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Right at Home

Right at Home provides premium quality homecare – delivering the level of service we would want our own family to receive if they ever needed support to live independently in their own homes.

Investment Amount:
£100,001 - £250,000
Industry Sector(s):
Care Franchises, Health & Beauty, Management Franchises, Women In Franchising

Right at Home

Leading home care franchise opportunity with prime territories available

It takes a very special group of people to create one of the leading home care brands in the UK. Right at Home franchisees are genuine, humble, proud, committed and ALL insist on their teams delivering the absolute highest quality of service.

By empowering the right people with our proven business model, guidance and personalised support, franchisees have been able to grow their own large home care organisations that deliver first-class care and can generate large rewards – often larger than they ever imagined.

Over 45%* of the network have annual sales exceeding £1M

Top performers are generating £2M+ and still growing

Can deliver c.3 times EBITDA return on sale of your business

*Franchisees trading 24 mths+, as at Q4 2021

A stable business sector, assured of growth

Home care is a very in-demand sector, assured of further growth and with significant barriers to entry. Right at Home offers franchisees the perfect blend of making a difference, while achieving commercial success. We have a strong focus on enabling each franchisee to build their own solid profitable business – no short cuts. It’s hard work to start with requiring real commitment and patience, but it’s extremely rewarding for those who put in the effort to build their own large home care business in their local area.

Kev and Amy Solent

"With Ken, Lucy and their team behind us, our team can concentrate on what we are here to do – provide a phenomenal service to our clients, one our families can be proud of, and to run the most professional business we can.”

Kev & Amy Popat,
Owners, Right at Home Solent

Why choose Right At Home?

switched on business

Join a network of switched-on business people, ALL committed to being the best


Established in 2010 with 70 of 150+ territories sold and many prime areas available


Ken (franchisor) has been a successful franchisee, now helping others along the path


Multi-award-winning business model with the highest franchisee satisfaction scores


Large territories offer multi-office growth potential for successful owners


Our RightStart programme gets you off to the best possible start in business

CEO Ken Deary founded Right at Home in the UK in 2011 after a highly successful period as a McDonald’s franchisee, which included winning the British Franchise Association’s highest honour – Franchisee of the Year – and McDonald’s highly-coveted Golden Arches award.

When he established Right at Home, Ken wanted to prove the model worked across multiple unconnected locations, so he started a franchise himself. His 27+ years of experience gives Ken a unique insight into the franchisee-franchisor relationship and your journey ahead as a franchisee.

Ken cares – he really cares – about your success. He’s been part of the initial recruitment process for every franchisee and also personally reviews their progress, offering his guidance and insight.

“While you are supported and guided at every step, the national office team also welcomes ideas. Good ones get thoroughly tested and rolled out, which is very rewarding. We really are all driving in the same direction.”

Jenny Madghachian,
Owner, Right at Home Borehamwood and Watford

Support that’s proven to achieve results

Our unique approach to support from a stable, invested team at National Office, led by COO Lucy Campbell, has created exceptional consistency of franchisee success.

✔ Over 30% of CQC-inspected offices rated ‘Outstanding’; the industry average is just 3%
✔ As a network we hold the highest rating on, the largest care review site
✔ Won in excess of 50 national, regional and local awards

With our acclaimed RightStart programme you will be setup for success with a detailed business plan, full initial training, marketing materials and support sourcing premises and recruiting your care manager. Once registered with the CQC you can then start working on growing your business.

A typical business journey:

  • Launch: Open your first local office with your new care manager
  • Build: Win customers, drive your team and grow your new business
  • Develop: Enlarge your management team and move into the role of director
  • Expand: Potential to purchase more territory and care for more people
  • Exit: Choose when to sell or create a legacy for staff or family to take on

Your investment

To start your care business with Right at Home you’ll need to invest in the region of £40,000 capital plus funding, with a total investment of c.£120,000 depending on your personal circumstances and working capital requirements. Right at Home is highly regarded by the leading high street banks, and we can introduce you to suitable lenders as part of the process of becoming a franchisee. And your investment is more than just financial. Starting your own home care business takes time and energy, particularly for the first few years. The journey is well proven, and the rewards can be significant, but it is also a business that will require significant effort and commitment, particularly in the early days.

