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Platinum Property Partners

How to earn £50,000 - £150,000 per annum from your own property portfolio.

Investment Amount:
£250,001 - £500,000
Industry Sector(s):
Home Based Franchises, Premier Franchises, Property & Estate Agency, Specialised, Women In Franchising
The British & International Franchise Exhibition
Platinum Property Partners

An income for life from your own property portfolio


We're Platinum Property Partners; the world's first property investment franchise.

We offer an exclusive tried, tested and proven franchised business model which can generate you a lifelong income of £50,000 to £150,000 through a specialist buy-to-let property portfolio. Our Partners' property portfolios achieve an average return on investment of 15%.

PPP Franchise - HMO

We are more than just a franchisor; our partners tell us we are a way of life. We truly believe in the power of a network and helping people like you achieve your goals in life. Whether that's in control of your long-term finances, in control of your free time and how you enjoy it, or in control of your future and that of your family.

We are the UK's fastest growing premium franchise and a full member of the British Franchise Association (bfa).


With our guidance and support, we'll teach you how to become a successful and professional property investor and landlord. We specialise solely in high quality Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) for professionals and key workers. This type of investment typically generates more than three times as much rental income as single-tenancy buy-to-let property.

Unlike other franchises, you own the assets from day one, so the income keeps coming in long after your commitment to us has expired. By utilising your existing finances, you can build a low-risk property investment business underpinned by a portfolio of appreciating assets, which in years to come will be a solid pension fund for you and a valuable legacy for your family.

You'll learn everything you need to know, what costly mistakes to avoid and how, including which properties to buy and where, how to cost-effectively refurbish them, as well as obtain the required planning permissions and licensing.

Platinum Property Partners Franchose HMO


Most of our Partners aren't looking specifically for a way into property investment. They are looking for ways they can make changes in their lives now to secure their futures financially and make it possible to live their dreams.

For over 10 years, we have partnered with over 300 franchise partners, who have either already achieved or are well on their way to achieving financial security.

  • Our franchise partners own 1,000+ properties across 200 towns and cities in England and Wales.
  • The properties are home to more than 5,800 happy housemates.
  • They are worth in excess of £250 million combined.
  • Each property generates an average £17,000 annual gross profit – 40% higher than traditional buy-to-let models.
  • 94% of our partners state that Platinum has met or exceeded their financial expectations after two years.

Our Partners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have had director level roles in large companies, others have been accountants or solicitors. Many have run their own business or had a career in industry, teaching or the NHS. Some are mothers looking to find a suitable career as their children grow up.

The nature of your background and skills are much less important than your determination to build your own business, fully supported by us, and create substantial lifelong income as well as a better quality of life.

We pride ourselves on being an investor network – guided by a management team of business angels and comprising like-minded people with similar aspirations. Our philosophy is to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More; something we still stand by today and encourage our team and partners to practice daily.

Ben Gould, PPP Franchise Partner’s PPP Journey

Franchise Partner Ben Gould, who joined Platinum Property Partners in January 2017, takes us through a brief journey of his time with PPP so far.


In order to be considered as a potential Partner, you will need in excess of £300,000 to £700,000* of investment capital. This amount will depend on your investment location and the size of the property portfolio you want to build. These funds can come from various sources including cash, equity in your own home and other investments. In some cases, pension funding, and/or wider family assets can be utilised. You may also consider investing alongside someone else.

Partners are required to make an upfront investment and ongoing monthly costs which can vary depending on membership term and individual goals.

The franchise fee and ongoing monthly payments enable us to provide you with the best expert advice, guidance, training and support. It also allows us to negotiate special products and services with suppliers that enhances the profitability of your property portfolio. This is a significant investment and we are delighted that our Partners say that they could not have achieved the same returns if they were to go it alone.

*Accessible working capital typically needed in stages, over the first 12 months to fund initial franchise fee and the purchase of your own investment properties.

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From reluctant franchisee to property franchise mentor

Back in October 2007, Mike Dixon found himself reluctantly attending the National Franchise Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham with his wife, Carol. After a long and successful career taking in spells in the record, computer games, finance and sports broadcasting industries, a failed business deal left him with a desperate need to generate an income, and quickly.

