Lizzie Bayley


Lizzie Bayley has an extensive background in the private security industry, working with various clients internationally. She has also obtained a master’s in contemporary warfare & international relations and is a serving Royal Air Force Reservist. 

Moving forward, Lizzie wanted to invest in a business and be in charge of her own destiny, extensively researching the options in the franchise world to find Zerodrytime, the UK’s No1 dry carpet, upholstery and hard floor cleaners. A business that people will always need, plus build a huge client bank of repeat customers, ensuring future growth.

She started as the franchises first female franchisee in Bath and within 8 months had recouped her initial investment, then invested in the second area, Swindon. Lizzie has immersed herself in marketing to build her business. She specialises in dry carpet, upholstery & hard floor cleaning, also certified leather restoration & recolouring specialists.

Lizzie is now well on her way to building a future-proof client base, servicing two areas with her first employee and is looking to expand again in the near future she will eventually turn her hand to complete management of a small fleet of vans servicing thousands of happy customers.