Raja franchise success story

“From the first time I made contact with Right at Home, I wasn’t disappointed. The people very much lived up to my expectations and the promises of their marketing.”

Raja Singh Lohia,
Owner, Right at Home Bromley

Find out more

There are many prime territories still available across the UK, as well as the opportunity to purchase established businesses (resales) as and when they become available. For either, you’ll need to:

✔ Be passionate about delivering exceptional quality home care
✔ Inspire your team of CareGivers to provide the absolute highest standards of care
✔ Enjoy being part of a close-knit network of like-minded business owners
✔ Invest at least £40,000 plus funding
✔ Commit the time and energy required to help as many people as possible

If being part of our success story appeals, please get in touch for an initial conversation.

Request Information

Sam Wright and Danny O’Reilly, Right at Home High Wycombe

Sam and Danny Right at Home

After an unexpected redundancy gave them a chance to change career directions, Sam Wright and her husband Danny became the owners of Right at Home High Wycombe.

“Even before my redundancy, Danny and I had talked a lot about having our own business. So, when events conspired to present us with a good time to pursue it, we knew it was something we wanted and believed we could do.

“When it came to Right at Home, we made up our minds pretty easily. They were so friendly, so welcoming and completely open with us at every stage. We were encouraged to meet with other franchisees, who were just as accommodating, but at no point did anyone try to push us into anything, and nothing was sugar-coated.”

Four and a half years later, Sam and Danny employ 45 people and support clients who have varying needs and requirements and an age range from their mid-forties through to a very impressive 102. They have passed the £1million turnover milestone and been rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

“There is a definite sense of camaraderie through the network,” says Sam, “and I really feel like we’re all doing this for the same reasons, so it’s easy to lean on others for encouragement or advice when needed. Same goes for the National Office support team – no one is there because it’s ‘just a job’, they really care about what Right at Home .


Jenny Madghachian, Right at Home Borehamwood & Watford

Jenny Right at Home

As a former nurse, Jenny Madghachian was ready to start her own business. Finding the right franchise to suit her skills and desire to make a difference, she opened her Right at Home business in March 2018.

When Jenny was nine her family moved to Dubai. As she grew older, she developed a passion for helping others, and upon returning to London in 1995, Jenny trained as a nurse. This reinforced her empathetic nature, and established a desire to do good in the world.

In 2000, Jenny gave up nursing on the wards to travel and, afterwards, started working for a nursing agency. Her experience within the agency set her up as an ideal candidate to eventually join Right at Home, “The training I’d received as a nurse, and working for the agency, provided me with the skills to manage multiple tasks at once,” Jenny explains. “My nursing experience has proven useful, as the owner of my own homecare business. I find I am able to empathise with Clients and their families, whilst understanding their needs.”

In 2017, Jenny considered business ownership, and started looking into franchising. She recognised franchising would offer her a new way of life, and train her in the key skills for running her own business. With the support of the right franchisor, Jenny would be able to focus on her strategy and follow an excellent business model. She knew she wanted to continue to work in care and felt the support and encouragement of the right franchise model would stand her in good stead, “I would never go into a homecare business on my own,” she explains. “I was researching my options when I came across Right at Home. And as soon as I met with them, they made me feel comfortable. I was so inspired and uplifted by the passion and commitment of Ken Deary (Right at Home UK CEO).”

Right at Home provides exceptional person-centred homecare services and is committed to delivering outstanding quality care. Their management franchise opportunity enables its network of 60+ franchisees to grow an exceptional care company in their local community, by following its proven model. Franchisees set up their own local office, appoint a fully-registered care professional, and employ a team of CareGivers who are dedicated to going the extra mile for their Clients. Within months of meeting Right at Home, in March 2018 Jenny opened Right at Home Watford and Borehamwood.

