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Right at Home

Right at Home provides premium quality homecare – delivering the level of service we would want our own family to receive if they ever needed support to live independently in their own homes.

Investment Amount:
£20,001 - £50,000
Industry Sector(s):
Care Franchises, Management Franchises, Women In Franchising
The British & International Franchise Exhibition

Our services

Right at Home provides premium quality homecare. At the heart of what we do is a desire to offer the highest-standard of care we would want our own family to receive, should they ever need homecare support to continue to live independently in their own homes.

Our award-winning business is based on longer visits from consistent and carefully-matched CareGivers who enjoy spending time with our Clients. Our core market is private, self-funded Clients. The quality of the care we provide has been industry-recognised, as we are the most highly-rated homecare agency on the UK’s leading review site.

Our business owners

Right at Home business owners had enjoyed a variety of careers prior to joining Right at Home, with 95% having had no professional experience in the care sector. They were drawn by a desire to build a business with the prospect of highly-impacting their local community in a positive way. They recognised that by following our proven system, this would increase their chances of success and accelerate their growth.

By accepting only the best candidates, we have built a highly-engaged network of like-minded and mutually supportive business owners, who are all committed to delivering quality care.

5 reasons to choose us

  1. Because quality care is a huge growth market, with the potential for a high-return on investments and long-term sustainable profitability.
  2. Because a Right at Home franchise allows you to be in control of your own business, with the all-important support network of a highly successful brand behind you.
  3. Because care is a highly regulated sector, so our experience and guidance has even more value in supporting you to keep abreast of legislation and maintain an excellent record of compliance.
  4. Because we are honest and open about the challenges as well as the rewards of this sector, and do our best to ensure potential franchise owners are well-equipped in their skills and attributes.
  5. Because we put our franchisees first and have built our system around supporting them to be successful, as is demonstrated by our winning Best Franchise of the Year for the 2nd consecutive year, and a 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award for the 5th consecutive year.

Backed by success

After six years of carefully controlled growth, Right at Home UK has over 50 UK franchises. We are recognised as a premium quality brand, with industry recognition and awards for the strength of our systems and franchisee support, as well as for the quality of our care services.

We are backed by an international company who were chosen by Forbes as its #1 high investment franchise, and we benefit from a CEO who has experienced extensive success in both care and franchising. Ken Deary was the first franchisee to win the British Franchise Association ‘Franchisee of the Year’ Award for McDonald’s and later also won the Golden Arches award, given to the 30 most successful McDonald’s franchisees around the world.

Ken’s priority is to build an ethical franchise, with culture and values that focus on creating success by being the very best at what we do: Delivering the best care to our Clients and the best systems and support to our franchisees.

The passion that everyone has, not just those in Head Office but all the other franchisees too, is a real testament for what Right at Home stands for. The desire to get it right, through living the RaH values, emanates from everyone.

Not that we had any doubts, but it reaffirms that we have definitely chosen the right business to take us to the next chapter in our lives – to give something back in the best way we can and to make a positive difference every day. This is an amazing team – and we feel privileged to be part of it!"

Keith & Kirsty Sheena, Right at Home Hatfield & St Albans

Request Information

Andrew Davis, owner, Right at Home (Bournemouth)

Andrew Davis was a Commissioned Officer with the British Army before taking up his franchise. The 38-year-old had seen active service in the Balkans and Iraq before taking a mentoring role helping other officers prepare themselves for commanding their troops on operations.

Now he owns a business providing top quality home care services for elderly people and adults with physical disabilities in Bournemouth.

So what factors led him from the military to the care sector? The growth potential in the UK market and the operational support provided by Right at Home proved to be the key.

“It’s quite a departure from my previous life, certainly!” says Andrew.

“I chose franchising because the notion of being “the master of my own destiny” is really very important to me. Secondly, I wanted to have that relationship and guidance –a road map to success if you like.

“I was attracted to care because whilst I can see that financially I can control my own growth and income, I also wanted to do something that made me feel good about the value I was adding to the lives of others. As I become successful, my staff will see the benefits, but most importantly the people that we provide care and support to will have a better quality of life. That feels really great.”

The care sector is a competitive market - so why choose Right at Home?

