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Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) is the UK & Ireland's leading specialist procurement franchise.

Our franchise partners have a collective turnover greater than any other cost reduction franchise in the UK & Ireland.

Today, economic uncertainty has brought demand for our services which have benefitted many of our franchise partners with a six-figure income.

Investment Amount:
£20,001 - £50,000
Industry Sector(s):
Accountancy & Financial, B2B Franchises, Management Franchises, White Collar Franchises
The British & International Franchise Exhibition

Helping organisations find their bottom lines

Join an Award-Winning b2b Consultancy Franchise

Harsh and Pritesh

It's fair to say the business is better than we could have imagined. Over the last 10 years, we have built our ERA UK franchise into a highly profitable and rewarding business which has been recognised along with the highest earners in ERA UK. We now have three full time members of staff and have no plans to slow down our growth!"

Harsha and Pritesh Patel

Our History

Expense Reduction Analysts UK has been trading in the UK & Ireland since 1992. We are an award-winning business to business consultancy, offering strategic advice and practical methods to organisations, to optimise supply chain relationships. Over the last 25 years, we've built a powerful and unique network of circa 140 Franchise Partners that collaborate to work on behalf of their clients.

Year on year ERA UK continues to go from strength-to-strength. Earlier this year, we were shortlisted as the British Franchise Association & HSBC Franchisor of the Year for an unprecedented 4th successive year - later winning the Bronze Award for the second year in a row.

The Proposition

Despite their best efforts, we find that businesses are still overpaying by as much as 40% on their everyday operating costs. Many lack the manpower, depth of knowledge and expertise to keep control of these costs. This is where ERA UK can help.

We are paid on our success in finding savings, typically sharing the savings on a 50/50 basis with the client.

The Package

We train already capable and experienced business people to be their own boss, giving them control, flexibility and enormous potential. You can work from home and offer your services anywhere in the UK & Ireland.

Our proven model will be taught in detail during your initial five week training period. You will learn how to build a sustainable business for yourself, that could have a value multiple times the cost of your initial investment.

Who are we looking for?

With ERA UK you will use your business acumen and skills that you have developed previously. Are you interested in making a difference? Is empowering other business owners to improve their bottom lines - helping them to grow and evolve - the type of thing that will motivate you?

We are looking to continuously improve the service we offer to our clients by recruiting the following types of people:

  • Business Development Managers
  • Client Relationship Managers
  • Cost Area Specialists

ERA UK wants to use your experience with our expertise - combining these with our well established and lucrative business model, to build you a successful b2b consultancy.

5 reasons to choose ERA

  1. Make use of your own existing knowledge & experience.
  2. Work from home and earn a six figure sum.
  3. A unique network of circa 140 experts at your disposal.
  4. Confidence you are joining an award winning brand established 25 years in the UK.
  5. Benefit from an excellent Marketing team to help promote your business.


For the last few years I have consistently earned well over £100,000 per year and some years significantly more than that – more than double! This means that ERA UK has allowed me to plan my future from a position of strength. My business has enabled me to put my children through school and build a property portfolio that’s going to provide for my wife and I when we retire and for the children when they finish their education. All of that whilst enjoying what I do – you can’t ask for much more really!"

Andrew Brackenbury

Get in touch

Are interested in becoming your own boss? Do you think that you have got what it takes to become an ERA UK Franchise Partner? Then why not download our Franchise Prospectus and come along to an ERA UK Discovery Day for more details and to meet the team.

ERA awards

Expense Reduction Analysts trademarks are operated under license from ER Associates (UK) Ltd.

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Tim Goff

A six-month success story.

"I haven’t enjoyed my work this much in 22 years and the business has replaced my concern over the last 10 years about my pension. ERA is a better solution for both myself and my family in the long run."

What’s even more remarkable about Tim’s story so far is that he wasn’t even looking for a business when he found ERA! Prior to joining the franchise, his career culminated in a role as Purchasing Director at a £75millon turnover garden wholesaler. Managing not only the UK teams but the buying office in China, where he spent a significant proportion of his time. After the company was bought by Venture Capitalists, Tim’s remit was extended to operational cost savings and efficiencies, and his journey into procurement began.

44-year-old Tim is a prime example of how consumers can go from being raving fans of the brand to passionate and successful franchisees!