Jenny knows the importance of a strong work ethic for the success of her business, and says this was ingrained in her from a young age. Her father had been a hardworking role model, and showed her the value of discipline, determination and persistence. “My father worked in a big multinational company in the Middle East, but left his job to start his own business,” Jenny says. “I was educated at a boarding school in England, and he often wrote to me about the business! My strong work ethic definitely came from him!”

Right at Home is a franchise built with franchisee success and satisfaction as its overall goal. Its highly experienced team ensure prospective franchisees have the skills and attributes to succeed with their proven business model, before offering a franchise. Then, they stay with you every step of the way, starting with an industry-leading RightStart training programme, designed to help you achieve your business goal

For Jenny, Right at Home’s training perfectly complimented her previous education in care and nursing. “Shortly after joining Right at Home, I did two weeks training in Liverpool. When I started preparing to open my office, I had many visits from the Right at Home team, who guided me on how to accomplish my business goals. They have continually supported me throughout my journey. If I have a problem, I know I can just pick up the phone to the National Office: There is always someone I can talk to.”

Although she has flown past her financial projections, Jenny recognises money is not her biggest motivator, but rather the success of working hard and delivering outstanding quality homecare. So being awarded Right at Home’s RightStart Award, for best start-up operation, meant a lot to her, as did achieving a perfect 10/10 client satisfaction score on the leading review site,

“My husband also runs his own business; so between him and my father, I’m surrounded by motivated and driven people. Throughout my career, I’ve always been focused on helping people. I love spending time with Clients, seeing how comfortable they are in their own home, and knowing we are supporting them. Offering this in my local community, makes my business so much more personal.”

If you want to grow a business which makes a difference to people’s lives every day, Right at Home is right for you. “Looking back over my time, so far, with Right at Home, I’ve had the best time! I love being part of the community and I love supporting people. I’ve loved every minute of it,” Jenny says. In terms of advising others on their Right at Home path, Jenny says you have to be committed, “If you are driven, have a thirst for success and are considering opening a care business with Right at Home – do it!”

Amy Patel-Popat, Right at Home, Fareham

Amy Right at Home

Amy says, “I’m from a family of business owners; since a young age I’ve wanted to go into business myself. Franchising offers the opportunity to achieve this goal. The franchisor, Right at Home, gave me a business foundation, but they also enable me to add my personal touch to my business.

“People think franchising is all about being told exactly what to do. I believe the right franchisor allows you to develop your business within their perimeters. Right at Home has already developed the brand. I can concentrate on growing my business, instead of trying to balance this with building brand awareness and credibility. The way Kev and I are developing our Right at Home business here, is different to those in London, for example, to suit the needs of people around us.

“As a young woman, I can honestly say franchising is an encouraging option. You have loads of support to help you be successful. It IS STILL a man’s world out there. But there are many industries who actually NEED the female vibe. As women, we need to use our femininity for our advantage, rather than being afraid, or feeling as though we have to match a man in order to succeed. We have something different to bring to the table.

“Especially in care. A lot of the CareGivers are women, but a lot of the managers are men. As a young woman, I know I have a lot to offer; Right at Home makes it possible for me to deliver.”


Bryan McMorrine holds a degree in Maths and Finance, but his heart was set on care

Brian Right at Home

Bryan McMorrine holds a degree in Maths with Finance and lives with his French Bulldog, Isaac, who often accompanies him to the office. He opened his Right at Home business in 2016 and has gone from strength to strength, ever since.

Switching from finance to care is not your typical career path. However, for Bryan McMorrine, the superficiality of the finance industry did not fulfil him on a personal level. Bryan realised the financial sector’s fascination with making money no longer appealed to him; there must be something better and more rewarding he could do. “I felt it was getting very shallow, the industry is obsessed with making people money, rather than helping people hands on,” he says. “My mum and sister are both nurses, so I grew up around the care industry.”

Franchising was Bryan’s first port of call. “I was putting all my own personal money into my new venture, so wanted something with a reduced risk. Franchising offers a 95% success rate compared to going into business by yourself,” he explains. “I worked with a business advisor and we assessed what I liked and didn’t like about my previous role. He then suggested a few options for me to consider, including Right at Home. After meeting with them I didn’t even look at other franchises, I knew Right at Home were right for me. From the moment I met Ken, I knew I wanted to be involved in the network.”

