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Business-to-Business franchise sector overview

The difference between franchises in the Business-to-Business (B2B) franchise sector to other franchises is that they involve providing services and products solely to other business owners. 

Within the B2B franchise sector there are a number of different types of franchises available from those that teach English language classes to those that provide business coaching. 

An essential part of owning a B2B franchise is the ability to liaise and build relationships with business people at all levels of a company from Managing Directors to personal assistants.

The fact that franchise owners of B2B franchises directly target other businesses as customers means that this sector is less affected by consumer trends and demands than other industries. As well as this, in order for businesses to thrive and compete in their marketplace most are often willing to invest in services and products provided by B2B franchises, even during an economic downturn. 

The majority of franchises in the B2B sector are white-collar management opportunities and usually suit those looking to own a franchise where they help other business owners to succeed. 

Additionally, often a B2B franchise can be run from a home-based office and only involve moving into a larger office once the business grows. Unlike franchises in the food and drink and retail sectors, single unit B2B franchises do not usually employ staff until the business is at a level where an employee is vital to the expansion of the business. These factors help to keep the overheads of a B2B franchise lower than those in other industries.

B2B franchises usually appeal to those who are experienced business owners, managers or who are already involved in other areas of business management. Despite the fact that many B2B franchise owners come from a business background most franchisors will still ensure that they are provided with thorough training and support to ensure that they have all the skills and knowledge needed to successfully operate their franchises.

There are numerous B2B franchise opportunities promoted on this website including Wall Street Institute , WSI and ActionCOACH , which all cover different industries within the sector. To view these opportunities and several more click on the Business-to-Business link. If there is a franchise that is of particular interest just fill out the form at the bottom of that page to gain more information about the opportunity.