"I left a six-figure salary and a perfectly good job because I fundamentally believed in ERA. I understood first-hand the need in the market for a truly bespoke solution based on more than just cost-saving. If I’d known about ERA sooner I’d have definitely used the service throughout my career. I sold myself the idea of the franchise just by having been a customer!

"I’d always felt that doing some form of consultancy would be a great way to spend the latter years of my career. I saw ERA was a shortcut to both the contacts and the experience you need to do a great consultancy job and a means to escape corporate politics totally by working for myself. So, I’m here earlier than I thought I would be... and I couldn’t be happier about it!"

Tim’s proudest achievement so far is signing the number of clients that he has, soon after launching, which is ahead of his planned targets and exceeds even ERA’s expectations! After six months in any business, it’s not unrealistic to think that you’d still be finding your feet and building initial relationships. But Tim approached his business with the wise words of ERA’s Managing Director, Robert Allison, ringing in his ears. He fondly remembers asking for some crucial business advice during his training:

"I said to Rob, ‘What are the five most important things I need to focus on?’ He said in all seriousness, ‘The first thing is… win client number one, the second thing is… win client number two, the third thing is… you see where this is going?’ We laughed but it’s honestly the best advice I’ve been given. He was right. I took it quite literally and focussed my efforts from day one on getting out there, getting in front of people and winning business."

The client I signed just last week is one that I approached during my initial training. How amazing is that? As part of the training course you write and call prospects to practice in realtime and get feedback from the head office team. After that first contact, I’ve stayed in touch and now signed a deal to review over £1million of spend."

Whilst his business continues to grow, Tim reminds us that success shouldn’t always be measured in money. Married with four children, he has a busy home-life and, like many of his ERA colleagues, a passion for road biking. Whether it’s out on the bike, walking the family Labrador, Daisy, or being able to pick his youngest daughters up from school, Tim says that one of the biggest and most welcome benefits of his new business is his new-found flexibility.

Simon Perkins

My business gives me things that money can’t buy.

"After years in a corporate role feeling unappreciated and overlooked, I’m now the one making the decisions that work in my favour; personally and professionally. Thanks to the support and structure of the business, I have the selfconfidence and satisfaction of being in control of my own destiny."

"After years in a corporate role feeling unappreciated and overlooked, I’m now the one making the decisions that work in my favour; personally and professionally. Thanks to the support and structure of the business, I have the selfconfidence and satisfaction of being in control of my own destiny."

Simon Perkins has been running his Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) franchise since July 2010. Awarded ‘New Franchisee of the Year’ in his first year and “Franchisee of the Year’ in his second, Simon has become a wellrespected and highly valued member of the ERA network. Far from slowing down, now in his seventh year, Simon says he’s never been busier!

44-year-old Simon specialises in Distribution and Logistics, which is no surprise when you consider his career prior to joining ERA. He excelled academically and earned a degree in Transport and Logistics. However, keen to enter employment, his first foray into the corporate life was in property sales. But Simon quickly found that his own ethics and values were not mirrored by many in the industry and so, after just a few months, he secured a new role in his preferred field, with courier giant UPS.

"I came straight out of university into property sales but the smoke and mirrors were unbelievable! It was obvious that people were doing anything just to get the fee in and that really didn’t sit well with me. Thankfully, I secured a new role pretty quickly with UPS – they were still a minor player in the UK at the time even though they were huge in the US.”

For ten years, Simon worked his way up through the company. Constantly learning and broadening his knowledge to form the solid foundations and hone the skills he uses so successfully in his business today: "I started off at a local level, dealing with accounts in a local territory. I progressed from local sales to National Accounts, handling some of the highest revenue accounts in the UK. These customers come with far more intensive Client Relationship Management so I was dealing with competitor intelligence, flight ops, road ops and credit control as well as personnel.

"Looking back, this really helps me to talk credibly and with a level of inside- knowledge that clients and suppliers appreciate and respect. I understand not only how the industry works operationally but the commercial parameters too having been immersed in them myself for over a decade."

