are ready to run the business smoothly and without fear.

Not only do we offer initial training but we also have a full operational team available for ongoing support throughout the months and years. We support every single franchise partner as much as possible to make sure their business succeeds.

Our success is your success.


T4 Finances



The T4 brand operates at a global level, with a strong presence of over 50 stores in the UK. T4 brand name is steadily becoming recognised across the country due to our consistently expanding store network. We are currently looking for enthusiastic and entrepreneurial  individuals to expand our successful franchise model across the UK, in specific areas such as Leeds, Norwich, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Edinburgh and many more.

Wherever you are based, our dedicated Franchise Support team will explore the area to find the best location for your store. By taking into account local attractions, footfall and competitors we can ensure your store is in the optimal spot for success.

T4 Locations

Who we are you looking for

T4 Franchise opportunity

A common misconception with owning a franchise is that you need to have had prior experience in running a business. For T4, our fully comprehensive training plan and ongoing support programme means that anyone can become a franchisee.

Our ideal candidates should have a strong work ethic and passion for running their own local business under the support of a global brand.

Some of our most successful franchisees are:

● Hard working
● Ambitious
● Keen to learn 

If you think that sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

Join the T4 franchise family


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