With no desire to even attempt to apply for high-powered jobs and valuing his independence too much, Mike wanted to set up a new business with Carol.

“Out of desperation, we attended the National Franchise Exhibition, but I really didn’t expect to find anything,” said Mike. “To me, franchising was a very good, proven model for franchisors and for most franchisees but not necessarily for me as I saw it as buying a job where everything was very prescriptive. But then I came across Platinum Property Partners.”

Towards the end of what had been a very uninspiring day for Mike and Carol, they walked passed the Platinum stand and were approached by a member of the team who leaped out and asked them if they wanted to make loads of money. This was done in such an amusing way that it made Mike laugh for the first time that day.

Mike added: “Here I was having my pre-conceived notions of property investors being a bunch of sharks confirmed to me! However, after a bit of harmless banter, we were introduced to Steve Bolton who calmly told us that he was about to give a presentation on stand. If we liked what we heard then we could have a chat, but if we didn’t, then not to worry. At last, someone that wasn’t trying to ram it down our throats – so we stayed.”

Until now, Mike had never considered investing in property. His view of buy-to-let was that it was great if you wanted to build a property portfolio for capital growth but that you couldn’t expect to earn much of an income along the way. Yet, here was someone telling him that there were all these people living in shared accommodation way beyond student years which meant you could earn a very healthy profit from this business model as well as building a portfolio for capital growth.

After listening to the presentation, Mike and Carol went home to carry out some due diligence. If what they’d heard was true, then this really could be the business they’d been looking for. Much to Mike’s surprise, he couldn’t find any dirt on either Steve or Platinum Property Partners and it became apparent that there really was a market for high quality shared accommodation.

The following week, he made the long trip from where he lived in rural Monmouthshire, Wales, to see Steve in Bournemouth. In those days, Platinum Property Partners consisted of five members of staff, including Steve, working from his home office and there were only nine Franchise Partners.

“Everything Steve said just made sense to me,” said Mike. “Not only did the property investment model work, but there was a wonderful support network that would teach me everything I needed to know without telling me what to do. There was an element of freedom. We were actually encouraged to be our own business people and to also have multiple streams of income, so if we wanted to do something alongside it, we could do.”

Mike likened it to the old saying, ‘if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for life’. This is how he felt Platinum Property Partners operated and he was attracted to that.

In early 2008, Mike set about building his portfolio of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in Gloucester and Cheltenham. Even during the financial crisis that hit, the model was so robust that his portfolio remained profitable because of the high level of rental income. That enabled him to weather the storm and continue to build his property business.

Today, Mike manages eight properties with his wife Carol, earning a healthy income from the portfolio. However, the time freedom this has given Mike has allowed him to do other things that bring in additional income streams, which includes mentoring other Franchise Partners in the network.

Since 2010, Mike has been a Purchase Mentor, helping new Partners with the sourcing, analysing and purchasing of their first investment property. In any one year, he will view over 500 properties up and down the country, reviewing their suitability as an HMO in line with the individual’s goals for their property business.

“Helping people gives me the biggest buzz,” added Mike. “I love meeting new people and shaping the mentoring to suit their needs. It also means I’m staying active in the market and keeping on top of changes in localised property markets.”

With regards to their own portfolio, Mike and Carol have stopped actively investing, not feeling the need for further expansion.

Mike concluded: “Joining Platinum Property Partners has given me freedom to run my own business and yet being part of support structure and giving back to help others. I saw the initial franchise fee as a shortcut and it paid off. I have a solid income but the choice and opportunity to generate other sources of income by doing things I want to do and in my own way.”

Partner Diary – Bootcamp, purchase and refurbishment mentoring

Julia Matthews

It’s been a busy couple of months for Julia Matthews. Since joining Platinum Property Partners in March 2017, she and her husband Philip have attended a two-day bootcamp, had their purchase mentoring with Mike Dixon and refurbishment mentoring with Kim Thorogood. Now sale agreed on their first property, Julia explains how she’s found the first few weeks as a franchise partner.

