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easyStorage is fast becoming the ‘go to’ storage company in the UK. It has 2 major advantages over traditional self-storage, it’s more convenient and it costs less too. Unlike self-storage competitors, easyStorage collects furniture and belongings from customers carefully loading them into  storage pods (easyPods) on tailor-built vans.

Investment Amount:
£100,001 - £250,000
Industry Sector(s):
Logistics Franchises, Management Franchises, Retail Franchises, Vehicle Based Franchises, White Collar Franchises

A revolution in storage

easyStorage is fast becoming the ‘go to’ storage company in the UK. It has 2 major advantages over traditional self-storage, it’s more convenient and it costs less too. Unlike self-storage competitors, easyStorage collects furniture and belongings from customers, carefully loading them into storage pods (easyPods) on tailor-built vans.

easyPods are taken back to a storage warehouse where they are stacked 3, 4 or 5 high resulting in incredible space efficiency. easyStorage passes this saving on to customers through lower pricing. easyStorage prices are typically half that of self storage competitors. Customers are delighted with the extra convenience, and they love the low prices even more!


easyPods are stacked to achieve maximum space efficiency.

Be part of the iconic ‘easy’ family of brands

The ‘easy’ brand, first made famous by Sir Stelios with easyJet is instantly recognisable and associated for value. This gives franchisees a huge advantage right from day one. easyStorage now has a 22-strong network and has been doing extremely well since it launched in 2018. Despite the impact of Covid on the economy, easyStorage has continually set new sales records through 2021.

easyStorage Van

Storage is a great sector to invest in

Storage is a growing sector with enormous potential. A Cushman and Wakefield report has predicted the global self-storage market will rise from £27 billion in 2018 to £35.5 billion in 2024. The UK is the best performing market in Europe and the lower pricing offered by easyStorage has opened it up further.

easyStorage is the only ‘mobile storage’ franchise in the UK, and provides investors with a fantastic opportunity to build a sizeable income through recurring revenue.

Digital expertise and sales

Digital marketing is managed centrally by an in-house team who are leaders in the field. Perpetual testing, data analysis and powerful partnership programmes bring in customers for less, then a well-trained call centre drives up conversion. This leaves franchisees free to focus on running the business and ensuring customers are receiving the best possible service. easyStorage is proud of their ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot. Franchisees help grow their business by building brand awareness at a local level. This can be achieved through all sorts of shared initiatives including leafleting, sponsorship, networking and getting the van out and about so it acts as a billboard.

Stacking easyPods

State-of-the-art technology

easyStorage has developed VAULT, a bespoke platform for franchisees to manage collections, deliveries and storage. Payments for storage are collected automatically each month. As the number of easyPods in storage builds, so does the amount of recurring revenue which drives profitability.

Being an easyStorage franchisee

easyStorage franchisees come from all types of career backgrounds. They include businessminded-individuals, father-and-son teams, and husband-and-wife collaborations. No storage experience is needed and comprehensive training is provided to franchisees coming on board at the easyStorage Academy. Franchisees are not required to have their own warehouse although that would be a huge advantage. easyStorage has in place agreements with national storage providers for the storage of easyPods at preferential rates. As the business grows, franchisee are in a great position to take on their own warehouse and add additional vans to their fleet. This offers the business the opportunity to drive-up efficiency even more and enjoy a bigger margin.


Discovery days

If you feel you have what it takes to build a secure, profitable business, the starting point is to reserve your place on an easyStorage Discovery Day. You will discover all you need to about the finances, operations, availability of territories and indeed the people behind the success.

Steven and Richard Gill

Steven Gill and his son Richard, of easyStorage Hertfordshire. “We hit the road running in March 2021 and the business has been busy ever since. We enjoy the management aspect and the interaction with our customers.”

Gavin Duke

Gavin Duke, easyStorage Croydon. “It is a brilliant brand to be associated with. As a franchisee for a key area of London, I understand the importance of building a reputation. My crew take pride in loading a customer’s belongings carefully and efficiently. Receiving 5-star reviews feels great. We love the recommendations. The number of easyPods in storage has grown, I am now looking to take on my own warehouse and reap the rewards of a bigger margin. I am a member of the Franchisee Council and value the regular sessions and network calls which have resulted in all sorts of positive developments."

Alex and Emma

Alex and Emma Glass of easyStorage Thames Valley. Alex and Emma come from a background in Property Investment.

Fiona and Russell

Fiona Cowan and Russell Hanson joined as franchisees for Bath, Bristol and Cheltenham in the spring of 2021. Fiona is responsible for the smooth running of the business and local marketing initiatives. Russell drives the van and manages his crew. He also likes to be involved with the loading aspect too.