“I did lots of research, speaking to several franchisors in the sector and plenty of franchisees as well. I was impressed with the passion and commitment shown by the Right At Home team, right from the word “go”.

“The support and guidance that they showed to me was reflected in what their franchisees said as well. Lots of organisations say that their support is really good, but with Right at Home, their franchisees said the same thing.

“The training that I have had from the RAH team has been so valuable – I can’t speak highly enough about it. It can all seem a bit overwhelming at the start, but I couldn’t have asked for more help and not once did I think I was being a nuisance. It is so refreshing to deal with a company that does exactly what it says it will do.

“Having no specific “sector experience”, it was a relief to see the scope of experience within the team as well. Since the initial training, there is a steady stream of contact between us – and that is helping me to be ready for the big day when I open the doors to the big wide world.”


Joe Guishard, owner, Right at Home (Cardiff)

Former Cardiff police officer Joe Guishard knew he wanted to work for himself in a business that directly helped people in his local community.

He then decided to seek a franchise, because he wanted the network of support from an experienced business or person.

“Meeting Ken Deary, managing director of Right at Home UK, and realising his expertise in this field was what clinched it for me,” says Joe.

“The home care sector was something I felt very passionate about, with a strong desire to deliver quality services. Right at Home matched my aims and aspirations and seemed a highly ethical company, which is why I wanted to become a part of it.

“The franchisee training we received exceeded my expectations - it really was first class and an invaluable experience. There was lots of information you just wouldn’t get if you were starting up on your own. I feel the training allowed me to hit the ground running.

“Since then the support has been top class - absolutely first rate from the whole of the team. Throughout my start-up phase there was dedicated, focused support when and wherever I needed it.

“After nine months of trading I’m finding running the franchise office is challenging but as been far more rewarding than I first expected.

“I could not have had further support from head office, everyone is at the ready to assist in whatever the concern or issue has been, and a meeting with Ken every Monday (via telephone) has proven invaluable.

“The quality of his advice has been first class. At his level, I did not expect him to be so actively involved. It shows just how committed he is to the business and the success of his franchisees.

“As well as meeting the various challenges of opening a new business we have introduced a few new ideas to our office, but so far the most rewarding part of the job has been our experience treating clients who are approaching the end of their lives, providing dedicated palliative care. The carers and family members have been full of praise at how Right at Home have made a difference at the very end.  

“My typical working day may include responding to emails, networking or calling referrals, recruitment interviews, PR & social media, payroll and bookkeeping and supporting my registered manager in the daily office operations.

“But every day brings something new and I’m feeling very positive about where we’re going to be in 12 months’ time. My ultimate aim is to be a multi-territory owner in 10 years’ time, expanding our top class services in and around Wales.”


Right at Home (Cheltenham to Malvern District)

\"\"Richard Turner is a former financial adviser who was forced to consider a new career following the economic downturn.

Now delivering high-quality home care services in his local community, Richard explains how he came to join the Right at Home franchise – and why his new business is proving so much more rewarding.

Richard says: “Over 12 years before buying a franchise with Right at Home, I had established a mortgage advice business with over 800 clients. Both I and my wife Tracey had been in the Financial Services sector for some years before deciding to branch out for ourselves, marketing our services via Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) and Accountants.

“We were seriously impacted by the economic downturn in 2008. The property market was substantially hit both on sales and price. On top of this, the mortgage market itself changed dramatically, with lenders offering cheaper products to customers who came direct to them through the Internet, Phone etc. This started to affect our turnover in 2009 and for the following two years.

“In hindsight I was slow to react to what I knew was an inevitable shift in the mortgage market. By 2011 I decided that I needed to invest into a new project to rebuild our lives and the security of our family.

“After a considerable period of time, we decided that Care seemed to offer the best ‘potential’ return and likelihood of sustainable long term growth. Every new business is a gamble or risk. Therefore you try and reduce the risk on your monies by selecting a market that has volume, limited barriers to entry and sustainable growth.

“I decided to occupy the Senior marketplace due to the demographic factors. Finally, I then had to decide whether to enter the market as an independent or as part of a specialist franchise.

“It’s not a sector I had any experience of – the main appeal of the business was the ability to scale up the returns due to the size of the territory available and the size of the marketplace. On top of this I always wanted to develop, build and manage a team and thought that I could have the (latent) skills to do this. But it is a heavily regulated industry and to go it alone with no experience would be an unnecessary risk, when the support of a good franchisor was available.