“I was keen to get started with the training and mentoring as soon as possible. I was still slightly concerned whether the training and mentoring was as good as we had been led to believe and not just a sales pitch to get us to join. And now I know that it’s actually one of the main areas that Platinum excels in.

Our training started with purchase mentoring with Mike Dixon. It was an intense couple of days, and while I probably wouldn’t have initially chosen to do it that way, I can see why it works. We viewed 10 properties on the first day, had three second viewings and two initial viewings on the second day and were sale agreed on our first property by the end of that day. It does mean you get things done and progress very quickly.

Unfortunately, work commitments meant that Philip couldn’t join us for the first day, but it worked out better, because he was then able to help me shortlist three properties for second viewing objectively. The problem was that I’d done pretty well in selecting the properties in the first place and all of them worked well as HMOs. And so Philip said, let’s just look at the numbers.

It was great to hear that Mike agreed with us. He told us he would let us know if a property didn’t work, but he didn’t want us to be influenced by his favourite. As it happens, the property we went sale agreed on was the first choice for all three of us.

House image

We then attended bootcamp at the Platinum Head Office in Bournemouth. It was extremely useful and we loved meeting other people who were also starting their journey.

You get a very good overview of the business, there’s a good combination of practical and theoretical learning and the supporting material is excellent. I’m now working on setting up a good online filing system that will work for me so that I can go back to it when I need to.

The thing I am looking forward to the most at this stage is getting our first property finished and fully tenanted so that I can be comfortable with the whole process. I’m also really excited about the refurbishment because even though I am following a proven system, there is still room for individuality and creativity.

We had our refurbishment mentoring with Kim Thorogood, who was very thorough about everything needed, from room sizes to amenities and health and safety requirements. It’s a five-bedroom detached town house which we are going to turn into a six-bedroom HMO with four en-suite bathrooms.

To add value, we’re going to build an extension, which will involve a build over agreement because of the location of the current drainage. This will be another learning curve for me. It’s three-storey, so we don’t need planning permission but we do need a licence. We’ve already met with the HMO officer, who is happy with our plans.

I left our fellow attendees at bootcamp with the impression that we would be adding colour and sparkle throughout our properties, which was not strictly true, but we will be avoiding the magnolia!

It will be about 12 weeks before we are able to start the refurbishment, so we have time to get things in order. The challenge is going to be finding a builder who is available, because of course, a good builder is always busy. But we currently have tenders out, so fingers crossed! So far, the whole process has been very well-paced and I have complete faith that this venture will work.”

Life after Platinum Property Partners

Ten years ago, Gary and Sally Bassett decided to take control of their lives. They had children starting university, parents who needed caring for and jobs. Both approaching 50, Sally was on the verge of yet another reorganisation within the NHS and Gary had started a small property maintenance business after exiting the printing sector.

“We lived normal lives and had a normal upbringing,” said Sally. “We’d been given the same advice that everyone had – to work hard, get a house, pay off the mortgage and save for our pensions. But we knew we needed to do something differently.”

The couple decided to embark on a steep learning curve together, reading lots of books and going on lots of courses in the hope that they’d be inspired to make a change.

Eventually, they settled on a property investment programme led by Steve Bolton. It was then that he was forming the franchise, Platinum Property Partners.

“We wanted stuff, of course. I wanted a watch, a new car and Sally likes diamonds,” laughed Gary. “But more than that, we wanted to make money doing something we enjoyed and in the right way for the right reasons – to improve our lives and other peoples’ lives.”

Throughout their learning journey, Gary and Sally created a new vision and Platinum Property Partners gave them the opportunity to achieve that vision. They signed up for a five year franchise, and during that time, built a portfolio of four high-yielding and high quality HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation).

The time and money freedom their property business gave them allowed them to go out and live life to the full. They walked the Great Wall of China to raise money for Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), which was a dream come true, and sightseeing in Rome, Sydney and Vancouver and relaxing in Santorini and Crete were just some of their other adventures.

“It was during one of these holidays that we had a reflective moment,” added Sally. “Having dinner on the beach and watching the sun go down, we realised we’d achieved what we wanted to. We could take at least four holidays a year, care for our families and look forward to a comfortable life. So we took a second to text Steve and say thank you.”