Unfortunately, due to the company’s high management churn, Simon found himself being overlooked and promised promotions disappeared with one manager to the next. With no formalised career format, Simon began to think about his options for the future. And it just so happened that ERA was not unknown to him: "I’d worked with ERA as a supplier in 2005 and I remember being really impressed with the service. I’d found out that the business was a franchise from the consultant I worked with and since then, the prospect had always been in the back of my mind. After yet another new manager appeared and my ‘progression’ started all over again, my mind started to wander."

ERA are world leaders in cost management and procurement consultancy. Franchise Partners are trained to offer strategic advice and practical methods that optimise supplier relationships and generate cash. Boasting the highest consulting revenue of any UK procurement franchise, the ERA network has enjoyed impressive sales increases over the past five years, and are projecting a 13.2% growth in the next financial year.

"My dad started his own business in his late 30’s and had gone on to work in the franchise industry so I already knew about many of the benefits of investing in a franchise over starting a business from scratch – things like following an already proven model and having the support of the franchisor - and I felt that with my background, I could really have some impact in the transport and logistics sector. I kept thinking, 'if I don’t do something now, then will I ever?'"

Determined to take control over his future, Simon attended an ERA open day in Southampton where he could meet the team and speak to existing Franchise Partners to learn more about the opportunity. He was so keen to start this new chapter in his life that he signed his Franchise Agreement soon after and officially joined the ERA franchise family. Like all new recruits, Simon’s next step was the all-important Franchise Partner training.

ERA’s award-winning programme of training and support is designed equip you with all the knowledge and confidence you need to successfully launch and run your business, whatever your skills or background. New Franchise Partners undertake a tailored 5-week course consisting of classroom and handson learning at the ERA Academy.

"The training has changed a lot since my day but it was good back then – I just know it’s on another level now. And you’d expect it to be, they’ve had another seven years to refine it and implement learnings from all the Franchise Partners who’ve joined since I did! That’s one of the great things about ERA, they’re always improving and feeding knowledge and innovation back into the network."

"In terms of support, there’s always someone there if you need it whether it’s for client issues, marketing or IT. One thing I didn’t expect, or at least not to the level that I now know exists, is the support that you get from your fellow Franchise Partners." The beauty of the network is that we all want to see each other succeed, there’s a real sense of community and camaraderie which I really enjoy being a part of."

When you join ERA, you join a network of over 140 consultants, each an expert in their own field. Access to this combined knowledge ensures that your business isn’t confined to one or two cost centres or even your own area of specialism. Our Franchise Partners work together to maximise opportunities for collaboration, expansion and guidance.

Now in his seventh year, Simon’s plans for the future involve continuing to build his already successful business. But despite being increasingly busy, work/life balance is something that’s very important to Simon, who says that the freedom afforded to him by his business has allowed him to pursue some new hobbies. He now counts marathon running, cycling and triathlons amongst his favourite past-times and he even ran a sub 3-hour London Marathon this spring!

Simon openly says he made a few mistakes at the start of his journey and, for anyone thinking of joining the franchise, whether from a corporate background or not, he has some wise words of advice: "You need to be financially secure enough to support yourself without any income for a good 12 months. Head Office are totally transparent and tell you that from day one but I was a little naïve and didn’t prepare myself properly. There were a few months at the start where I was extremely nervous and I underestimated the emotional impact that dipping into my savings would have on me. It sounds obvious but you have to be prepared to get out there and graft. It requires hard work and persistence. But when you achieve it, it’s probably going to be one of the most rewarding things you can do."

People join the ERA franchise from many different backgrounds and with unique and often personal goals in mind. Be that taking control over their future, building a pension provision or even building a legacy for their children. For Simon, self-confidence, belief in his own skills and a sense of personal and professional pride were the aspirations that propelled him. He can now proudly claim to have achieved them all.

Pritesh Patel 

era-3The ERA opportunity has allowed me to realise my goals - both in work and in life.

Pritesh Patel always had big ambitions. At university he considered trading in his studies to start his own business, eager to begin forging a career and taking control of his future. Now, as an ERA franchise partner, he has seen these ambitions realised.

"It's true," Pritesh confirms. "I considered dropping out and starting a business. I had actually seen ERA in a franchise magazine around this time. In the end, I decided to finish my studies, but what I had read about ERA always stuck in my mind."