“After researching the providers, Right at Home, in my mind, were the most driven and focussed operator and best value for money when quality and support is also factored in.

“We set up the company in April 2012 but did not get our registration with the CQC until early June 2012. The first six months were phenomenal. The learning curve was steep and stressful. However, the figures are beyond my expectations (and projections!) and led to us receiving the annual Right at Home Fast Start Award, for the number of care hours we accrued in our first months of trading.

“We are continuing to deliver a growing number of care hours per week and we have developed a great rapport with the local authority and the social worker teams in the area.

“Right at Home have been incredibly supportive and I am 100% sure that I would not have had this level of growth, had it not been for their initial training and on-going support.

“They have given me the framework in which to trade on a compliant basis with the CQC, as well as the tools to help me establish all important relationships in the community. They have also been at the end of the phone to help with the teething problems that all new businesses suffer.

“If you are entering a new market in an industry that you have no experience in then the pitfalls can be costly in time and money. Franchising with Right at Home offers superb support, reducing your risk of failure, with a known cost.

“A big benefit of this business is that it has allowed Tracey and me to continue working together, as we have done for over 10 years. We know what it is like to build your own company... the commitment it takes and the impact it can have. Tracey is actively involved in helping me grow our Franchise AND delivering care into the community.

“If anyone is reading this and wondering if this could be the business for them, I would advise them to make sure that you are mentally prepared to run a company that will deliver a service into the community 7 days a week. If you thrive on daily challenges then Care can offer you the opportunity to really add value to the community and help people who are often invisible to society.

“If you are committed and want to find a partner to help you enter and thrive then, in my experience, Right at Home are the perfect choice.”



John Houghton, owner, Right at Home (Derby)

After a few months of trading, how are you finding running your franchise office?

\"\"We have been operating for 6 months now and have built a fantastic reputation for quality and great service in the Derby region.  We are therefore finding each day a new challenge as our word of mouth marketing exposes us to new clients with differing needs and requirements.  The key to a successful office is getting the right people on your team; a committed and experienced Registered Manager with dedicated and caring home care assistants are essential.  From this point, the office doesn’t need managing, it needs ‘leading’.  With the Right at Home systems and policies in place, the office operations run themselves.  This leaves time to ensure we are delivering quality at all times and to look for new business opportunities and growth.  There are still some points about running the office that no franchisee will look forward to, such as payroll.  I like to remind myself though that for every pound spent on carers, the actual revenue coming in is greater than this.  With no stock holding, limited overheads and the fact we have normally collected client invoices before we complete payroll, even paying your employees can be fulfilling!

How does the actual experience compare to your earlier expectations?

The importance of quality and the difference it can make to a person’s life is far more important than I had previously expected.  With my corporate and operational experience behind me I had no concerns about being able to run any business.  My concern about the care sector was my lack of knowledge and slight fear about providing care myself.  From a health and social care knowledge perspective and thanks to the training provided by the franchisor I have quickly removed any concerns I had about lack of care experience.  I am now very comfortable discussing and even leading conversations with seasoned professionals on personalisation, dignity, choice, respect, independence etc.  It is surprising how much I have learnt in a short period of time.  The concern about actually providing care myself was also quickly removed.  The franchisor training provides all the knowledge you need but it is nothing compared to actually doing it for the 1st time.  Whilst it is not common practice to schedule myself onto care calls, if we pick up a new client or if a customer requires additional support I have been known to go and help.  If you don’t have a caring nature then you shouldn’t consider working within the care sector; if you do have a caring nature then actually providing the hands on care will come easy to you. 

After completing your training, what kind of support have you received from your franchisor? Has it proved worthwhile?

It is fair to see that we wouldn’t have been able to get through the initial CQC inspection if it wasn’t for the franchisor team.  As our business has grown rapidly we also relied on the franchisors team to help us put procedures and policies in place to cope with our growth.  In addition to the regular webinars, weekly performance calls and conferences, I have relied on the franchisors office to be at the other end of the phone whenever I need them.  I have often wondered how I would have got through some situations if I had been an independent start-up operator and didn’t have the franchisor supporting me.  This support and guidance is what I paid the franchise fee for and is worth every penny.  I have worked closely with the National Business Development team exploring networking opportunities and benchmarking my office against the top performers in the network.  As a competitive individual I find it extremely motivating to see how well the other offices are performing and to set myself targets to beat them.  If I was a stand-alone independent then I don’t think I would have pushed my business to the level it is now without being able to see other offices success.

