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ColourFence, made from lightweight Colorbond steel, is virtually maintenance-free and, unlike timber, doesn't age, spoil or need replacing. Colorbond fencing has been sold in Australia for decades and accounts for nearly half the marketplace over there.


Investment Amount:
£10,001 - £20,000
£20,001 - £50,000
Industry Sector(s):
Building and Maintenance, Gardening Franchises, Home Based Franchises, Home Improvement Franchises, Management Franchises

Smart investors make three demands of a franchise opportunity:

        1. A unique product which nobody else can sell or supply
        2. A steady stream of customers prepared to pay for it
        3. A fast return on investment

This business delivers all three... and much, much more.

What is ColourFence?

ColourFence, made from lightweight Colorbond steel, is virtually maintenance-free and, unlike timber, doesn't age, spoil or need replacing.

In fact, the company is so confident in its 'fit and forget' product that it provides a 25-year guarantee. The company has also been an RHS Gold Award winner and was voted one of BBC Gardening's Top Ten products!

It's perfect for the UK; a nation renowned for taking pride in its homes and gardens, that said, ColourFence is perfect for other countries as well. After all, who wouldn’t want to reduce their maintenance budget with a fence that, once installed, can be simply forgotten about? 

ColourFence has so much demand in the UK alone that it can't service the whole country. The company needs more franchisees, like you, to be the local supplier in your area.

Could I be a ColourFence Franchisee?

ColourFence attracts franchisees from everywhere - from experienced entrepreneurs to first-time investors. But, apart from a handful who already had industry experience, none of them dreamt about starting a fencing business.

Let’s face it, not many people do.
But Colourfence is unique.

Its origins are in Australia, where it's known as Colorbond fencing, but it’s now manufactured here in the UK and, as a franchisee, you'll be responsible for promoting and selling this ground-breaking product in your own protected territory.

With no direct competitor.

As well as looking for more talented franchisees here in the UK, the company is now looking for partners in Europe – and further afield – to take this unique product into new markets.


The total investment here in the UK is less than £50,000 (the figure depends on your own personal circumstances and how quickly you want to develop a management operation), and more than half of that is your own working capital, which can be financed through the banks - and you might not even need all of that!

The franchise fee – the amount you pay ColourFence – is just £19,995 + VAT (reclaimable), and there are no huge upfront fees to wipe out your savings. What's more, the business can be operated from home so you don't need to take on costly premises, or other overheads, that will eat into your profits.

If you've been looking at any other franchises, this bit might surprise you. The Management Services fees are just 2% of turnover (or a minimum of £160 per month).

All of which means your return on investment is fast.

There's one final, yet crucial, component that makes this franchise opportunity an absolute no brainer. Something that mitigates your risk and provides even more reassurance than anything else

ColourFence doesn't make a penny unless you're selling. It certainly doesn't make any money from a franchise fee of just £19,995 + VAT. Once you take out the recruitment costs, national advertising, training and deliverables – as well as a huge marketing launch to generate initial enquiries for you – there's no profit there.

A simple business almost anyone could own.

This is a franchise that's very easy to learn, and you don't need to be a fencer either.

In fact, ColourFence would prefer you weren't fixated on the practical side of this business. The real money is to be made in sales.

Not hard sell. Not cold calling. Just generating and dealing with enquiries in your own area. And, as you'd expect from a FULL member of the BFA, there's plenty of training and support to help you do that.

If that sounds like your sort of franchise partnership, then get in touch with ColourFence today.

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It’s no longer unusual for franchisees to achieve £200,000 in sales in their first year. Top franchisees turnover more than half-a-million pounds annually!

ColourFence is so confident that this business works, it encourages you to contact any of its franchisees to ask them for yourself!

Now in his 9th year, ColourFence's Cambridge franchisee, Sharone Freed, has sold over £2.5 million.

“ This is a great business and has so much room to grow.

There is a support team at Head Office for whatever help I need,

and they’ve far exceeded their obligations to me.”

Franchisees who fully commit to the business from the outset really
do hit the ground running.

Andy & Shelley Stewart from Somerset, sold £26,000 in their first month,

going on to sell over £200,000 in their first year – and growing sales by at least 25% every year since then.

Their average gross profit is 50%!

As the manufacturer, the company can only make money by distributing its products nationwide.

As a franchisee, you are its distributors.

That's why ColourFence will only recruit the right partners, and when it does, it works tirelessly to help them succeed.

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