After finishing his studies, before purchasing his own ERA business in 2006, Pritesh was employed as a Mortgage Advisor. A career move he found brought great success, but also great demands: 
Unusually for someone who purchases a franchise, Pritesh never considered any other opportunities or thought about his own start-up, so convinced was he by the proven business model and support he was buying into with ERA."I was spending more and more time away from my family.

I would often have to work late nights and weekends when I should have been with them. The time was right for me to take more control. That's when I started thinking about ERA again."

"It wasn't that I chose a franchise over starting my own business; it was more to do with the fact that I really liked the ERA business. Everything about it was geared towards my goals: I could control my own workload, earn a very good income, and work alongside some very successful professionals - people who could help me achieve their kind of success."

And it didn't take long for him to start reaping the rewards. In fact, just 18 months into owning his ERA business, Pritesh was joined by his wife to facilitate his growth plans. Now, seven years into his ERA ownership, he has exceeded all his goals and continues to grow. Something he puts down to all the support on offer:

"The network is hugely supportive - after all, it's in all our interests to help each other. It also means you have so much expertise to call on, you can expand your expertise across a huge variety of cost categories. And that, ultimately, means more clients."

But it's not just the financial side of things that has improved. Pritesh now works on his own terms, giving him the flexibility to spend more time with his wife, daughter and son, and take the holidays he craved so much in his former career.

Pritesh concludes: "The ERA opportunity has allowed me to realise my goals - both in work and in life. It just goes to show that my instincts when I was at university were correct. For anyone who wants to achieve great success on their own terms, I would definitely recommend they investigate ERA." 

Steve Rhodes

era-4I plan to be invoicing for over £200k this year with minimal overheads.

"And I still have time to relax with my family, take my son skiing and to watch West Ham play - although that's not actually that relaxing!"

As a stockbroker covering the Indian sub-continent in the 1990s, Steve Rhodes was used to working in a high-pressure environment, managing risk and spotting a good opportunity when it came along. So, after leaving the industry in 1999, he was well placed to make his next big call - what to do with his career?

Steve knew he wanted a role that would offer a better balance of lifestyle and earnings - with a new son at home he didn't want the stress and demands that came with his previous life. With no clear idea for starting up his own business, he started to consider franchises.

"I originally looked at one of ERA's main competitors," says Steve. "But, to my eyes, it appeared a very limited opportunity. ERA, however, was quite the opposite. Their business model jumped out at me immediately.

I could see so much potential in it - both in terms of generating a good income and achieving the life I wanted to live."

After leaving his previous profession just months earlier, Steve committed and joined the ERA business network. Like all new ERA partners, Steve enjoyed the support of ERA's Performance Development Team, who help new partners to get their consultancy established.  

With this foundation to build on, Steve wasted no time in building up contacts in the Cambridgeshire area and making use of the ERA network his business was now a part of:

"Right from the off, the network of franchise partners has been absolutely key to my success. And the longer I've been here, the better it's become. The scope of the expertise on offer is just gobsmacking. I have complete confidence in selling their capabilities to my clients. Quite simply, without the ERA network, I wouldn't have a business!"

Steve has now been part of the ERA network for nearly 14 years and he continues to enjoy the success and lifestyle that comes from running a business that provides a recession resistant service. It's no surprise that he has benefited from ERA's consultancy revenue growing by 64% in the last five years!

"The network is constantly evolving," continues Steve. "Everything is in place to help you achieve - it's just about how far you want to go. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to build their own business, but without the risk and isolation that can come with a start-up."

"Quite simply, without the ERA network, I wouldn't have a business."

Andrew Robertson

ERA ticked all the boxes.

"ERA has allowed me to build a sustainable business while achieving what I want in my personal life."

As a Sales and Marketing Director and Managing Director within the building materials industry, Andrew Robertson had already lead organisations through two recessions. Tough times that required him to make tough calls: reducing both costs and manpower. When the prospect of another recession reared its ugly head, he decided to search for something that was more recession-proof and balanced. He began hunting for an opportunity that would be in demand during challenging economic times as well as in ‘normal' economic conditions and would use the skills he's acquired over the years. It's then that he remembered Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA).

"I'd actually come across ERA 8 years before," says Andrew. "At the time I was considering starting my own consulting business, but a job opportunity arose that was too good to turn down. So I put doing my own thing on the back burner." 