Through each local team of CareGivers, the Right at Home management franchise offers Clients exceptional homecare. Franchisees share a desire to support independent living for those who wish to remain in their own home.

Drawing on the extensive knowledge of UK CEO Ken Deary, Right at Home has established a model for successful business growth, which is being replicated across the UK. The value of Right at Home is rooted in the collective desire of the whole network, to have a positive impact on Clients’ lives, every day.

For Bryan, who had heavily invested his career in the corporate bubble, the choice to step into the care industry was a personal one. “Like most people, I’ve had relatives who needed care. Having grown up with my mum and sister both being nurses, I picked up a lot from them, as they’ve shared with me what they experience at work. I knew it was the right direction for me to take, as I could make a very real difference in people’s lives.”

Bryan’s Right at Home business grew to such an extent, he realised he needed extra help within the office. Considering his options, Bryan decided employing apprentices within his business would be the best solution. It would allow him to continue making a difference to his Clients, every day, in a positive way, as well as enabling the next generation to gain valuable work experience.

As well as loving people in his local community, Bryan has a passion for animals and is often seen with his French Bulldog, Isaac – a fully-certified member of staff! Bryan is training Isaac to be a key tool in his pet therapy initiative, which other Right at Home franchisees have also added into their range of services.

Part of Right at Home’s ethos is the importance of franchisees giving back, and Bryan does this by supporting a variety of charities. “We work with a lot of local charities; Alzheimer’s Society, Opening Doors (an LGBT+ charity) and an HIV charity.” The benefit of the charity work to Bryan’s business is he getting to see a positive effect on his local community, whilst increasing the visibility of the Right at Home brand and giving back by using his privileges as a business owner.

The future is looking extremely bright for Bryan and his Right at Home business, as he moves into a bigger office premises and plans a campaign to employ more staff.

“I certainly plan to keep growing. We’ve just hired a second apprentice in the office, and we may well take on someone else later in the year.”

For anyone considering taking the step into franchising, Bryan advises, “Make sure you know what you’re buying and check it is a good quality franchise. Right at Home are members of the British Franchise Association (bfa), an organisation who offer information and advice for anyone considering joining a franchise about their members. Working so closely with the bfa gave me the confidence to join Right at Home.”

With his optimism and love for his homecare business so evident, it soon becomes clear just how fitting the Right at Home franchise opportunity was for Bryan.


Grantley Lynch: Why I Care

Grantley Right at Home

Grantley Lynch is someone who believes in hard work and fairness; he has a passion for people and a thirst for success. From the busy, corporate strain to entering the care profession, Grantley has taken a leap of faith and achieved his ambition of becoming his own boss.

Grantley joined Right at Home in July 2018 with high expectations and a desire to succeed within the care industry. He has a passion for people and his desire to see them prosper has led to him investing in a Right at Home franchise. One of the key reasons Grantley has invested in his new business, is to create opportunities and career developments for people eager to pursue their dream careers in his local area. “For some people, I understand it will be just a job, particularly if they're students or on their way to become nurses or other healthcare professionals, so they may only come and work with us for a year or two,” he explains. “But it’s a personal thing to me. I want to build careers and Right at Home has given me the tools to achieve this goal.”

Before opening his Right at Home business, Grantley was riding the corporate wave. A well-educated businessman with a post-graduate degree, he was used to managing global teams in New York, Frankfurt and Singapore. But, what makes someone who was once so invested in IT and global business management turn to the care profession and go solo? “I wanted to do something for myself, and I wanted to influence the care my parents receive as they grow older.”

Right at Home was the only choice for Grantley when he began looking to invest in a care franchise. “They’re the best,” Grantley explains, “I found them to be quite understated and over-delivering. They're very down-to-earth people. The first time I visited the national office, I was impressed with how straight to the point they are; ‘this is who we are, this is what we do’. It spoke strongly to who my wife and I are.”

