Twelve signs you’re ready to be your own boss

Twelve Signs you’re ready to be your own boss

There are many benefits to being your own boss, but it’s certainly not for everyone. If you find yourself taking the leap on a regular basis, it could worth pursuing it. Here are 12 signs being your own boss is the right path for you.

1. You enjoy a challenge

Working for yourself is all about the hustle, so if you fear change then this lifestyle isn’t for you. But if you enjoy rolling with the punches and pushing yourself to the limits to see what you’re capable of, self-employment is a great way to dive into the deep end.

2. ‘Water cooler chats’ don’t interest you

Some people love the social side that comes with working in an office, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re someone who’d rather work on your side projects or catch up on the news during breaks rather than hang out at the water cooler hearing about the latest company gossip, it could be a sign you’re better suited to self-employed life.

3. You want flexibility

While it’s true that life as your own boss can offer more freedom, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be working a shorter week – often, you end up working longer hours. That said, self-employment does mean that you get to decide what your schedule looks like. Just remember that time not working is time not being paid.

4. You’re prepared, financially

Whether it’s savings that you’ve built up in preparation for leaving your current job or financial support in the form of family or an investor who can help you while you establish your busines, it’s important to make sure you’re covered for paying the bills while you set yourself up with regular clients.

5. You’ve done your research

From legal issues and insurance to tax codes and marketing, there are less glamorous details that also go into prepping for working alone. Before you hand in your notice to pursue your dreams, it’s worth doing a bit of homework and making sure you’re fully organised.

6. Your day job is going nowhere

When it feels like your efforts at work aren’t being appreciated, there’s a good chance they’re not. If being overlooked for promotions or having low prospects for progression are the reality for you in your job, it could be just the motivation you need to spur you into action for setting up your own business.

7. You shake your head in disbelief at your colleagues

There’s no purpose to working for people who ignore your ideas and carry on doing things you know are wrong. If you find yourself, week after week, feeling like you could be doing your boss’s job better than them, it’s a sign you need to become their competition by delivering a better service.

8. You’re prepared to work harder than you ever have before

There’s no denying it – working for yourself is hard work. If you want to leave your current job because you don’t enjoy the long hours, you won’t enjoy self-employed life. Building a business requires a lot of additional hours, especially in the early days, but the rewards and satisfaction you’ll get from establishing your brand are second to none.

9. You’re great at juggling multiple projects

Time management is key to being self-employed – after all, you’ll be wearing a lot more hats as the only employee than you would be in a regular job. Being your own boss also means being the marketer, the accounts team, the IT department, and much more. So, to be successful, you need to be a self-starter and able to juggle all the tasks that come in every day.

10. You’re passionate about what you do

To find the motivation to pursue your ambitions each day, you need to really love what you’re doing. There will be tough times and challenging situations, but it’s your dedication that will get you through them, so being passionate is crucial to success.

11. You know how to let it go

Tough work days and annoying situations happen to all of us, but if you have a bad work day and find yourself dwelling on it, you’ll become resentful of the job itself. If you need to get it out, write an angry email, and then delete it and move on with your day.

12. A stable job doesn’t comfort you

If the thought of working as someone else’s employee for the rest of your life seems more like a prison sentence than stability, working on your own ambitions is likely to be the way forward for you. Even if you don’t know the full plan yet, you know working to make someone else rich isn’t for you.

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