Andrew explains: "Starting up on your own from scratch, represents a significant risk with far more work required in the early years to become established. From both a branding and reputation perspective, with ERA a lot of that groundwork is done for you. ERA is an established name within the marketplace with industry-leading systems, training and expertise already in place. It ticked all the boxes."With the onset once again of tough financial times, Andrew recalled ERA's proven business model and like all ERA franchise partners, he recognised the commercial viability of helping clients in a wide range of industries to reduce costs and increase profits. He also identified how his experience in his previous roles would stand him in great stead to grow his own sustainable business, backed by a powerful brand name.

Andrew established his ERA business in July 2008 and was quick to make use of all the support that ERA offers its partners to help him grow. With so much expertise to call on, he soon found he could quickly build a varied client base that allowed him to achieve his objectives. Both in his work and personal life:

"The impressive expertise was there for me to build a team that could deliver outstanding projects and results for my clients. With this in place, I finally had the freedom and control I'd so badly craved in my previous roles. I now have the flexibility to work as hard as I want, when I want and on my terms. This has given me the time to pursue the things me and my family love too."

A family man with two children, when Andrew's not practicing his photography, or travelling, you'll find him cycling the roads of South Derbyshire where he lives:

"I'm out about and about on the bike 2 or 3 times a week. I'm part of a local cycling club and they really push me. We take things pretty seriously, this year we spent a week at a training camp in Majorca with 30 riders and will be doing the same next year. I'd never have been able to do things like that in my previous roles. ERA has allowed me to build a sustainable business while achieving what I want in my personal life."

Looking back now, it's clear that Andrew's decision to establish his own ERA business in difficult economic times was an astute one. ERA's specialist procurement services are in high demand and that is only set to increase. In fact, in the last five years, ERA Franchise Partners' revenues have grown 64 percent, with ERA boasting the highest consulting revenue of any UK procurement franchise.

David Rogers 

era-6David Rogers joined Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) in 2001 after a successful career in Business Systems Management, which involved the introduction of new systems and processes into the business, making change management a key skill as it is with his projects as a procurement consultant.

His experience of working to reduce procurement costs within his former roles is what enabled David to relate to the ERA concept of applying market intelligence and negotiation skills to the benefit of clients to achieve savings without compromising service or quality.

“I didn’t actually start out by looking for a franchise. I saw an advert for ERA when I was employed, and the idea of becoming a procurement consultant really appealed to me.

I requested information and met with the recruitment team, but at the time I wasn’t in a financial position to start my own company.

Around 18 months later, the company I was working for outsourced their work to India and I saw this as the ideal opportunity to start my own business.

I went straight to ERA without considering any other franchise as the business model and my own attributes seemed like the perfect fit.”

“I enjoy having control over my own business as opposed to working for someone else. Managing my own business enables me to decide my own work schedule and how much I earn. There are real lifestyle benefits to being your own boss; I have a passion for foreign travel and my work allows me to take 3 or 4 holidays a year. I can fit my work around my personal schedule so I still have time for the things I enjoy such as going to the theatre or music concerts with my wife, Karen, who also works in the business.”

My highlights in ERA

“There have been many successful projects over the last 10 years; one that really stands out is the relationship I have with an iconic denim clothing retailer. Our partnership with this super-brand has resulted in savings of £250,000 year on year, in stores across 20 different countries. In one category in particular, we achieved a saving of 82%, which absolutely delighted the client. 

“A personal highlight was purchasing my Jaguar; I was 44 when I joined and as my business developed I had a motivational mental image of taking delivery of a brand new Jaguar on my 50th birthday - and that's exactly what I was able to achieve, only by developing a successful ERA.”“Another highlight is being appointed by the same Financial Director in the three different companies that they worked for. That demonstrated real recognition of our work and the benefits engaging us has on an organisation.

What strengths does ERA have that differentiates them from other cost reduction companies?

“It is ERA’ breadth of knowledge and experience that sets us apart from other cost reduction companies. The strength of our network puts us at a much better standing to achieve maximum savings for our clients as we have experts in over 100 different categories.”

