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ABG Network

ABG Network is a fast-growing national network of like-minded franchisees who are passionate about delivering a first-class service for the final mile industry. By working together, ABG franchisees are able to offer a stronger more reliable service, learning from each other and striving to be the best.

Investment Amount:
£20,001 - £50,000
Industry Sector(s):
B2B Franchises, Courier Franchises, Latest Franchises, Logistics Franchises, Management Franchises, Professional Advisors, White Collar Franchises

ABG Network

Last Mile Delivery Franchises

Stronger Together

We are THE Network for franchisees and clients that want a first-class service for Last Mile Delivery Solutions

What we do

ABG Network is a fast-growing national network of like-minded franchisees who are passionate about delivering a first-class service for the final mile industry. By working together, the franchisees are able to offer a stronger more reliable service, learning from each other and striving to be the best.

The process

If you are interested in joining one of the fastest growing franchises in the logistics industry, get in touch and we can talk you through the simple 5-step process as outlined below:

1. Expression of interest in a certain postcode
2. Initial meeting to discuss commercials and set up
3. Business development and planning session
4. Sign the agreements
5. Start trading!

Our story

Final mile delivery is one the fastest-growing sectors in the UK, in order to keep up with the pace of client demand we took the decision to build a network of franchisees across the UK. Servicing some of the biggest carriers in the world the network has gone from strength to strength, and we are now able to offer opportunities for many postcode areas across the UK.

ABG Network was formulated as an idea by Gavin Francis in January 2021 on the back of a period of significant growth in the industry and one of the busiest Christmas periods ever in final mile delivery.

The solution to meet the massive customer and industry demand was to form a franchise network that could grow and adapt in line with client demands whilst maintaining a first-class service without being overstretched.

The first quarter of 2021 was spent producing a directory of information including:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Operating manuals
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Policies and procedures
  • Payment policies and mechanisms
  • Marketing material

The idea was to ensure that when a franchisee joined the network that they would be provided with as much information as possible to be able to ‘hit the ground running’, to be able to provide the right level of service and to avoid any pitfalls.

During much of 2021 these documents were updated and added to and there now exists a full suite of finalised documents to help any new franchisee to seamlessly set up their own new business. With the document library and the full support of the owners and support staff the aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to set up a franchise and to be successful.

With nearly 10 postcode areas now sold and in operation, now is a great time to join the network and kickstart your earning potential as a new franchisee.

Is a Courier Business Profitable?

The answer to this question is – it can be! Many Courier businesses will fail, financial pressures, seasonality or volume of work can all add up to make a business unsustainable.

What we have tried to do at ABG Network is create template to help the Franchisee to avoid the pitfalls that small courier businesses can fall into. We help to take many of the normal overhead costs out and provide boilerplate information to avoid duplication of tasks.
With our help, planning and the strength of the team and other franchisees we can all work together making the Network stronger and not leaving you isolated and vulnerable.

It is still your business and you are in control of how you run the Franchise but the help and support is there if you need it.

What’s the benefit of a Franchise?

Starting up a business from scratch can be a daunting task, sometimes it’s not that you don’t know the answer it’s that you don’t even know the question! Well fear not at ABG Network we have the questions and the answers.

We will talk you through setting up a business, the legal and financial requirements, the compliance, and insurance requirements, how to deal with HMRC and keep on top of your tax affairs. We can also leverage our buying power to get you set up with suppliers and clients, so you aren’t scrabbling around in the dark wondering what to do next.

By entering into a Franchise Agreement with ABG Network you get the benefit of running your own business, but you also get the bonus of having a ready-made support network to guide you through the process. An ABG Network Franchise enables you to have your cake and eat it!!

Our mission

Our mission is to be the leading Delivery Franchise Network in the UK, with a team of professional and passionate Franchisees who care about their business and that of our clients. ABG Network aims to be the go to solution for logistics companies who need a fist class service with final mile delivery.

The team

Gavin Francis

Gavin is a seasoned business owner in the logistics space having spent the last 20 years running several businesses with a national reach. His experience and know how of making a logistics business work is extremely valuable to the Franchisees in helping them to understand the pitfalls and find the opportunities to make their business a success.



Russell Barton

Russell is an experienced operator in the logistics industry having spent 20 years working for some of the largest logistics companies in the world.  His time with these businesses has helped Russell to build a huge network which is invaluable to the Franchisees when wanting to understand how various contracts work and with introductions for new business.

Craig Francis

Craigs expertise lies in the back office support function and will work with and oversee the Franchisees during the initial set up process, including the production and agreement of the franchise agreements, policies and procedures and the commercial elements of the business.


Other support

In addition to the three Directors named above there is also further support available in the areas of compliance, business development, Fleet, IT and accounting. Introductions to these members of the team will take place during the onboarding and planning stage and they will be available to assist during your journey as a Franchisee.

Creating a Business Plan

Whether you are experienced in the delivery industry or brand new to it, the team at ABG Network are here to you get started. Using our experience and that of the existing Franchisees we can help you to put together a business plan including cash flow, budgets and forecasts to help you with the set-up of your business. A robust business plan will not only help you to be successful but will be required to get you set up with suppliers including van rental and insurance companies as well as many more.

Business Development Planning

As part of the setup process, it is important to identify the potential clients within your chosen postcode area. We would expect you to do your own market research, but we will also assist with identifying national contracts that are in your area and potential new clients. The BD team are also on hand to provide marketing material and to attend sales and contract setup meetings as required.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch today if you want to join the team or find out more information.

Franchisee testimonials

Below is a small section of feedback from some of the existing franchisees, why not get in touch and be next to profit from the experience of the team?

Catalin Lupu, franchise owner, Stoke

We were honoured to be able to buy the very first ABG Network franchise, working with the team we were able to identify the best postcode for us, to set the business up in the correct way and go from zero to hero in rapid time! In fact, it is so good we bought a second one!

Howard Preston, franchise owner, Warrington

The Team at ABG Network made it so easy for me to transition from being a delivery driver to a business owner, their assistance with business set-up, van rental and sales has been amazing! With new contract opportunities continuing to be presented I can choose if and when I want to grow.

Marius Matei, franchise owner, Worcester

Buying a franchise has been a game changer for me, it has taken our small courier business to the next level. By learning from the experience of the team and being able to leverage their national connections to secure new contracts, we have gone from strength to strength, long may it continue.

Ceri Becker, franchise owner, East Manchester

I wanted to thank the team at ABG Network for being so flexible in their approach to getting our franchise up and running. Their assistance with cash-flow planning, van rental and new business has been instrumental in our success! We are looking forward to building on what we have so far with some really exciting opportunities in the pipeline.

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