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Platinum Business Partners

A flexible online business - work where you want, when you want and earn an income that suits you.

Investment amount - £30,000

Investment Amount:
£20,001 - £50,000
Industry Sector(s):
Home Based Franchises, Low Cost Franchises, Part-Time Franchises, Property & Estate Agency, Women In Franchising

Platinum Business Partners

A flexible online business - work where you want, when you want and earn an income that suits you

Platinum Business Partners has a proven recipe that 100 people are already following to build their own successful, and more importantly, sustainable, online retail businesses.

It involves sourcing products that are already being mass-produced by manufacturers, private labelling them with your own brand that we’ll help you create, and selling them to hundreds of thousands of customers globally using existing and trusted ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Shopify.

And you’ll never have to create, handle, stock or ship these products yourself, so there are no premises or staff required.

It sounds simple, but the world of ecommerce is dynamic and ever-changing as more and more people turn to online shopping.

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself

At Platinum Business Partners, we are true believers in enjoying what we do and are passionate about the power of working together. We know that there’s strength in numbers.

Platinum Business Partners - be in business for yourself but not by yourself

We inspire, build and support communities that are all about sharing knowledge, experiences and – ultimately – success. We don’t believe that this can be achieved in one webinar, online training course or seminar. But through long-term mentoring and support.

Our franchise model gives you a unique blend of expert training and support and all the tools you need to know what products to buy and where to source them, how to cost-effectively market them to generate sales and repeat customers, and when and how to diversify your portfolio to create a valuable asset in your brand.

Our expert mentors and Power Team of suppliers and services providers will keep track of market trends and changes to ensure your business remains profitable, compliant and ahead of the competition.

It’s an online business, but with offline, face-to-face and one-to-one guidance, so you’ll never be alone. When you become a Platinum Business Partner you’ll also join an ambitious and supportive community of successful, likeable people working towards similar goals.

Since March 2016, our existing Partners have created 300+ uniquely branded products which have been bought by more than 100,000 customers globally.

How we can help

Currently 99% of those running their own online retail businesses aren’t selling enough products and generating enough income to be able to quit the day job or achieve the time freedom they are seeking. They are often struggling with suppliers and processes and having to learn the hard way.

We’ve learned exactly how the online marketplace works, and what you need to know and do to make it work for you. We know what the risks are and we know how to mitigate these so you can enjoy the maximum return and, ultimately, long-term success.

We’ll show you the right way to build a profitable and sustainable business for the long-term that can earn you £2,000 to £4,000 per month net income, and much, much more.*

Why Platinum?

1.  We have a ten-year track record in franchising
2.  We are the number one online retail franchise
3.  We help you build a valuable asset that will be yours even after the franchise term ends
4.  We take no percentage of your monthly net sales

This is the only time in history we will go from selling products in the real world to the virtual world. Join more than 100 other people who are currently taking advantage of this online retailing explosion; building brands, growing assets and earning a sustainable income.

Just fill in this form and we’ll send you a link to our introductory webinar. 

We look forward to speaking with you.

*The figures illustrated indicate the net profit revenue stated which have been expected by the franchisor in its own operation. There is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results, nor is it intended that you should rely on them as a warranty or guarantee of what you’ll achieve.

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Case study - Denise Parker

Denise Parker’s CV is certainly one to admire. An executive and personal coach, business trainer, facilitator and published author, Denise has almost 20 years’ experience leading development programmes for large corporations, small businesses and Central Government. She’s coached countless senior executives, line managers and entrepreneurs both in the UK and internationally, and that’s on top of working in the financial sector for 14 years.

Having said that, she had no experience of selling physical products or internet marketing prior to 2014.

Denise said:

One spring morning I’d been chatting with a friend about business and for some reason I said it might just be easier to find a product, buy a product and sell a product

“Later that same afternoon I got an email about an online business opportunity and the rest is history.”

For Denise, the timing was perfect and she could see the potential. It sounded like a real opportunity to do exactly what she’d just been talking about. She was excited by the prospect of creating an additional income to supplement her existing business and free up more time and energy for people, interests and causes she cared about.

Denise particularly liked the idea of being able to generate income without having to commute or even while asleep.

While originally wary, Denise’s reservations were quickly dismissed when she began the training.

Denise added:

The training was very thorough yet easy to follow as it leads you through a clear, logical sequence in bite sized chunks. You could progress as quickly or as slowly as you wanted and fit it around other commitments. There was also great support available from the mentors and from the whole community.”

With four products live, Denise’s current annual net profit is $44,024. She has since realised that her e-commerce business isn’t just an additional income stream but just that, a real business that she can take as far as she wants.

“Having the systems already in place to follow meant I was up and running and making money in a matter of weeks,” added Denise. “As a result, I now have the freedom and flexibility to do what I want. Don’t get me wrong, there’s work to be done, but I can mostly please myself when and where I choose.”

Case study - Charles Miller

Charles Millar is no stranger to being his own boss. He’s worked for himself on and off since he was 20 years old in the IT sector for some of the world’s largest brands, including Hewlett Packard and UBS Bank.

With proven problem-solving skills and technical acumen, he also founded several businesses throughout his career, many of which were sold for a profit.

In addition to that, Charles has also built a small property portfolio worth £1m in less than four years.

So why turn to online retail? Well, Charles was looking for a business model that could break him out of the 9-5 corporate world and give him the freedom and flexibility he wanted.

Charles explained:

At the start I was sceptical because it just seemed too good to be true. But, once I started and got my first product live then I soon realised the power of the business model. It could be scaled to any level you desired while working in the business part-time and generating an additional or replacement income and more."

Charles now has two brands in the supplements and home and kitchen categories. In total, he has seven products in his portfolio which he sells in the US marketplace. He generates $34,000 in turnover per month.

“My greatest learning curve has been understanding how important it is to follow the process and systemise your business when it’s small to allow you to grow rapidly. Now I can control my own destiny and spend time with the family. I’ve achieved happiness” concluded Charles.

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An alternative to a degree - earn while you learn:

Franchise business that can be run from anywhere:

An ecommerce business with Amazon can change your lifestyle:

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