Lorraine Gannon 

era-7Having looked at other cost reduction franchises, Lorraine Gannon chose Expense Reduction Analysts as they were head and shoulders above the rest, and it is already paying dividends.

“I successfully signed my first client a week after completing training because I followed the ERA franchise model to the letter”.

Lorraine Gannon joined in February, 2011 following a successful career as a qualified accountant with 18 years experience. Her last role before becoming an ERA franchise partner was Chief Accountant for a government agency and before that, Finance Director and Co-owner of a chain of gastro pubs.

Based in Malvern, when she’s not working Lorraine likes to spend time with her husband and two young children, taking holidays and reading psychological based books and doing charity work.

The perfect fit 

“My personal objective is to enjoy a nice family life, with holidays and quality time together, and pay my mortgage off along the way. Being my own boss allows me to choose when to work hard and when to take my foot off the gas.”When Lorraine decided to pursue self-employment, she found the ERA model was an ideal fit. This franchise opportunity enables you to plan your own workload and still take time out for the things you enjoy.

In business for yourself, not by yourself

Self employment can seem to be isolated but working for yourself doesn’t mean always working solo. The ERA network boasts a wealth of experience in over 120 cost categories which is brilliant for working on joint projects with other franchise partners.

“I had considered other cost reduction franchises, but they didn’t offer the expertise of a supportive network of franchisees. I didn’t want to be confined to just one or two categories, or walk away from business because I didn’t have the relevant skills. ERA helps me to assist my clients in all areas of their business. It is the access to all of this knowledge that promises me a thriving business. ERA offers that opportunity, with many experts spanning multiple cost areas.”

The training and support

Lorraine is proof of the unbelievable success of an ERA franchise opportunity, having successfully signed her first client just 1 week after completing the Academy training course.

“The training sets you up with the confidence and skills to go out there and do it, and then you perfect your craft! There is plenty of support to help you. The post training guidance from the Academy Business Manager and the rest of the Support Hub was great, the guys were always on hand to offer advice and even accompany me to meetings.”

Lorraine’s advice to someone thinking of buying their first franchise

“Trust your instinct. My due diligence in searching through franchise choices led me to make the right decision, but eventually there is a leap of faith to be made. Throw yourself at it; don’t let a moment or opportunity pass you by.”

Keith Copestake

era-8Keith Copestake is proof of the outstanding earning potential of a successful ERA consultancy, consecutively earning an average six figure salary for each year that he has been a franchise partner. In 2012, Keith was the second highest earner of the ERA network with an exceptional annual earning of £295,541.

Keith joined ERA in 2006 with over 25 years experience in the office products and print industry. His last role was a Director of the world’s largest office products and IT consumables company. Keith’s career started out in print production before moving on to a marketing role, then into sales of print and office products responsible for pan European and Global contracts.

Based in Andover, Hampshire, Keith's successful procurement practice is currently run from serviced offices near to his home. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, playing golf and watching his favourite football team, Aston Villa.

Since joining ERA, Keith has used his extensive knowledge of the office supplies and print industry to successfully uncover over £500,000 worth of savings for his delighted clients.

“When I decided to leave employment, the idea of franchising appealed to me because I felt it was a more viable way of starting a successful business. Following a tried and trusted model means less risk.

I was attracted to the ERA model because I wanted a white-collar opportunity that suited the management skills I had built over a long career.

I was familiar with the concept and could see how it works in practice and why it was a worthwhile investment.”

Keith took the plunge into self employment by pursuing the ERA franchise opportunity and hasn’t looked back. Now he enjoys an enviable work-life balance allowing him to take multiple trips a year, a property in Spain which he bought for cash and a salary most would dream of.

“Being my own boss gives me the control to plan my work schedule. I can fly over to my ‘Spanish office’ and enjoy the sunshine whilst working. I bought the property earlier this year and I’m hoping to spend between 3 and 4 months of the year there on working holidays.”

Jason Adderley

era-9“My target was to be earning NET of six figures, and that is where I am at the end of my second year.”

Taking the step into self-employment, Jason Adderley joined Expense Reduction Analysts in June 2010 after 15 years working in property; first within a commercial agency then in development and investment, and lastly in refinancing and asset management. 

