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Neel Sodha

Neel Sodha
Company: Sodha and Company

Franchisee - Domino's Pizza, Anytime Fitness, a well-known mobile phone brand

I began working within my family business from the age of 14, doing evenings and Saturday mornings within my father’s Domino’s Pizza store. I worked throughout my studies and upon graduating I joined the business “full time”. My Dad was keen to see me go through the ranks, so I began as a store manager in 2010 in our worst performing store. I slowly began to learn the day to day running of the business and soon took on two stores before taking on more and more.

I was introduced a well-known mobile phone brand via the franchise team at HSBC. I wanted to see if I could begin a company independently and was thrilled when they accepted me to be a franchisee in late 2015. Last year the family company began to invest in gyms with Anytime Fitness. To date we have invested in 27 units across three franchise brands.

Neel Sodha will be speaking at the Multi-unit Franchise Conference on Friday 4 October.

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