Back in 2012, there was no Alumni renewal option from Platinum Property Partners so naturally, Gary and Sally were happy to leave the franchise, thankful for the business and life they’d created. They continued to manage their HMOs and took the skills and knowledge they had learnt within the network to follow different property investment strategies.

Gary said: “I don’t like paperwork and administration, so after we left Platinum, I joined the National Landlords Association and continued to be active within the local council to keep myself informed. It can be lonely and hard work on your own when you don’t have the support of a network around you, especially as the landscape is always changing, but we’d had good teachers.”

A decade on, and the £300,000 of initial investment they started with before joining Platinum Property Partners has turned into a property portfolio worth £3.6 million. This includes their family home, five HMOs, a single tenancy buy-to-let and a caravan (temporary accommodation while they carry out their current venture). They’ve gained £1.1 million in net equity and generate a monthly profit of £8,440 from property alone, even in a challenging rental market.

Gary and Sally have also been able to practice what Platinum Property Partners preaches, and have done lots of ‘giving back’ and have helped a long list of charities and Sally has been able to achieve her dream, which is to do her job as a nurse for nothing, which she did in Goa.

Sally concluded: “We could never have looked after our parents in the way we have done if it hadn’t been for this journey. Our children flourished in university, emerged without crippling debt and we still enjoy lots of family holidays together. We also took Platinum’s underpinning values on board, and are still dreaming and planning, with the next big project being the refurbishment of our own new (old listed) house. It’s definitely been worth it.”

Look inside – Chris Dumas shows us his first PPP HMO project

Chris Dumas

In this video, Platinum Property Partner, Chris Dumas, shows us around his first House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Once a three-bedroom family home, the semi-detached property in Havant has now been expertly converted into a six-bedroom shared house for working professionals.

Chris was able to finish his first investment property to a high specification and maximise the use of space thanks to refurbishment mentoring from Platinum Property Partners. He converted an integral garage and existing lounge into two en-suite bedrooms and turned the three upstairs bedrooms into four with two en-suites and one shared bathroom.

The property is now home to six happy housemates, who benefit from a fully fitted and modern kitchen, a comfortable communal space and garden where they can all socialise together – although the BBQ is yet to be used.

Previously a commodity trader working in the city and heading for 40, Chris decided to look at alternatives to going corporate life. He knew property was one area of consideration and already had a buy-to-let investment that he owned with his wife.

When he discovered Platinum Property Partners, he was impressed by the knowledge and experience of the network and strength of the high quality HMO model. In his opinion, it was the best route to fast-track his success in property while ensuring he became a professional landlord.

Chris commented: “The level of support I have received from PPP has been absolutely excellent. The mentors that I had at the beginning who helped me buy the property and then helped me refurbish the property were first class. I think that the network of like-minded individuals surrounding PPP is also fantastic in terms of helping me on a very steep learning curve to get me to where I’ve got to.”

Chris is now looking forward to the refurbishment of his second property, which he purchased earlier this month.

Partner Diary – Joining Platinum Property Partners

Julia Matthews, a part-time marketing professional from Wiltshire, joined Platinum Property Partners in March 2017 after she and her husband, Philip, heard about the franchise twice in one week from an old friend and colleague. Philip, an IT Consultant, felt like this would be a good way of providing them with a comfortable standard of living in retirement.

In her first diary instalment, Julia tells us why they joined Platinum and their goals for the future.

“When I first heard about Platinum from an old friend, who I hadn’t seen for years, she kept referring to ‘PPP’. It set alarm bells ringing at first because it sounded like a property investment company we’d been involved in some 15 years ago which didn’t go well. But when Philip also heard about the company again that same week, we knew it had to be different company and one worth investigating.

While we weren’t looking for anything specific at the time, it did appeal to Philip as a way of providing us with a good standard of living in retirement, which was something he was concerned about now that we are in our mid-50s.

We’d had some experience in property investment over the years, in terms of purchasing and managing buy-to-lets but also buying properties, refurbishing them and selling them on and I have always loved doing the interiors. We were also very interested in all that our friends, Gail and Andrew, had achieved over the last five years and wanted to know more about this HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) model they were following with Platinum.

