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Founded in 1986 by Volker Henning in Hamburg, Germany, REISSWOLF has become the European market leader in secure data destruction and one of the leading companies in the field of archiving and digital services. Just 5 years after the construction of the first enterprise in Germany, the family company began its international expansion. In 2000, REISSWOLF launched secure physical records management solutions, and in 2009 launched its own RWAS archiving software worldwide.

Investment Amount:
£20,001 - £50,000
Industry Sector(s):
B2B Franchises, Computer Franchises

About the company and business

Founded in 1986 by Volker Henning in Hamburg, Germany, REISSWOLF has become the European market leader in secure data destruction and one of the leading companies in the field of archiving and digital services. Just 5 years after the construction of the first enterprise in Germany, the family company began its international expansion. In 2000, REISSWOLF launched secure physical records management solutions, and in 2009 launched its own RWAS archiving software worldwide.

Digital changes around the world and further developments have made REISSWOLF what it is today: a company offering end-to-end document management solutions with high-security standards. REISSWOLF invests in the future and is always striving to meet the needs of future data management requirements. Currently, REISSWOLF has a network that covers three continents, 31 countries, and 65 partners around the world.

How will you make money?

For more than 30 years, REISSWOLF has been synonymous with safe file and data destruction. Today, we are proud to be present throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, being successful and specializing in secure data destruction, physical records management, and digitization. We offer our partners comprehensive document management solutions with a high standard of security.


Advantages of the franchise

• Exclusive use of the trademark is a strong international brand. As a partner, you can use our REISSWOLF brand in your country/region.

• Marketing templates, case studies, or technical specifications in an editable format.

• Our know-how has been organized for you online for more than 30 years on a special franchise portal.

• Regular internal audits, security audits, and consultations.

• Software and hardware, as well as innovative additional solutions for managing the physical archive, digital archive, and data destruction business.

• Use our software solutions for a monthly rent (SaaS model*).

• Practical and theoretical training at the REISSWOLF Academy.

• Support with your tenders, customers, and offers.

• Support for customer feedback.

• "Best Practices" with our international partner network.

• Consultations throughout the contract.

Franchise Package

Training & Support

Permanent and unlimited consultancy with our German experts during the duration of the contract. ( software, administration, systems, product, employee training, skills training)

Obligations of the parties

The franchisee has to comply with the processes, quality standards, security standards, facility recommendations, ansoftwareare recommendations given by the Franchisor. All the specific items are part of the franchise agreement, as well as specific onboarding training. The franchisee will also be informed during the negotiation period of all the specific requirements that the REISSWOLF franchise system is requesting to comply with, without having an obligation to sign an agreement if they are not prepared to do so.


Investment section

  • Start-up investments
    Depending on the availability of premises, equipment, staff, etc. There are three available licenses to consider (DRMS, PRMS, DAAD). Starting from 10,000 EURO.

  • Royalty
    Starting from 5%, a minimum fee of 450 EUR per license.
  • Lump sum payment
    Depending on the selected licenses, starting from 10,000 Euros.

    Lump-sum payment includes:

    Contract, partner certificate.
    Security audit certificate (when it is ready for verification).

    Brand and Guide Style Guide
    Including know-how guidelines for each line of business, various marketing templates, a corporate identity guide including business equipment templates (form, order form, business card, greeting cards, delivery note, notebooks for A4/5 records, etc.), a space for reporting and interaction. on a modern online franchising portal.

    Website and marketing materials
    Web template with relevant content (in English), access to the CMS in the desired language of the country.

    All marketing materials that we have in editable formats will be provided to you after you join the network. Guide to CI and branding, uniforms, car stickers, brochures, souvenirs for customers and employees, case studies, photographs, presentations, etc.