Do you feel you have sufficient control over the way you run your office?

The franchisor has given me full and complete control over the way I run the office.  Ken and the team are tuned in to the fact that I am an entrepreneur and do not want to be told how to do everything.  If I did want this, I would get a job!  In a relatively short period of time, I have taken Right at Home Derby into new business opportunities and directions that had not been previously explored by Right at Home.  From the outset the franchisor has asked challenging questions to ensure that we will be able to deliver quality and be profitable in these new ventures, but at the same time they have been encouraging and supportive as we looked for new ways to grow our business.

What ideas have you been able to introduce?

Right at Home Derby was initially set up to look after the older adult (post 65) demographic.  Early on though we discovered opportunities with younger adults with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.  This is a completely separate market and service offering than the older adults.  With the help and support of the franchisor, we have built a strong market position and reputation for providing outcome driven support plans to help young adults achieve their independence within the Community.  As well as the fulfilment of helping a young adult become independent and, with support, live on their own with a life of their choosing, the age profile of this sector and therefore the longevity of the contract make a compelling business case.  A large percentage of our business is now working with younger adults.

What has been the most satisfying aspect of the business so far?

There are several most satisfying aspects for different reasons; signing the first client, achieving single month profitability in our 3rd month of trading, providing employment in the local area etc.  The most satisfying though has to be the difference that we can make to our customers lives.  The video on our website ( made by our first customer clearly demonstrates this difference.  For the right reasons, this customer is now independent and has regained her confidence after a stroke to the extent that she is no longer reliant on support.  There cannot be anything more satisfying than that.

What have been the biggest challenges?

There are administration and business set-up challenges that every business faces.  The biggest unique challenge to our business though is matching the right carer to the customer.  Whilst training, knowledge and experience are all vital elements of providing quality care, finding carers with the right personality and communication skills to match our customers is essential.  Our care assistants do more than provide personal care, medication, meal preparation etc.  Quite often they are the only people that our customer may see all day.  Spending quality time in a Companionship manner is the most important factor that truly makes a difference to people’s lives.  At Right at Home Derby, we use psychometric testing, employee profiling, carer skill matching software to help match carers to clients.  Ultimately though, it is our free of charge introduction to their proposed carer prior to commencing support and the guarantee of continuity of carer that makes such a difference to the individual.

Can you describe your typical working day?

As most business owners know, there is no such thing as a typical day.  Each day of the week has a different routine.  Recruitment, Client Acquisition, Rota’s and Scheduling, Invoicing, Payroll, Assessments, Training all need to be accomplished on a weekly basis.

A typical day may consist of: 

Either go to the gym on the way to the office or cycle in for around 8.30am.  Shower and change before a chat with the Registered Manager about what the objectives and priorities are for that day.  If we are not careful though, our discussion on what we can do to help our clients further would last till lunch time.  Our discussion is normally curtailed though by a new enquiry or an assessment for a new client.  The Registered Manager is the back-bone of the business handling the majority of the administration functions, new client assessments and care planning.  This allows me to spend time during the day on networking, client acquisition, marketing and business development.  Between 10am and 4pm I will have meetings with networking groups, potential referral sources, local authorities and social workers.  My roles as a Dignity Champion, Dementia Friend Champion and management committee member for Derby Choice allow me to work within the community to help improve the lives of people in need.  I will probably spend at least an hour a day representing one of these organisations.  Around 4pm we will convene back at the office to discuss successes and opportunities.  Schedules are double checked to ensure that carers will be providing support through the evening and the following day.  I will typically leave the office around 6pm to provide taxi driver services to one of my own children.  Whilst there is no such thing as a 9-5 job for a business owner as I will often clear emails, write blogs, do social media etc. into the evening, the work life balance and overall hours spent are significantly more controlled than the 80-90 hours I was doing in the corporate world.  I have to say, the 10-15 minute commute into the office is a dream!  