We couldn’t make the next Discovery Day at the time and wanted to move fast. So after a four hour lunch with Gail and Andrew talking about nothing except Platinum Property Partners, the model and how it worked, we asked to meet with another franchise partner, who is also part of the recruitment team, Paul Watson.

Philip’s sole aim during the meeting was to get Paul to convince him why we should pay the franchise fee rather than do it on our own. Within 15 minutes, Paul had won us over with a simple example of how one extra bedroom would cover the cost and more over the term of the franchise. We then met up with a few more franchise partners, looked at some of their properties and signed up.

For us, this will provide us with more choices in our life. We both like being busy and we both like our jobs and will continue to work for as long as we can or want to. But joining Platinum Property Partners means that if we were forced to retire for example, we’d still be able to enjoy a comfortable life. We also have two children, young men aged 18 and 20, who are both pursuing careers in music and we’ll be able to continue supporting them on this uncertain career path.

On a personal level, it’s also a case of personal growth. When your children get to an age that ours are, you can see yourself easily going down the ‘pipe and slippers’ route. But we decided to take on a new project and learn new skills. It feels like a safe investment, but also a really social one where we will get to meet lots of new people.

As I only work part-time and for myself, I am going to be the most involved at this stage, with Philip joining me whenever he can. Our aim is to buy two properties a year until we reach five or six, and then I may consider giving up my work. But Philip loves his job and sees himself continuing to work for another decade yet!”

A replacement income in 18 months by investing in property

Searching for a way to escape being chained to her corporate desk, Kay Collier-Jeremy wanted to gain the flexibility and variety she craved while using what she knew was a sound investment platform – property.

Frustrated with the insular system of trading time for money day after day working in Human Resources, Kay began looking for other ways to generate income with her husband Nigel. Their goal was to initially be able to replace Kay’s income, but in the long-term, Nigel’s as well.

They trusted property as an asset class, even though they hadn’t yet had the opportunity to invest in any property other than their homes, so after reading about Steve Bolton and Platinum Property Partners in a book bought on Amazon, Kay and Nigel’s interest was piqued. Subsequent internet research led them to believe that this might be the solution to realising their long-term goal of being able to leave the corporate world.

Discovery Day Benefits

They decided to attend a Discovery Day to find out more, but without any intention of joining as Partners because they thought they’d be able to do this on their own. With Nigel having previously worked in banking, they were also concerned about over-leveraging. However, as the day went on they began to see the strength of the model:

“We weren’t sceptical of whether property could generate great capital returns, it was really about whether we needed to join an organisation and shell out a load of cash – the usual stuff. There was a bit of us that was thinking this seems too good to be true and ‘what’s the catch?’ But we came away excited and with a complete change in attitude towards good debt.”

Shortly after attending the Discovery Day, Kay and Nigel met with existing franchise partners, Andy and Vashti Bedwell, and the final piece of the puzzle was put into place.

“We immediately thought they’re just like us. We could see ourselves in their shoes, which was really important for us. So, we’d done all our numbers, we’d tried to dig the dirt but couldn’t find it, and we went off to see Andy and Vashti and it really just confirmed that all the thinking that we’d been through, all the stuff we had looked at had worked out in practice. Then we said - ‘we’re ready to sign up now!’ – and we did.”

A Successful Decision?

That was in 2013 and within 18 months, Kay had successfully replaced her income. The couple now operate a successful portfolio of four Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in the Reading area, with a fifth in the refurbishment process. Their initial plan was to purchase 10 properties in order to free Nigel from his corporate job too, but with returns exceeding their expectations at an average of 20%, Kay thinks they will be able to achieve this with just 7 or 8 properties.

But the benefits have not all been financial. Joining Platinum Property Partners has also meant that Kay has been able to work flexible hours and have a more active lifestyle.