Ken Deary, CEO of Right at Home UK explains, “Over the last seven years, we’ve maintained a sustainable measured growth-strategy focused on recruiting new franchisees who show themselves suited to our model. We then throw the full weight of our experience into supporting them to be successful. Our aim is to have a network of owners who enjoy what they do, and do it very well.” Grantley agrees they are a good example of this strategy, “I found I could naturally and quickly get along with the other Right at Home business owners.”

Right at Home have a stringent selection process which was a great indicator to Grantley of the importance of the calibre of franchisees. “The most important aspect for me is they're extremely selective. It's a rigorous process of recruitment. So, I had an insight into how much hard work it's going to be, but it just demonstrates how serious and committed you have to be.”

For Grantley, a key element of moving into the franchise industry was the appeal and taking control of his work/life balance. “Simply put, I am a family guy. I'm married, and have two kids. I needed an opportunity with reduced risk. Franchising takes care of a lot of the risk elements often associated with starting your own business,” he says. The appeal of an aspirational lifestyle was another point drawing Grantley in the direction of franchising, “We're country buffs! We like our country walks and squirrelling away somewhere deep in the countryside. We love rivers, lakes, beaches, mountains, you name it, you'll find us at one of those places!”

The network and support Right at Home offers was a clincher, when it came to investing, “As a franchisee you have access to the massive support structure,” Grantley says. “When I was researching various care franchises, there were a handful of companies who went the extra mile with their support, and Right at Home were at the top. They have credibility and seemed to have a great support network for the franchisees, Clients, the staff and for the registered managers.”

You don't need previous experience in the care sector to consider a Right at Home franchise, simply a burning passion to provide outstanding care and give back to your local community. The management franchise model was established in 2011 by CEO, Ken Deary using the vast experience he gained as a McDonald’s franchisee, and having opened and managed a privately-run care home. With Right at Home you are in safe hands.

The future is looking bright for Grantley who has his business plan honed, “I want to be the quality care provider of choice. There are care providers here, but they don’t all offer quality. We want to take our rightful place among the best quality care providers within four years. I also want to expand into a second territory, by year five.” But Grantley is under no illusion of what’s involved, “I feel jubilant and eager to start,” he says, “I'm committed to my business with the full blessing of my entire family. I’m going to work hard and I want to keep the high standards high in all we do.”


How a young entrepreneur is embarking on a journey to future success

Jack Miller Right at Home

As the youngest franchisee in the Right at Home network, Jack Miller is ready to take on the challenge of his new business. Having researched the right franchise for four years, he knows Right at Home are a well-supported brand he – and his Clients – can trust.

On March 8th, Jack Miller and his team will enter their new Right at Home (RaH) Chippenham and Trowbridge office, ready for business. For the 25 year old entrepreneur, the journey has meant acknowledging the risks. This may be a new industry, and a new venture for Jack, but his new business is based on the solid foundation of an established homecare brand.

Whilst he previously enjoyed working in telecommunications, Jack knew it wasn’t what he wanted to spend his career doing. So, he started investigating franchising. Over a period of four years, Jack researched various franchises. However, it was in scrolling through LinkedIn, Jack noticed a previous manager he had respected was now running Right at Home Sefton. “I was curious! I read through their website to discover more.”

RaH UK provides premium quality, local homecare. Business owners are committed to delivering the kind of homecare service we want our own family to receive, should they ever need support to continue living independently in their own homes. Franchisees build more than just a business; they build a local team dedicated to making a difference, every day.

Jack hadn’t considered the care sector as a viable option for starting a business. “To me, the care industry seemed incredibly risky,” he explains. “Being only 25, I felt I didn’t have the industry experience or knowledge. Most of my understanding of care had come from negative stories in the press. As I’d wanted to build a successful business, this had initially struck as too risky an industry.”

However, in attending RaH’s Discovery Day, with his father, Julian, Jack’s fears were soon allayed. “Spending time with Right at Home, I quickly realised how the support of the right brand, makes care a safe industry to work in. I immediately felt RaH were the right franchise for me. The added security of Ken Deary as CEO, and my old manager, upon whom I can call on for guidance helped me see they are a well-supported brand.”

