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iOB Business

Help local businesses bounce back with digital transformation. Launch a Digital Agency and provide technology solutions that business owners actually need. Now is your chance to start an online business with no previous experience.

Investment Amount:
£0 - £10,000
Industry Sector(s):
B2B Franchises, Computer Franchises, Latest Franchises, Low Cost Franchises, Marketing & Media

iob header image

The pandemic has highlighted the desire for local businesses to engage their customers online. With startups, micro businesses and SMEs all looking to gain an advantage online, now is your chance to launch a future proof Digital Agency.

Join our growing network of successful partners in the UK and beyond, through a value driven business model that puts you in control.

Title What can you provide to your clients


Access our world class technology platforms that have been created internally to give you a unique selling point in the marketplace from day one.



Configure any of our bespoke technology platforms for your clients in under 60 minutes with no technical skills:

  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Booking Platform
  • Food Ordering System

iob Man studying screen

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Leverage our experienced in-house fulfilment team to expand the services of your Digital Agency, including:

  • Websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Design Services
  • Plus so much more!

Title What can you provide to your clients


Launch your Digital Agency with us and help businesses in over 100+ industry sectors. Grow your business anywhere in the world with a package that includes:

Custom tech iconCustom Technology
Unique solutions that your clients
actually want. 

Live training iconLive Training
Discover how to find, secure and
manage your clients.

Lifetime support iconLifetime Support
Expert guidance to help you
scale quickly.

Dedicated branc iconDedicated brand
Launch ready website, print collateral
and digital resources.

Professional coaching iconProfessional Coaching
Regular sessions to give you the
confidence to succeed. 

Live training iconOperational Resources
Everything you need to grow a
successful Digital Agency.


Title Generating revenue in 3 ways

iob 3 waysBreak-even with as little as 5 clients.


Title Your first steps to freedom


We only work with talented and motivated entrepreneurs who are looking to grow a successful online business. Ready to find out more?

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Receive a personalised demonstration

Title Partner feedback

Avatar Chiquita

“The initial training was fantastic as it covered all the fundamentals of launching my Digital Agency. I’ve already implemented a lot of the marketing and sales techniques I’ve learnt to secure 2 new clients this month. I’m having meaningful conversations with local business owners and I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Chiquita R.

Partner Reviews

iOB Anthony round

“Launching a Digital Agency with iOB Business has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve always had a passion for helping local businesses and my Digital Agency is the perfect way to give back to my local community. With a strong pipeline of clients, the future is looking positive.”

Anthony O

iOB Chad round

“The 2-day training programme gave me a solid base for launching my Digital Agency. Having a background in construction, I’ve already been able to leverage my contacts to help local tradesmen build an online presence. I’m looking forward to some of the new innovations the team at head office is working on.”

Chad C

iOB Ivon round

“Starting an online business is something that excited me. I can see the world moving more towards digital platforms and this opens up a disconnect between businesses that embrace online and those that don’t. iOB Business has helped me nurture, educate and assist local businesses with getting online. I’m proud to be the ‘tech’ guy in my business community.”

Ivon M

iOB Colin round

“We all understand that technology is here to stay. I wanted to partner with a company that shared my values and vision. The training and post launch support has been great from the team. I’ve already secured a multi-site business for my Digital Agency and I know I can lean on the head office team when I need help.”

Colin M

iOB Chiquita round

“Being a business owner can be a scary proposition. I went down the franchising route as I wanted the support and structure of a team to ensure my success. iOB Business has helped me work with all types of clients and I love the fact that I have such a diverse range of solutions that I can offer my clients.”

Chiquita R

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