“I think it took me 15 years in corporate life to realise that I’m actually quite an active person. I don’t like sitting at my desk for long periods of time, I find it really frustrating! And actually, particularly on refurbishments, when you’re out and about and on your feet, it’s very dynamic and it fitted with my requirement for flexibility and to be active. I’m happiest when I’m on site, in my jeans and my trainers. It can be hard work physically, but it’s great fun and quite creative.”

Personal Growth

In addition, Kay has been able to utilise her existing Human Resources skills by hiring a lettings manager which she shares with other collaborative franchise partners in the Reading area. The extra free time that this allows has given Kay the opportunity to pursue more personal growth than was previously possible. Kay was sworn in as a local Magistrate in 2015, after completing an extensive training programme and now sits in her local courts at least twice a month.

“This is part of my giving back to the local community, which is important to me in much the same way as running my business in the local community is. It’s something I’d wanted to do for years and years, but with a corporate job and a long commute, I’d never been able to commit the time to do it. Work plays a different role in my life now and I have time to focus on making sure my family enjoys life.”

Comparing franchises – How does Platinum Property Partners score?

It could be argued that long-time school friends, Torban Cane and Jeremy Rose, are experts at picking franchises.

As soon as they both graduated with degrees in business and marketing, they went straight into starting their own business with Subway at the age of 23.

“We’d always talked about going into business together, but had no experience,” said Jeremy. “We knew there could be a lot of start-up costs involved and didn’t want to make costly mistakes. So we decided to follow a proven path that gave us a support system and structure by going down the franchising route."

Within three years of becoming Subway franchisees, Torban and Jeremy had five stores across Reading. Despite the recession in 2008, they persevered and traded their way through a couple of tough years.

But one thing they learnt was not to put all of their eggs in one basket, so to speak. “It was about diversifying but also challenging ourselves,” added Torban. “And as franchising had worked so well for us to date, we wanted to see what other franchises were available.”

Impressed by gym franchise, Fit4less, the friends decided to sell one Subway store to embark on a new business venture in 2012. For three years, they continued to run both franchises before growing the Fi4less business to such a size that they decided to leave Subway to focus on that.

A Franchise with a Difference

It was actually by chance that Jeremy came across Platinum Property Partners (PPP) when he saw Founder and Chairman, Steve Bolton, quoted on more than one occasion in the Sunday Times. After doing some online research and finding out that PPP was a franchise, he decided to go on a Discovery Day.

“I went along on my own and could see immediately that there was a certain quality to the existing franchise partners. PPP also seemed to offer a step up in terms of resources that would be available to us. It was also reassuring that this was a business that could withstand an economic downturn so it felt as safe as an investment as you could wish for, while producing healthy returns.”

After discussing the prospect of building a PPP buy-to-let property business with Torban, they decided to join and put pen to paper in July 2015.

Long-Term Investment Opportunity

Torban added: “We saw this franchise opportunity as a way of providing a secondary income over and above the other businesses, but also boosting our pension for the future. We could see that, compared to the gyms, it wouldn’t take up a huge amount of time either.”

Torban and Jeremy now have two fully tenanted Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in High Wycombe achieving a 20% average return on investment. A third property is currently undergoing refurbishment.

Having worked together for more than a decade, they were able to fall into a working partnership quite smoothly. With Torban living closer to the gyms, he spends more time there while Jeremy takes the lead on their property business, but they have the security of being able to bounce ideas off each other and cover workload when the other takes some time out.

And with extensive experience dealing with customers, the friends had no problems dealing with tenants. The purchasing and refurbishment has been the biggest learning curve so far.

Jeremy commented: “We learnt a lot in a very short period of time. From knowing what types of properties to look for in terms of space and potential to extend, to negotiating with estate agents and understanding the refurbishment process. The costs we saved just by contracting a builder known to the network and having a refurbishment mentor quickly justified the franchise fee.”

So How Does PPP Compare to Other Franchises?

While both the Subway and Fit4less franchises involve more man hours and staff management, which suits Jeremy and Torban for this time in their life, their PPP business gives them long-term financial security and flexibility.

“Generally, we do very little in the property franchise day-to-day,” added Torban. “It can be fitted in around our other work, and more importantly, allows Jeremy to spend more time at home with his young daughter. The main difference with the PPP franchise is that it’s an investment in our future.”