    Training and know-how
    Training at the REISSWOLF Management Academy - 2 days online or in person. Training at the REISSWOLF Sales Academy - 3 days online or in person. Constant consulting support of business using industry know-how.
  • Other current payments



Most of our franchise partners in different countries have long been successful in areas such as safety, transport, relocation, information technology, logistics, and waste recycling. But beyond that, we also work with entrepreneurs who started from the beginning and succeeded in the innovative records management business.


Startup steps

We look forward to welcoming you to our REISSWOLF network. To get a quick overview of the business stages involved in a partnership, we'll walk the path together to start your business with REISSWOLF:

1. Agreement
Signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement and completing our franchise application form for the exchange of confidential information.

2. Visit the RW location (if possible)
Visit our REISSWOLF international headquarters in Hamburg.

3. Market analysis
Analysis of the potential of the market and competitors in your market.

4. Business plan
The investment, business, and sales plan are executed with RWI.

5. Discuss the Agreement
Preparation and approval of the franchise agreement.

6. Theoretical training
REISSWOLF Academy - theoretical training.

7. Practical training
On-the-job training at the headquarters of your preferred franchisee.

8. Go to market
Preparing to enter the market.

9. RV audit
Full quality audit of REISSWOLF.

10. Starting a business
Start of operations.


Frequently asked questions

How fast will I have my first customer?

You can go to your customers immediately to present yourself as a REISSWOLF franchisee. You will have the support of our sales professionals In the process, as well as you will have all marketing materials including business cards, general presentations, brochures, and case studies with different industries and customers that will help you to secure the customer. We will also support you with the offer models and the first offers as well, for you to have results as soon as possible. What will be the key to your success is that you have a professional salesperson as your partner as soon as possible. REISSWOLF is a premium service company and we also recommend you have a person who is knowledgeable in archiving, digitalization, logistics, or general document management. We had examples of partners who already came with customers, and we also had examples of partners who joined us and we had to go to tenders together, therefore by joining us you can have customers from day 1 or you will need longer in case sales will be your main priority.

How will the REISSWOLF franchise help me compared to if I start a business by myself?

Starting a document management business is not as intuitive as starting other businesses and we believe that by choosing a document management franchise like REISSWOLF you will save yourself 10 years of trying to do that professionally. At the core of what we are doing, we have accumulated 35 years of experience in more than 30 countries and 60 locations, therefore we will be able to give you the shortest way to success.

Can I use my software? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

REISSWOLF physical records management software (RWAM) is a state of art sophisticated document management software that has hybrid capabilities (physical+digital). This is mandatory software for all our partners, also because REISSWOLFs aim is to set the same standards for their international customers all over the world. Considering that we participate in international tenders quite often and this software and standards are one of the mandatory requirements we have from our customers. Investing by yourself in such software will not only mean an investment of over 100k EUR but also software servers maintenance, specialists, payments, and so on. Therefore, we recommend you trust this experience and our developed software when you want to start a franchise with us.

REISSWOLF digital records management software (f.i.t.) is on the other hand not mandatory, because our customers have different needs for digitalizing their documents, therefore we also work with a 3rd party software and companies to fulfill various needs for them. We will also support you to build your digital business and respond to your customer needs and projects.

When can I start my business after signing the agreement?

You can start your business immediately. REISSWOLF has a very well-developed onboarding process and we will help you with your go-to-market strategy, marketing, operations, training, and so on.

Can I add an additional license later? What are the advantages of starting with 3 licenses (360 formula)?

Starting with 360 gives you the best advantage from the investment perspective in our franchise system. However, doing that means you have to develop all three business lines at the same time and you will have to learn a lot about the document management business. That requires having a few people in your team doing that, so you can advance on the operational, sales, and software at the same time. You will receive from REISSWOLF from the moment you will sign an NDA with us, business plans for you to make the best decisions that fit your situation best.

It is also possible if you want to start with one or two licenses to add additional ones later unless they have been already taken by another partner in your region.


Use our software solutions for a monthly rent (SaaS model*).
Trademark payment – once a year.

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