Chris Spenceley, owner, Right at Home (Reading)

Chris Spenceley has not looked back since he invested in a Right at Home franchise – he loves the work and has broken even within six months of introducing quality home care services to his local community.

The company, which has almost 300 offices worldwide, began franchising in the UK in 2011 and Chris was one of the early trailblazers who were quick to spot its potential in the fast-growing UK elderly care market.

He took on a territory covering the areas of Reading, Henley on Thames and Wokingham in January 2012, signed his first client early in February and has already seen a return on his investment of £30,000 plus working capital.

Chris Spenceley, owner, Right at Home Reading

After a 20-year career with blue-chip companies in the energy sector, it was quite a drastic change of direction for him.

But Chris knew that he wanted his new business to benefit people directly – particularly in his own community. The support offered by his Master Franchisor was also a big factor when choosing a business.

At Right at Home Ken Deary takes a very hands-on role in developing new offices and brings his experience as an award-winning franchisee for McDonald’s and a former BFA franchisee of the year, as well as his knowledge of the care sector.

Chris said: “I looked to franchising because it gives you the opportunity to do things that would be very difficult to achieve without industry expertise, and also because you’ve got some back up if you do have difficulties.

“I chose the healthcare sector because it fitted the strategic requirements that I set for myself; it also allowed me to deploy my key skills.

“The Right at Home franchise impressed me with its client-centred ethic, as well as offering a good return on my initial investment.

“They provided extensive training and on-going support to allow me to launch and operate my franchise, and they equipped me with the materials I needed to get the business up and running at no extra cost.”

Six months down the line Chris appreciates being able to run his business without day to day interference, but knowing that he has a reliable support network available if he needs it. “It’s a great advantage to have access to people who can help deliver solutions to any problem that arises,” he said.

 “I’m also very pleased that the company has adopted a measured growth strategy that can be properly managed and ensures the quality of service is retained. Rather than pulling in franchisee numbers, Right at Home have concentrated on finding quality franchisees that will enhance the brand values.”

Chris’s aim now is to build Right at Home into the leading care provider in the area.

He says: “The market is changing and it’s moving towards our model of delivering highly personalised care services that are always delivered with dignity, flexibility, reliability and compassion.”



Tim Haigh, owner, Right at Home (Sutton & Epsom)

\"\"As Right at Home’s first UK franchisee, Tim Haigh was absolutely determined to make an early success of his business.

Within less than a year, his hard work had paid off, with his home care agency’s reputation well-established in the Sutton and Epsom communities and his finances on target for the annual projections identified for Year 1.
A former Head of Communications for a UK publishing company, Tim discovered the Right at Home opportunity after researching franchises through the British Franchise Association, looking at a number of options that fitted his criteria before deciding where his future lay.

“The care sector held a particular appeal because I’d always had a strong internal drive to help people and there is an obvious and huge potential to grow a successful home care business in the UK right now,” says Tim.   

“I’ve also no doubt that Right at Home is going to be the UK’s leading home care franchise within the next 5 to 10 years - and I want to be part of that success.”

The first 12 months were not all plain sailing for Tim, especially when his registered manager had to quit for personal reasons.

He recalls: “Head office really stepped up their support throughout the period of re-recruiting and I was very glad of the operational training I’d received that allowed me to take over the role temporarily. My new manager is now well settled and doing a great job in driving the business forward and winning new clients.”

Tim met UK master franchisor Ken Deary, a former BFA Franchisee of the Year, and was impressed by his track record, passion for the business and determination to help his franchisees succeed.

He says: “I have a very good relationship with Ken and, indeed, all the Right at Home franchising team. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about care, as well as being astute business people.”

So where does Tim see his business at the end of his 10 year franchise licence?

“Hopefully as the most admired and referred to care company in South West London and Surrey,” he says. “I want to be generating revenue of about £2 million a year and operating over a double territory, while supporting adults with various home care needs through a wide range of services.”

And what advice would he offer to anyone thinking of buying a franchise? “Do your research, talk to people and go to franchise seminars and exhibitions.

“Above all, don’t make the leap unless you are sure you have the will and determination to succeed and, most importantly, ensure you have the full support of your family.”

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