Jeremy concluded:

“The gym franchise is great and profitable. We also have a great group of people working with us, but it can also be a bit stressful. In comparison, PPP gives us a strong business model to follow but organises a lot of training and social activities, like Ascot. That injection of fun was part of the attraction for us.”

We saw the franchise fee as an investment, not a cost

With the need to gain financial freedom at the forefront of his mind, Andy Bedwell started to look at opportunities that would allow him to escape the corporate life and stop working completely by the time he was 60.

That gave him 18 years to find something suitable, but he had no idea what that was.

On seeing an online advert about running your own business, he decided to enquire and subsequently signed up with a franchise consultancy.

“After a two-hour interview, I was recommended four franchises, including a care home provider and Platinum Property Partners (PPP),” said Andy. “But the main thing I was trying to avoid was trading my time for money. And PPP was the only one that could help me achieve the level of income I wanted without breaking my back for 80 hours a week.”

It also ticked two other boxes for Andy – it was a business he could build and run with his wife, Vashti, and involved property, something they both had an interest in since investing in a buy-to-let property three years earlier.

PPP’s Values and Philosophy

After conducting thorough due diligence, Andy joined some of the PPP management team and existing Partners at one of the lifestyle events they were holding at Ascot. He was inspired by the other Partners’ experiences and the company’s philosophy to Be More, Do More, Have More and Give More.

“We liked the values, we knew we wanted to be in property and we knew we wanted a hands-off investment for the future but with support. There weren’t many other shows in town that matched that criteria,” added Andy.

Following the Discovery Day that he attended with Vashti, they were almost ready to go. But there was just one problem – the franchise fee.

“Our big sticking point was the fee. We only had enough money to purchase and refurbish two properties and that wouldn’t give us the income we needed. But when we were put in touch with an accountant on the PPP Power Team, our eyes were opened as to how we could structure our business and make our money go further. That changed everything.”

Vashti added: “We knew that if we looked at it as a cost rather than an investment in our future, then we would never do it. As I had been a stay-at-home mum and out of the business environment for a while, I also saw it as a training cost for me.”

Their PPP Journey Begins

In September 2011, Andy and Vashti joined the franchise and began to build their property portfolio.

Andy took the lead on the new business alongside his job. However, with their youngest son now at junior school, Vashti became more and more involved, to the point where she took over.

“It started out very much Andy’s show. We’d do all of the property searches together and things like that, but when we started doing all of the refurbishment, I’d often hide behind Andy while he dealt with the builders,” added Vashti. “But as Andy’s consulting work took him away, I found myself really getting into it until I eventually built up my confidence and took on most of the day-to-day work.”

Andy added: “I always joke that I got to the final stages of the job interview with PPP and then Vashti stole the job off me.”

Within 12 months, they had three HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) in Bicester. However, it was critical to get passive investment to help Andy and Vashti continue to grow their portfolio. And that’s where they believe PPP has added tremendous value and justified their fee.

“People were offering us money confidently without us having to do any selling,” said Vashti. “They could see that the model worked and it enabled us to get to our goal of 10 properties in half the time.”

Their Successes So Far

Their buy-to-let properties are now generating an annual six figure gross profit and the couple are financially free, enjoying two big family holidays a year without worrying about the cost.

Andy stopped working in the corporate world two years ago aged 46 and while he immersed himself in the maintenance and development side of the business with Vashti managing the tenanting, his lifestyle has dramatically changed.

“It’s the little things like, at 8am, I am walking the dog on the field having had breakfast with the kids and then I might feel like a run. I’m feeling better too while looking at the commuter train going past thankful that I don’t have to do it anymore. I might then have to fix a toilet seat or sort out a wifi problem, but then I quite enjoy it. I love what I’m doing but if I stop enjoying it I can get someone else to do it. I know the revenue is secure, it’s fun and we get to meet great people through both our tenants and the PPP network.”

For Vashti, it’s been a journey of great personal development and achievement: “I’ve really built my confidence in areas that I never would have expected. I’m running a business and I’m helping to teach other people how to do the same. It’s been amazing.”

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