Ed Brewer

Director of UK Sales

Ed Brewer is Director of UK Sales for Dream Doors – the nation’s largest kitchen facelift retailer.

He manages a team of six Business Development Managers (BDMs) who, in turn, support all 84 Dream Doors franchisees. Ed’s role takes him out in the field too, mentoring both new and existing Dream Doors franchisees who, in almost every case, won’t have had any kitchen industry experience themselves. Often, they won’t have run a business before either, so it is Ed and his team’s responsibility to guide them through a steep learning curve in which they become expert kitchen designers and profitable business owners in a very short time.

Ed is also heavily involved in Dream Doors’ 13-week induction programme, which takes new franchisees through a 3 week residential training course and weeks of in-territory support. Through this intensive programme, new Dream Doors franchisees quickly go from nothing to running a business with annual sales of half-a-million-pounds or more.

Ed has been involved in the franchise industry for 13 years and, before that, had run his own business for 15 years until he successfully sold it. Ed brings his own experience as a business owner to the table, and can also speak with authority on what it takes to start, build and, ultimately, sell a business.