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Sourced HMO Partner

Looking to invest in property but do not have enough time?

Invest in HMOs, one of the most profitable property strategies and achieve a hands-off income of £50,000 - £150,000 per year.

Investment Amount:
£100,001 - £250,000
£250,001 - £500,000
Industry Sector(s):
Home Based Franchises, Part-Time Franchises, Premier Franchises, Property & Estate Agency, Specialised, Women In Franchising

Open plan kitchen

About Sourced HMO Partner

HMO Partner is a bespoke franchise package designed to help you achieve financial freedom by building profitable HMO property portfolios. Our tried-and-tested strategies and ongoing support from our in-house HMO experts will help you create passive income from property investment. When you join, we will develop a bespoke plan based on your financial goals and support you every step of the way, as you build and grow your portfolio.

By becoming a Sourced HMO Partner, you will benefit from a hands-off approach and access to many off-market HMO opportunities, provided by our network of over 100 professional property sourcers.

At Sourced, we have been investing in and developing property for a combined time of over 75 years. We have developed over £280M worth of property and traded thousands of hand-picked deals - exactly the type of security you need when starting up your own property investing venture.

Sourced is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to gain financial freedom through HMOs without spending time!

What is an HMO?

HMO stands for ‘House in Multiple Occupation’, which means that multiple individuals live in the same property and pay rent per room. There is a variety of different HMO types, from student to professional, all offering a different level of return.

Despite the wealth of experience, we have at Sourced, HMO remains our number one strategy for creating a portfolio that generates sustainable cashflow with excellent returns. With our guidance, training and support, our Partners are able to find the right opportunities in their desired areas and start building portfolios that generate high returns.

Bedroom view

How does it work? 

HMO infographic

The benefits of Sourced HMO Partner

Investing in HMOs is complex due to the legal and licensing requirements and requires a lot of work with management and maintenance.

By joining Sourced HMO Partner, you’ll be supported throughout by our team of HMO specialists and our comprehensive training. Our extensive experience in the property industry, will help you make informed decisions and avoid a lot of mistakes that many new HMO landlords make when purchasing their first investment property.


Become an HMO Partner and benefit from:

  • Over 100 offices across the UK searching for your ideal HMO property.
  • Priority access to hand-picked HMO opportunities.
  • No experience required and full training and ongoing support provided.
  • A dedicated HMO mentor to help you succeed.
  • Tenant management support to free up your time.
  • A unique funding facility offering you up to 100% funding for your HMO projects.
  • A bespoke CRM helping you to manage your tasks.

What is my earning potential?

HMO is one of the most profitable strategies, as it generates higher yields than other BTL properties. Some of our current Partners joined us with absolutely no property investing experience at all and yet managed to grow portfolios generating incomes of over £100,000 per year with returns up to 30% on their investment.

We have listed some of the HMO strategies, implemented by our Partners and what income they have generated:

  • Student: £1,200 profit per month
  • Professional: £1,550 profit per month
  • Rent to Rent: £800 profit per month
  • Hostel: £450 profit per month
  • Lodgings: £400 profit per month
  • Shared house: £250 profit per month


Our franchise fee is only £12,500; however, you will need to have access to at least £50,000 liquid capital to get you started.

Ongoing fees:

  • Monthly licence fee - £200
  • Management service fee (MSF) – 5% of net profit

Minimum level of investment:

  • The North of England: £100,000
  • The Midlands: £200,000
  • London and the South: £300,000


What’s included:

  • 18+ training days per year
  • A dedicated HMO mentor
  • Priority access to off-market HMO opportunities
  • Ongoing tenant support
  • A bespoke plan and CRM to grow and manage your portfolio
  • Up to 100% funding for your projects with our in-house peer to peer platform
  • Training resources and guidance


All over the UK.

What next?

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How to Build Wealth Through HMO

Michael Marlowe

Get 30%+ return on your equity by building a HMO portfolio with Sourced Partner.

Over the years, Michael Marlowe has renovated, converted and flipped a number of property projects, creating additional income stream alongside his full-time job. Having gained a fair amount of property experience, Michael decided to move to property full-time and take advantage of the huge earning potential this exciting industry offers.

“I wanted to consolidate all my experience in the sector and make property my main focus.” Michael admits. “I joined Sourced Franchise to enable me to do that and to accelerate the process of achieving my goals”.

Having topped up his knowledge at multiple training events for Sourced Franchisees, Michael began the search for his next project. Soon after, Michael came across a commercial property in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, which presented excellent HMO potential. Previously used as an office, the end-of terrace house had a planning permission to convert it to a seven bed HMO.

With a number of warehouse distribution companies only a short walk away, which attract hundreds of contracted workers to the area, the property benefits from high demand for short-term accommodation and HMOs.

After carrying out his due diligence and crunching the numbers, Michael decided to take on the project, together with his JV partner.

“A lot of the local HMOs are of poor quality.” Michael says. “To compete on the local market, our plan is to finish this HMO to a high standard, providing a better offering for the contractors working in the area.”

The conversion works are estimated to complete in just 12 weeks. Upon successful completion, the Franchisee will refinance the property to release equity, based on a new valuation, and keep the HMO in his portfolio. The gross yield for the HMO is estimated to reach 10%, generating a net yield of 8%.

Sourced Partner can provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to build a profitable HMO portfolio.

Create Wealth and Build Your Legacy
Make your money work harder and create a lifestyle with hands-off returns.

  • No previous property experience required
  • In-house funding facility.
  • Access to exclusive training events
  • Unlimited ongoing support and a bespoke development plan

Sourced are now offering an exclusive franchise package, tailored for achieving a hands-off income of up to £150,000 per year. Benefit from tried and tested HMO strategies developed from over seven decades of property experience, and build a profitable property portfolio within months.

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