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Investment levels
£50,001 - £100,000£100,001 - £250,000
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For more than two decades, School of Rock has been teaching kids and adults how to channel their inner rock stars using a revolutionary, patented performance-based approach to music education. Even if you’re not familiar with the history of School of Rock the franchise, or School of Rock the Broadway musical, chances are you’ve heard of School of Rock the movie from 2003. Beyond the shared name and rock ‘n’ roll spirit, the School of Rock franchise is a trademarked brand and global phenomenon, operating franchised music schools in over 15 countries.

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As educators, we’re trailblazers with our patented performance-based model of music instruction, The School of Rock Method™.

You may already be familiar with the movie that bears our name. Yes, we were the little startup that inspired that movie, but the real-life School of Rock is so much more. Today we’re an education franchise with over 300 locations worldwide. We have schools in 15 countries and continue to develop and open new schools around the globe.

The conventional method of music instruction is that you must master musical concepts before you move on to play songs that actually inspire you. Our approach is different. You start by learning to play and perform the songs that inspire you, and through that process you will develop mastery of music theory with the added benefit of knowing how to play with others.

Our unique approach to instruction and our love of rock music helps young, aspiring musicians find themselves, hone their talents and build the confidence they need in their lives. School of Rock is a safe place for kids to learn, develop friendships with other kids who are into music and carve out a niche for themselves in a world where they might never have felt a sense of belonging before.

School of Rock Guitar Girl

Our goal is to help you find real estate and open, staff, market, and operate your School of Rock quickly and confidently. You gain access to our tried-and-true business model, including operational and financial practices to grow your business fast. We provide a complete package of ready-to-use marketing tools and corporate support to implement these customer acquisition and retention strategies. You and your staff will learn how to use our motivational tiers to get kids to learn an instrument, overcome stage fright, and play great classic rock music via hands-on sessions and a comprehensive curriculum manual.

Whether you’re an experienced business executive looking to buy a franchise or a musician looking to build your first business venture, we’ve built up an incredible support team to provide you with everything you need to build your business.

Regarding training, the franchise provides a training program which equips franchisees, with or without music experience, with the tools to succeed. It includes:

  • On-site training in both the business and in music education instruction
  • Assistance in getting your school built
  • A proprietary IT system to manage the school business
  • Grand Opening and continued marketing support
  • Ongoing new product and program development
  • The only international franchise network of rock music education schools

To buy a franchise with School of Rock, you’ll need to have at least £100,000 in liquid capital (£1m as a master franchisee) and a minimum net worth of £300,000.

Franchisees can expect an investment range for master development of £1.5m+ and £280,000 – £450,000 for individual units.

“Most of the kids who come to School of Rock are just drifting through school, they’re not plugged in anywhere. Their parents are frustrated. They’ve tried band, they’ve tried soccer — nothing sticks. They feel like failures. They send their kids to School of Rock and now they’re plugged in, they’ve got a network of friends, they’ve got mentors in our teachers, they’re performing on stage, they’re confident. Their parents are over the moon.” 

Steve McFarland – School of Rock Carmel and Fishers, IN

As a retired 22-year Navy Officer and Veteran, I could have chosen many paths to follow and done well on any of them. Instead, I chose School of Rock and have never been happier with a career decision. The product/service is a worthwhile, community-focused endeavor providing skillsets to the next generation, employment for our local artists, AND income to the business owners/leadership. The global brand is solid, well known and brings with it a host of proven standardized processes – FOLLOW THEM. And YES, I’d do it again… in a heartbeat.”

Mark Sheffield – School of Rock Otay Ranch, CA

“I was talking to a lot of different friends with similar-sized businesses in and out of franchising. I was looking through all the Yelp reviews for School of Rock and I couldn’t find a bad one. Some Schools have 40 reviews and you can barely find anything negative. I saw the strength of School of Rock. All of my customer experiences are glowingly positive.”

Jim Gignac – School of Rock Arlington Heights, IL

School of Rock franchise awards

School of Rock: Quick Facts

  • Total Units: 300+
  • Year Founded: 1998
  • Franchising Since: 2004

We are searching for well-qualified candidates interested in acquiring the master franchise rights for their countries. Whether it be the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Japan or Singapore, among others, there is an opportunity for launching School of Rock in your area. The individual qualities a School of Rock master franchisee need may include:

  • Passionate about the brand and its promise to music education for children and adults
  • Proven track record of managing an organisation in a fast-paced, demanding environment
  • Established team of people with shared entrepreneurial beliefs and combined experience in human resources, finance, operations, sales and marketing
  • Resources to create and execute an aggressive expansion plan to build brand awareness for all services and award unit franchises within the master franchise country or region
  • But most of all someone who shares the passion for the School of Rock brand, their way of teaching and promise to bring music education for children and adults alike and delivering the best result for every future rock star!

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