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Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) assist you in building your own portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties and secures you a substantial income for life.

Investment Amount:
£250,001 - £500,000
Industry Sector(s):
Home Based Franchises, Premier Franchises, Property & Estate Agency, Specialised, Women In Franchising

Platinum Property Partners banner

Platinum Property Partners
An income for life from your own specialist buy-to-let property portfolio

Platinum Property Partners (PPP) is the world’s first property investment franchise. Offering a tried, tested and proven franchised business model which can generate you a lifelong annual income of £50,000 to £150,000 and an average return of 10-15% or more on your investment.

As a Franchise Partner you will learn everything you need to know, what costly mistakes to avoid and how, including which properties to buy and where, how to cost-effectively refurbish them, as well as obtain the required planning permissions and licensing.

Unlike other franchises, you own the assets from day one, so the income keeps coming in long after your commitment to us has expired. Most properties generate an average of £17,000 annual gross profit – that’s up to three times more than traditional buy-to-let models.

By utilising your existing finances, you can build a low-risk property investment business underpinned by a portfolio of appreciating assets, which in years to come will be a solid pension fund for you and a valuable legacy for your family.

Who are we?

We are the UK’s fastest growing premium franchise and a full member of the British Franchise Association (bfa) and Approved Franchise Association (AFA).

However, we are more than just a franchisor; our Franchise Partners tell us we are a way of life. We truly believe in the power of a network and helping people like you achieve your goals in life. Whether that’s in control of your long-term finances, in control of your free time and how you enjoy it, or in control of your future and that of your family.

Platinum Property Partners examples

Why join Platinum Property Partners?

  • As a network we now own 1100+ properties across 200 towns & cities across the UK.
  • The properties are home to more than 6,400 happy housemates.
  • They are worth in excess of £250 million combined.
  • 94% of PPP Franchise Partners state that they have met or excessed their financial expectations after 2 years.

Who are we looking for?

For over 12 years, we have worked with over 379 Franchise Partners, who have either already achieved or are well on their way to achieving financial security. Our Franchise Partners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have had director level roles in large companies, others have been accountants or solicitors. Many have run their own business or had a career in industry, teaching or the NHS. Some are mothers looking to find a suitable career as their children grow up.

The nature of your background and skills are much less important than your determination to build your own business, create a substantial lifelong income and a better quality of life.

Earning potential

With our guidance and support, we’ll teach you how to become a successful and professional property investor and landlord. We specialise solely in high quality Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) for professionals and key workers. This type of investment typically generates more than three times as much rental income as single-tenancy buy-to-let property. Franchise Partners are able to achieve an annual income of £50,000-£150,000.

Investment level

In order to be considered as a potential Franchise Partner, we ask that you can gain access to between £300,000 and £700,000 of working capital. This will be drawn on in stages over the first 12 months to fund initial franchise fee and the purchase of your first property. The amount is dependent on the desired location and size of portfolio.

You can access this required capital investment from releasing equity from your home or existing properties, pension funds, existing savings or liquidising other investments such as stocks and shares. PPP will work through this with you to ensure that the capital investment requirements are realistic for you and your financial circumstances.

Find out more about joining the Platinum Property Partners network and the opportunity to earn £50,000-£150,000 a year. Get in touch now!

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Agnes and Jonathan GoodallAgnes and Jonathan Goodall

Joined PPP: March 2017
Previous Career: Corporate Finance
Portfolio Location: Teesside
HMOs: One
Biggest Benefit: Flexibility

A greater return from property than corporate life in Teesside

That was the goal for Agnes and Jonathan Goodall, the first Platinum Property Partners investing in Teesside. Following a ten-year career break to bring up the couple’s two children, Agnes was now eager to get back to work.

But, after 18 months working part time in corporate finance, she realised it wasn’t what she wanted to do. It just wasn’t flexible enough. 

Jonathan, who has been working back in the family warehousing and retail business for 11 years, after running a successful photography studio in London, suggested they go to a franchise exhibition.

“It was really to get ideas and inspiration; see what the next big thing was,” added Jonathan. “Whilst there we came across a High Net Worth panel debate, where Paul Watson, franchise partner and Platinum mentor, was taking part.”

It was enough to encourage the couple to talk to the team on the stand, and already having an interest in property and wowed by the HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) concept, they booked onto a Discovery Day the same month. However, their main concern was whether the model would work in Teesside.

Working closely with the team at the Platinum Head Office and speaking to nearby franchise partners in Newcastle and Warrington, Agnes and Jonathan were convinced they could build a profitable portfolio in their area. The only other reservation they had was the franchise fee.

Jonathan added: “We had the capital to do it ourselves, even if we ended up paying the price for a few mistakes. But we thought, why go through the pain of trying to learn it yourself when you have people who can teach you not just how to do it, but how to do it right?