Like Jack, 95% of RaH business owners had no previous care experience before joining. RaH UK, since franchising in 2011, have established the procedures and systems locally-run offices need to meet the stringent regulations. “RaH has the industry knowledge,” Jack explains, “so as well as the excellent training they provided, I have Compliance experts and Business Support managers I can approach. I’m also in communication with 20 local franchisees through Facebook. This all gave me confidence to start my RaH business.”

As the youngest RaH franchisee, Jack understands some clients may have concerns over his age, but says, “Having RaH behind me gives us a great foundation. The knowledge and experience of my Registered Manager will help us create an exceptional team of CareGivers, who will truly make a difference to people’s lives. I think it’s important for my Clients to feel reassured when they speak with me or my team, and feel confident our CareGivers can – and will – give them an excellent care service.”


Called to care

Julie Right at Home

Within her first year, Right at Home franchisee, Julie Houston, won two awards for her new business. What is it about Julie and the Right at Home model, which allowed her to become successful, so quickly?

Julie Houston’s two award wins this year, much to her surprise, have been a great boost to her already thriving Right at Home business and her team. “It’s been really good for the team’s morale – we’ve done a lot of celebrating!” she says. “The awards provide our business with credibility and visibility in the local community. We’ve been able to share our wins through social media and in various articles and it’s really helped our brand.”

Before she opened Right at Home North Cheshire, Julie worked in the corporate world, as a bank Regional Manager. Seemingly a million miles away from the care industry. But, she points out, this helped her develop skills in business and managing people. “I’d done a lot of people management, which has really helped my new business venture,” Julie says.

Her move into franchising came from a place of personal anguish. “When I was searching for care for a family member who needed it, I was disappointed and frustrated by the poor standard of care available. So, I started considering the care industry, as I knew I wanted to be able to offer better standards of care.”

“I’d originally came across franchising, whilst working for the bank. I didn’t fully realise the benefits, though, of taking on a business model which is proven to work, providing you stick to the model. Through franchising, you can build a successful business, and this is what attracted me,” she says. “Franchising gives you the security of a brand you can rely on, but you develop and run your own business.”

Every Right at Home franchise owner shares this common value of helping others and of putting Clients’ interests ahead of all else. Our owners operate from a local office, personally appointing a fully-registered care professional, and a team of carers, to build a quality business in their community. You don't need previous experience in the care sector to consider a Right at Home franchise, simply a burning passion to provide outstanding care and give back to your local community.

Right at Home became Julie’s dream choice as the brand connected with Julie on a personal and emotional level. “Right at Home’s values were exactly what I would want for my family. So the franchise model immediately felt right. When I met with everyone at the Right at Home National Office, I felt comfortable with them as they shared their passion and vision for the future of the brand, and especially appreciated how rigorous they were on the recruitment process” Julie says.

Based on the training she received, having entered the care sector from a banking background, and the ongoing support of the franchise, Julie’s Right at Home business has become very successful in a short space of time. “I have a great team around me who all live the values of Right at Home with me.” This is an integral part of her business, as her CareGiver Team deliver on the promise to offer quality of care for her local community, “For me, being involved in the care industry means our success is based on the feedback of our Clients. You’re changing people’s lives, every day. I think the passion and drive for what Right at Home offers comes out at all levels. We all want to make a difference, which drives us on, so we can help more people. As a franchisee, I really feel a part of what’s happening within the network nationally, because of what I am doing, locally.”

Care is at the heart of Right at Home, the heart of Julie’s own business and the heart of her sense of self. The reason why she started her Right at Home business has allowed her to relate to her Clients, and their families, having ‘been there’ personally. “Some of the standard of care out there is not what I had wanted for my family. It's about finding a passion for care because I absolutely love it. Yes, it can be very sad and it can be hard, but the upside is you're changing people's lives and helping them at a point in their lives when they need the support. It's so important to do it well; with respect and with dignity. I want to be able to give people who are ageing, a quality of life.”

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