Nick Williams

Managing Consultant

Following a long career with Barclays Bank PLC encompassing senior management and with a particular interest in developing new businesses, Nick joined Franchise Development Services (now Ashtons Franchise Consulting – AFC) in 2001 in a consulting capacity. In his time there he covered most of the European International Franchise Exhibitions and of course those in the USA gaining a good understanding of International Franchising and Master Franchise development alongside the UK approach.

Today he leads the Ashtons Franchise Consulting team. Nick works with PLCs, successful private companies, partnerships and sole traders. He is an Affiliate of the British Franchise Association (bfa) speaking on the benefits of franchising at bfa events, with the major banks and also for AFC.

He is recognised for giving potential clients clarity, and providing objective feedback always in their best interests, reflecting Ashtons team ethos of adding value and helping clients to achieve success on their terms.   

Still a keen squash player, though not very competent nowadays! Recognised as a purveyor of ‘dad jokes’ around the office! Enjoys all aspects of Franchising especially the relationship with clients.