We were also conscious of the pressure doing it on our own would put on us as a couple. Joining PPP would mean there’d always be information or someone available to help & support us.

They concluded that the fee was a positive thing and represented a barrier to entry that highlighted how difficult it would be to build a portfolio on your own. 

The couple joined in March 2017.

Their first property completed refurbishment at the end of January. What was originally a 4-bedroom semi-detached house is now a 6-bedroom HMO with four ensuites and one shared bathroom. The plan for the next five years is to build a portfolio of five HMOs generating a combined £70,000 annual gross profit. 

Jonathan added: “Being part of a franchise, the burden is still yours. But with Platinum, all the benefits are yours too”. 

For Agnes, she has finally found the flexibility and enjoyment she was craving.

She concluded: “It’s a business I have been able to build around the needs of the children and I’m setting a good example that there is an alternative to having a job. I’m certainly getting more value for my time and this value could go on for generations to come.”

It’s been fantastic, everything from the mentoring to the bootcamp, Foundation Lettings Course & Workshops have been brilliant. There’s a lot of information to absorb but it’s been a fun rollercoaster ride.

Some of Agnes and Jonathan's properties:

Agnes and Jonathan's properties

Andrew and Christina Wallace Andrew and Christina Wallace

Joined PPP: August 2014
Previous Career: Chartered Civil Engineer
Portfolio Location: Watford
HMOs: Three
Biggest Benefit: Security

We sold our family home to invest in property

For the once risk-averse Andrew and Christina Wallace, the thought of selling their beloved family home of more than 20 years to become professional property investors would have seemed absurd. Yet, in the summer of 2014, that’s exactly what they did.

Like many people who’ve enjoyed successful corporate careers, they were in desperate need of a change. The long hours of the working week were squeezing family life into shorter and shorter weekends. They wanted a challenge again, but also security.

They toyed with several business ideas but failed to take any action. That was until their son, who worked in an estate agent, came home with Steve Bolton’s book, Successful Property Investing.

“I was immediately sold on the whole ethos of Platinum Property Partners and their way of investing in property,” said Andrew. “We’d been looking at ways I could escape the rat race for years, but nothing had seemed right. We’d never considered franchising because it had always sounded as if you were buying a job.”

Convinced that this was what they had been looking for, Andrew and Christina moved fast. They attended a Discovery Day and met some of the existing franchise partners.

The only caveat was the money they would need to build a meaningful portfolio of high-end HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). Living in North Finchley, property prices were above average and they’d need at least £400,000 to get started.

Andrew said: “We knew that if we really wanted to replace our income and achieve our ideal lifestyle, we needed to take this risk and sell our home. We had hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equity in our home, but we realised it was ‘dead money’ unless we sold the house and made our equity ‘work’ for us.”

Christina added: “It was a lovely Edwardian house that our four children had grown up in. But for us, it made complete sense - to move our bricks and mortar from our own home to a portfolio of investment properties in a cheaper area that gave us massive returns.”

So, after developing their first 7-bedroom HMO, which was originally a 3-bed house, they sold up and moved into a rented house in Muswell Hill. A further two HMOs followed – an 8-bedroom property, then a year later, a further 8-bedroom property which has just recently been tenanted.

“All of the properties are in the Watford area, running at 99% occupancy, and the returns have been even better than expected - 22% ROI and £35,000 annual profit per property on average.”

 “Just knowing how to utilise space and understanding all the planning and licensing regulations that come with larger HMOs have made our properties so much more profitable,” said Andrew. “These extra bedrooms have paid for the franchise fee, the rent on our own home and still given us a healthy income to live off, which we couldn’t have done without Platinum Property Partners.”

Two years after joining Platinum Property Partners, Andrew gave up his full-time job and now both him and Christina are working on branching out into other areas of property investment.

“It’s down to PPP that we have the confidence to do this now. There’s always someone there to help you make the right decisions at every step and somewhere you can get information from immediately.”

Their journey is far from over and they still want to buy their own home, develop a couple of properties and travel more, but it’s great to know Platinum Property Partners has helped them on their way to the life and business they’d dreamed of.

Some of Andrew and Christina's properties:

Andrew and Christina's properties

Ben GouldBen Gould - Platinum Property Partners

Joined PPP: January 2017
Previous Career: Family business
Portfolio Location: Bridgwater
HMOs: Two
Biggest Benefit: Freedom

Finally achieving the real buy-to-let dream

Ben Gould explains why Platinum Property Partners gave him and his parents, Mike and Jane, a secure way to invest in property that would give them an income in the short-term and security in the long-term…

What did you do before buying your own franchise?

