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PACK & SEND offers a unique owner-operator franchise opportunity in the rapidly growing global logistics sector, offering customers solutions to their shipping needs whatever they are sending.

Franchise partners benefit from high gross margins and high average transaction values and are experiencing strong annual growth. From the smallest pre-packed item to fragile medical equipment that requires specialist packing in custom made crates, we send anything, anywhere.

Our proven model, launched in Australia almost 30 years ago, allows our franchise partners to build highly successful, profitable businesses. Our top service centres generate annual turnover of almost £800,000.

Investment Amount, including franchise fee: £75,000 - £95,000 plus working capital

Investment Amount:
£50,001 - £100,000
Industry Sector(s):
B2B Franchises, Courier Franchises, Management Franchises, Retail Franchises, White Collar Franchises
Pack & Send van

Internationally renowned franchise

The PACK & SEND owner-operator model is proven to deliver outstanding results for our franchise partners who enjoy running their own retail business offering a unique packing and shipping service.

All our franchise partners benefit from high gross margins and high average transaction values and are experiencing ongoing strong annual growth as their businesses win a constant stream of new customers on top of the ever-growing base of repeat customers.

Our expertise and reputation for packing large, valuable, and fragile items makes us the go-to service provider when shipping items such as antiques, artwork, musical instruments and electronic equipment. Depending on the client’s requirements, goods are sent via road, air, or sea freight to locations anywhere in the world.

Franchise partners operate from a network of retail service centres that are located in secondary high street locations, ensuring high visibility and convenience for customers without high rents.

A unique customer proposition

The logistics market is highly competitive but the vast majority of operators offer the same old basic shipping services for pre-packed items with minimal customer service.

This is where PACK & SEND is different. We offer carefully planned packing and shipping solutions and take responsibility for making sure that customers’ goods arrive safely at their destination. In return, customers appreciate the care and attention we provide and recognise the value of our services rather than simply chasing the lowest price.

Pack & send packaging

Our customer proposition is differentiated from the competition by three things:

• Anything. Anywhere. - As long as it’s physically possible (and legal!), we’ll find a way to get anything, anywhere in the world.

• NO LIMITS! - Our ‘no limits’ approach means we will find solutions for almost anything that require safe sending.

• Legendary Customer Service - We are committed to providing great solutions and managing the process from beginning to end, which results in loyal repeat customers.

Pack & Send store

What does a great franchise partner look like?

Pack & Send franchisees

Our franchise partners start as owner-operators of their own businesses, building a team to fulfil the needs of their customers by providing the very best solutions. Experience in the logistics sector is not required.

You will have great people skills and a passion for customer service.
Problem-solving, lateral thinking, organisational, time management, communication, numeracy, and computer skills are also necessary.

What will I receive from PACK & SEND?

In addition to access to all the benefits of our business model, the initial part of your PACK & SEND journey will involve a comprehensive training programme and ongoing support thereafter.

When you’re ready to launch, an expert will join you and your team in your PACK & SEND service centre for the first month. They won’t run the business for you but they’ll be on hand so you can get up to speed on maximising sales and customer satisfaction.

Pack & Send Franchisee
PACK & SEND also offers two guarantees to franchisees:

• Year 1 brand lead guarantee – PACK & SEND guarantees a defined number of leads with the opportunity to secure long-term repeat customers.

• Year 1 marketing support guarantee – whatever you spend on marketing, PACK & SEND will match it (up to a maximum of £6,000).

How do I get started on setting up my own PACK & SEND franchise?

Pack & Send packaging

We believe in making finding out about our business opportunity as quick and easy as possible.
After a brief telephone interview during which we find out a bit about you and your motivation for becoming a PACK & SEND Franchise Partner, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our business model, which will help you decide if the opportunity is right for you.

Please click on the link below and a member of our Retail Network Development team will contact you as soon as possible.

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PACK & SEND - A business that you CAN have a life with!

Franchisee: Mr Hari Bodi
Age: 32
Are you married/working with partner: Married
Territory of franchise: Oxford

Hari Bodi has had experience of several industries in retailing and catering, with success along the way, but the issue that he had was that he was finding that work was all he had time for! He joined the PACK & SEND team in 2012 and has found that his work:life balance has changed dramatically compared to the late night hours of fast-food retailing.

Brief career blog: Over 12 years experience within the fast food and retail market, gained in selling, marketing and general management. I have turned fast food stores which were running in losses to profit powerhouses.

Franchisee Questions:

What did you do before franchising and what led you to look into it?

I was a JV Partner in two of the Dominos Pizza Outlets. I was looking for a change from Food business to something like a ‘normal' office hours business which led me to take up the franchise opportunity with PACK & SEND

Why this sector and why PACK & SEND? How did you find out about them?

I was always interested in retail business, in my 12 years of experience in retail I have sold Rice, Bikes, Motorbikes, Cooking Oil, Dominos Pizza and now Pack & Send. PACK & SEND is unique in its own way and that is what excited me to know more about this business model.

In PACK & SEND we specialise in Packing Fragile, Large, Awkward, Valuable, Art & Antiques and Shipping with in UK or anywhere in the world. I found PACK & SEND online (Google) when researching new opportunities.

How did you find the process of raising funds?

I needed to get some bank lending but the Business Manager at our bank (NatWest) was very efficient at arranging the funds, it was quite easy and a straight forward process. How long did the whole process from funds/applying to training to getting up and running, take?

4 - 6 Months 

What support and training did you receive and continue to receive from the franchisor?

The training programme provided wider knowledge about PACK & SEND which included the packing, shipping, marketing and sales etc. After finishing my training and I started trading in my store and in the first month I sometimes had doubts when it came to packing methods and it was easy to get in touch with the corporate team to clarify the best approach. They were also helpful in doing a marketing plan for my store and were in the store with my for the first week or so.

How has it been going so far?

It has been 3 months since I took on the PACK & SEND store in Oxford and the progress has been steady. Everyday is exciting as you don't know what you can expect from customers and what we will have to pack and ship next. It is also stimulating as there are often several ways to help with a customer's complex needs and I enjoy putting suitable proposals together for them.

What's your typical day like (if there's such a thing!)

This is difficult to answer as it is always different. One of the things that attracted me to the business was the variety of the jobs we handle and the challenge of providing appropriate solutions.
What do you foresee for the short and long-term future of your business?
The short term business plan is to train my new staff and grow the sales in my Oxford store so that it meets the budgeted monthly sales on a regular basis. This will then allow me to expand by opening multiple stores.

How has it had an impact on your life?

PACK & SEND has fulfilled my need for change when it comes to work life, as I was looking for an office hours business. This has improved the quality of my life and the time I can spend with the family and friends.

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