Training and SupportJason lives in the West Midlands with his wife and two young daughters. He is a Worcestershire Ambassador and runs a Property related networking group. In his free time, Jason is a season-ticket holder at West Bromwich Albion and is a huge fan of NFL, especially his favourite team, the Detroit Lions.

Making the transition into self employment
Once Jason had decided that he wanted to pursue a franchise opportunity, ERA stuck out to him amongst other ‘cost reduction’ franchises.

“It was primarily because my focus in this business is to sell and manage programmes of work. I found, with other cost reduction opportunities, that you work as a ‘lone silo’ whereas I was looking to buy in to the expertise of a network, the depth and breadth of which ERA offers. My income and the success that I’ve had with clients has been driven by the expertise that is already in ERA, and I don’t think that exists to such an extent in any other franchise offering.”

Jason found the initial 5 week training to be extremely informative, forming a framework to follow once his business was up and running, but the learning doesn’t stop immediately after training is complete. Jason explains:

“Throughout the first year, it’s important that you regularly refer back to Group Office and also to your colleagues within the network for support and guidance. It shouldn’t be seen as a ‘single block’, but something that is ongoing. There is always something new happening within your target markets and developments within cost areas that you should to be up to date with. Group Office is excellent at supporting that ongoing development.”

Money matters

Now coming towards the end of his second year with ERA Jason advises that, as with starting any new business, you have to be realistic about the first year and ensure in advance that you are going to be able to manage financially without much of an income. But for those with the ability to plan ahead and the determination to achieving a long term financial goal, the earning potential of an ERA franchise opportunity is definitely worth-while.

“At the end of my second year, the earning potential is where I had hoped it would be, rather than where I thought it would be. I am finding that my current income is where I would have liked it to be next year, and getting towards where it should be the year after. That means that I could stand still, but still be very comfortable with the income that I am getting.”

The benefits of being your own boss

A key attraction of an ERA franchise opportunity is the work life balance aspect, allowing you to plan your work around your personal life, as Jason does.

Planning is key for a successful new venture

Jason’s advice to potential franchisees is to plan well in advance. Once he had decided to join ERA, Jason spent approximately 9 months in a planning phase allowing him to have his business set up and ready to go as soon as the initial training was completed.

“Planning ahead is vital. My business was incorporated and VAT registered with the office kitted out before I embarked on training. This allowed me to hit the ground running and begin signing clients within 3 months. The planning phase also helped me to secure and begin leveraging my network, talk to potential introducers of business and identify the initial target sectors I wanted to engage with.”

“I am only answerable to myself! It has provided me with the flexibility to work until 11pm if I want to, or to take an afternoon off to go to the park with my daughter.”


Derek Hodd

era-10Established consultant of over 11 years, Derek Hodd, won this highly regarded award at the Expense Reduction Analysts National Conference 2011.

Speaking of his achievement, Derek said: “It is a most satisfying accomplishment gained from working on multiple projects for a considerable period of time.”

Derek joined Expense Reduction Analysts in November, 1999, after a successful career of working for over twenty years in the metals trading industry on a worldwide basis at Managing Director level.

Becoming a self employed Expense Reduction Analysts consultant, he now enjoys an ideal work life balance, often working from his holiday home in Spain.

“I am able to choose when I work, because of the work that I do, and with the internet and other technological advances, I am able to deliver projects whilst being away from the UK.”

Since joining Expense Reduction Analysts, Derek has delivered numerous projects for a wide range of organisations with different requirements.

He has contributed to various projects, specialising in print, secure cash handling, couriers, document storage and travel amongst other areas.

“Its fair to say that the income I have made from joining Expense Reduction Analysts has been way beyond my expectations, I thought I would make a modest but comfortable living and have happily exceeded that.” He explains.

Speaking of the amount of money that he has earned in the past twelve months, Derek says that although he has created a high water mark, he’d like to think that other consultants could achieve the same incredible results. Giving his advice to his fellow franchisees hoping to achieve the same great success and perhaps win the award themselves, Derek said:

“With any project there may be complications and difficulties; the key to overcoming those issues is to figure out how is best to approach them whilst working towards the client’s best interest to deliver good results and a successful outcome.”

To find out how you can become an Expense Reduction Analyst Franchised Consultant benefitting from a better work life balance and incredible earning potential, request a free prospectus now. 

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