The family business was a mortgage brokerage which we ran until 2008 when we switched to helping businesses who were experiencing financial difficulties or facing insolvency. It was hands on and you were only as good as your last sale, so we were constantly looking for new customers and ways to expand. We wanted to do something different that would benefit us for the long term.

Why did you choose to join Platinum Property Partners?

We were looking at several options and property was one of them. We’ve always had a few properties - I rented out a property that I owned, inherited a property from my grandmother and we bought a couple of houses. The buy-to-let dream was always way into the future though, hoping the properties would be worth a fortune in the long term - because the reality was that they never made any money in the short term.  

The Platinum model turned this on its head. It suddenly became important to know how to make money from property today and they had a proven process for it. We’d be able to earn an income that would give us time freedom to focus on other things and create a legacy. I have two children that I want to put through private education and give them financial security when they’re older. I also want to go back to university and this would give me the chance to do that.   

I also loved the people, the availability of help and advice and the confidence that their support would give me.

How have you found the past year?

The first year has been a bit of a whirlwind, there’s a lot to learn. Buying a property is complicated - sometimes it feels as if you’re just writing big cheques and it takes time. The guidance from Platinum has been fantastic, especially the mentoring and support from other Partners. What struck me when I went to the Discovery Day was their openness and honesty about the business, so I was in no doubt what the first year would be like and I’m now at a point where I know it works. It’s been a great success.

What have you achieved so far?

I’ve got one fully tenanted 7-bed HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) and another 8-bed HMO currently undergoing refurbishment. I’ve used a builder that has done other Platinum properties. The first is in the town centre and caters for a younger and more flexible type of tenant – those who spend most of their time out of the house or are working in the area as contractors. The second is much more homely and will appeal to people who want to have a sense of belonging somewhere. Through Platinum, I was not only able to learn the rules and regulations around lettings, but how to find the right tenants in order to create a harmonious household.

Has there been a defining moment?

One was certainly when the HMO officer told me that the property was amazing and the best finish of an HMO in the town. Then it was successfully letting the first room and hearing from the tenant how great the property was. Both proved to me that what I was doing was appreciated and would work. I’d never have known how to cost-effectively achieve such high quality without Platinum.

What are your plans and goals for the future?

The plan over the next four years is to gradually grow the portfolio to around 40 rooms and have a mix of style of property, fit and I can already see that is achievable. That will then enable me to have a rental manager to deal with the day-to-day hands on, which has always been the objective - to find a balance between having more time and having a substantial income.

Some of Ben's properties:

Ben's property examples

Gertie OwenGertie Owen - Platinum Property Partners

Joined PPP: 2010
Portfolio Location: London
Biggest Benefit: Substantial income for life

Using a proven system for investing in property

Gertie Owen joined PPP in August 2010. After 20 years of looking after her children and being, in her own words, being “a lady of leisure”, Gertie wanted a new challenge.

As her children had grown into young adults, Gertie found herself with increasing amounts of free time. Around the same time Gertie’s husband was made redundant, so there was a potential need for an additional income stream.

PPP appealed to Gertie as it offered a proven system to begin investing in property, providing cash flow as well as a growing asset base. Gertie had no previous buy-to-let experience, but with support and guidance on hand whenever she needed it, PPP offered the ability to achieve the income she wanted with the challenge she was looking for.

Since joining PPP Gertie has bought, refurbished and fully tenanted four HMO properties and has just bought her fifth, meeting her personal target. Gertie has gone from having no experience of buy-to-let or HMO property development to the 2013 ‘HMO Landlord of the Year’, awarded by Landlord & Buy-to-Let Magazine. Gertie is in good company – the award’s previous winner held the title for the last three consecutive years and is a Director of the Residential Landlords Association.

Speaking of her triumph at the awards Gertie said: “The awards evening was really special, it was wonderful; I had lots of landlords telling me I inspired them to do more for their tenants, after hearing what I do for mine – and I’ve been a landlord for less than three years. It was a dream come true to win and I was delighted to have my hard work and caring attitude towards my tenants be acknowledged, I feel being part of PPP has made me the landlord I am. It taught me so well to be the best, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

“When I joined PPP my 5 year goal was to earn £100,000 per annum. After just about 3 years I was already earning £126,000 per annum.”

Gertie believes what sets her apart from other landlords is the way she cares for her tenants; “I show it in all the things I do, from decorating all my houses at Christmas so it feels like home for them, to giving each tenant a Christmas present and also hampers to share. I take note of all their birthdays to make sure I give them cards and give them all eggs and cards for Easter. When doing viewings I always pick them up from the station and I do my best to match the personalities in my houses, so they become good friends.”

The financial benefit has exceeded Gertie’s expectations: “When I joined PPP my five year goal was to be earning £100,000 per annum, but after just about three years I was already earning approximately £126,000 per annum. That’s now nearer £150,000 per year so I feel a great sense of achievement.”

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